Monday, November 03, 2014

Double Dipping and the Need to Consolidate

Good news Recallers, Judge McGuire has ruled the recall can go forward! Bad news, he has also ruled that Mayor Flanagan can be listed as a candidate for election. Personally I can't see how the judge arrived at this conclusion. Having Mayor Flanagan listed as a candidate is sort of like double dipping. The Mayor now has two opportunities to retain his seat. If his supports can't defeat the recall they can vote for him as a candidate and in effect re-elect him. This is baffling because you could have the majority vote for a recall, which obviously means they are unhappy with the mayor, but still see Mayor Flanagan return to office because he has the most consolidated support. The is very likely to be exactly the outcome of the recall. because while there are a great many people who would like to see the mayor removed from office they do not stand united behind any one candidate. The mayor's supporters however do, and they are likely going to be motivated to come out and vote.

According to the Herald News article, the recall organizers are not likely to challenge the judge's ruling but really SOMEONE should challenge it! It seems very clear that the intent of recalling the mayor in part one should preclude him from being a candidate in part two.

That said, if no challenge to the judge's ruling is forthcoming then there is a real need for the other candidates to regroup and decide just WHY are they running and realize that there is a real need for them to consolidate. This is a time for the people who are running for office to really show some leadership by stepping aside and uniting behind a singular candidate. I doubt this will happen because besides all of the platitudes and spoken love for our city and belief in its future, most of these individuals are running not because they want to be mayor plain and simple. Well news is folks none of you are going to get elected if you split the vote a dozen ways. Who should step aside and who should run? Well, if you've never held office, have no name recognition, and no campaign team behind you, you probably should call it quits. I think that will bring it down to about 4 serious candidates and then it's just setting aside the egos and uniting behind the best candidate to face against the mayor.  Easier said than done!

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