Monday, November 10, 2014

Who should be the next mayor of Fall River?

So, here we are facing a recall election with a large group of candidates running. I'm curious to see who people are supporting and WHY! Here's my thoughts on who I think the "top" candidates are and assessments about them:

Mayor WIll Flanagan - Regardless of feelings on the Mayor, I just can't see how he could lead and UNIFY the city if he were to retain office after the recall election.

Dave Dennis - A former City Councilor who always seems to be a candidate for office, ANY office. I just don't know if I can support a candidate for Mayor who always seems to be looking for his next elected position.

Sam Sutter - He's got a great reputation as District Attorney but I'm not sure if that's really relatable experience for Mayor. I'd like to learn more about him but I really feel we need someone who has a solid knowledge of the issues Fall River faces.

Mike Miozza - Current City Councilor, always strikes me as a guy who does his homework and is willing to listen. Seems to be a team player on the council, someone that leaves his ego at the door. I think probably THE candidate that can hit the ground running on day one.

Shawn Cadime - He wants to be mayor and seems to have had concerns on the Flanagan administration but those concerns don't come to light until he wants to run for office? There is no doubt that he is good with the finances. Everybody gives him credit for that but that's not the job he's running for and I never thought that he showed much leadership on the school committee

So who do you think the top candidates are? Who are you supporting and why? Is there someone else running that you support? In this recall election your vote CAN make a difference!


JMichney said...

Presently, I'm undecided about who to vote for in the recall election. I need more information for each of the candidates and how are they plan to lead my city. Just the fact that we are recalling our mayor (who was elected by a majority of its citizens) is a shameful scenario. Is our electorate just stupid and uninformed? Is the recall effort based on valid reasons or personal agendas? I'm not convinced that the recall leaders process the wisdom of Socrates to put it nicely. As a taxpayer, I feel I'm being cheated by having to replace my city's leader. Fall River cannot afford the break in momentum caused by this recall business. I'm concerned that the city may have lost numerous economic opportunities because the current mayor has had to divert his energies from being our leader to surviving in his job.

Lefty said...

First, thanks for commenting. Second, I have to say I love your comment. Back when I really blogging like crazy this was the kind of discussion and debate I loved to see!

I'm pretty confident in who I believe is the best person to lead Fall River post-recall but I agree we ALL owe it to ourselves to learn as much as we can about each candidate.

Now, I personally support the recall on two fronts. First I support it in principal. It's the law! It's a flawed badly written poorly executed law but it's the law, and I personally think that "we the people" should have mechanisms in place like this and it's great to see it used. Secondly I support it because I don't believe Flanagan has been a good mayor. This opinion and open for debate but I think the people who orchestrated the recall have done a good job of outlining the basics. Now, I would like to think a recall is based on valid reasons and not personal agendas but I imagine there is some of both in there. I think that's unavoidable.

I think if you support the Mayor or if you're rather neutral on this the idea of the disruption this has caused and the financial costs to the city would be extremely frustrating. On the other hand if you have no confidence in the mayor you probably feel this is a minimal expense and that Flanagan's leadership has already cost us much more than the recall election and that his continued leadership will cost us still more.

I'm not sure if we've lost financial opportunities or not. It would be a shame if that were the case. I do think the recall has hurt our reputation, such as it were. However, I think the city has many positive things in motion and hopefully some of these changes will provide the momentum we need to move forward.

Please keep reading, and keep commenting I appreciate the input!

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