Saturday, September 27, 2014

Mr. Flanagan And The Unimpressive Press Conference....

Sometimes, something takes place that is so stupid, so absurd that it makes you blow the dust off your keyboard and sit down and decide to blog about it, even though it has been a lifetime since the last time you felt inclined to do so.

That "something" took place this past Friday at 3 o'clock on the 6th floor of Government Center. Mayor Will Flanagan held a press conference, a day after learning that enough signatures had been certified to move forward with a recall being sought against him. Yet, the Mayor's press conference wasn't to address the issue of the recall, it was instead to have his lawyer inform the public that his client had passed a lie detector test that proves that the accusations that he tried to intimidate a city councilor are false and the mayor is vindicated! The whole thing is starting to look like a circus, with the biggest clown running the show, but let's break this down as I explain just why I found this so stupid and absurd that I had to blog about it.


Does anyone besides me find the timing to be just a little dubious? Hey let's spin the narrative here, instead of the mayor discussing the recall, let's bring attention on this really inconsequential lie detector test! It would almost seem that they're trying to link the two things (the recall and the charges of intimidation) together. 'Hey folks, remember as we move forward with the recall that Will passed that lie detector and couldn't have done what Jasiel claims he did!' The problem with that is, they're not related AT ALL, but more on that later

He passed! So, What!

Mayor Flanagan wants you to know that he didn't need to take this polygraph test but that the people in Fall River need to have faith and confidence in their elected leader. Sounds good and I agree with him on both points! The people in Fall River do need to have faith and confidence in their elected leader and he didn't need to take this test. Really, what does this test prove? polygraphs are not considered 100% accurate, they're not admissible in court and there IS STILL a special investigation going on. Really what was the purpose of this test? Also has anyone seen the test results? The questions are either vague or unrelated! "Prior to this year" and "Before 2014", how are questions like that in anyway relevant? Honestly I think it's embarrassing that they would throw a test like that out there and expect you to think that it proved something.

The pointing finger!

The press conference was something like 9 minutes long. In the span of 9 minutes the mayor's lawyer pointed the finger at city councilors Jasiel Correia, Joe Camara, and at Jordan Silvia! Jasiel apparently is "only" guilty of lying and making up these allegations apparently under intimidation. Joe Camara's part in this conspiracy was to bring Jasiel to the police station because if the Mayor were removed from office as City Council President Joe would serve as acting mayor (although really that would only be the case if Flanagan resigned, which he has emphatically stated he would not do) and Jordan Silvia's part in this is to have intimidated Jasiel to either: a. sign the petition or b. fabricate the story about the meeting with mayor. (I'm a little murky on this part because it seems to be they think Jasiel was pressured to sign but even if that was the case I'm not sure how much impact that really would have on the recall effort and I'm betting not much. If they're saying that Jordan pressured Jasiel to make up the details of the meeting with the mayor I'm not sure what the benefit is there since by the time it came out the recall effort already had the signatures they needed and then some and if people think Jasiel is lying is would pretty much ruin his political career and the momentum of the recall effort.. bizarre...).Oh well, the really odd thing here is why would the mayor's lawyer throw out accusations or theories of his own that pertain to an ongoing investigation?

Lefty's View: The whole thing really is just absurd and we the citizens of Fall River shouldn't allow ourselves to be distracted by the mixed message here. A polygraph test really proves nothing, especially one with questions as absurd as this one. And in the end it really doesn't matter what the polygraph states because there is an ongoing special investigation! It seems the only point of this press conference was to try paint the Mayor in a better light and take the attention away from the fact that more than enough signatures were certified for the recall effort to move forward


Stefani said...

Welcome back! You have been gone far too long. I agree with your assessment. This presser had nothing to do with the recall at all. Sounded a little Captain Queeg to me! Or Nixon's I am not a crook speech. Either reference makes him look bad and the city worse. I thought he cared about our reputation? Seems he only cares about his own.

Lefty said...

Thanks Stefani! The Nixon speech did pop into my head too! At least (in the end)Nixon had the good sense to resign!