Tuesday, October 28, 2014

No Confidence in No Confidence

So, City Councilor Dan Rego has announced that he plans on asking for a "no confidence" vote against the mayor at next Tuesday's City Council meeting. Why? Really what is the point of this? Anybody who has been paying attention for the last few months can probably figure out where most City Councilors stand on this. Is a vote really necessary? As it is the relationship between Mayor Flanagan and the City Council is as tense as inviting your ex to Thanksgiving dinner. Really, what purpose does this serve? Mayor Flanagan is in the middle of fighting a recall, he's the focus of an ongoing investigation for his late night meeting with Councilor Correia, and of course he and his administration are under fire for "window-gate". If the Mayor doesn't realize that people are seriously questioning any confidence in his leadership already, well then this vote isn't really going to change things!

I mean, hey the whole thing is wonderful drama and great entertainment. I suspect now that TLC has canceled "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" that it's only a matter of time before they come calling to make "The Adventures of Fall River Government" the next program in their dysfunctional lineup. But the problem with a no confidence vote, and to a larger extent the problem with Councilor Rego is our elected officials should strive to stay above the fray. Councilor Rego on the other hand has kind of gotten in the middle of it. He's been featured on YouTube, he has posted on Facebook, and now he's calling for a vote of no confidence. When your role on the City Council seems to be more about getting rid of the guy on the 6th floor than working to improve the city, that's a problem.

Lefty's View: There is so much more I wanted to put into this post but I guess it will have to wait for a sequel! I know to some Councilor Rego's request is welcome and maybe overdue but really I think the only think this does it to create more friction between the City Council and the Mayor. Believe me, I support the recall process but it IS a distraction and how can you get things done when the relationship between the Mayor and the Council makes it impossible for them to work together? There is a certain decorum that elected officials should maintain. I think the idea behind a vote of no confidence is more about show boating then sending a message. 

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Anonymous said...

Sorry that the recall election may all be for not according to this article in Commonwealth Magazine.

It's a shame that everyone who decided to run couldn't mutually agree on one candidate and then actively support him. In my humble opinion, this situation begs the question: Do you want to be right or do want to be happy!