Monday, September 29, 2014

MISSING: The Most Famous Signature In Fall River!

The most famous signature on the Declaration of Independence is the bold script of John Hancock. The most famous signature on the petition to recall Mayor William Flanagan has got to be that of City Councilor Jasiel Correia II. Or is it? According to a story on WSAR the petition with Jasiel's signature is missing!

Before conspiracy theorists start sharpening their knives assuming that "somehow" "someone" in Government Center made this petition disappear, let's think about what would possibly be the benefit of doing so? The recall organizers turned in 181 petitions, it's very easy to verify how many they get back. Most likely, the petition with Jasiel's name on it just didn't get turned in.

Wouldn't that be ironic?!

This missing petition, the one with Jasiel's signature is the center of this entire controversy between Councilor Correia and Mayor Flanagan. If Jasiel didn't sign the petition there would have been no late night meeting (no matter who actually called for it) and there wouldn't be the resulting controversy and special investigation! Of course he did sign it but his signature turns out not be one of the 3,800+ that were counted.

Lefty's View: In the end Jasiel's signature was never that important to the recall effort. However the controversy surrounding that late night meeting with the mayor may well be a key factor moving forward.

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Stefani said...

There are others who say their names are not on the list. One of the petitions was defaced, I think you might remember. The person whose name was at the bottom of that particular petition posted a photo of it. Oddly, his name is not on the list that was released today but the two women who are above his name are on the list. So there is a lot of crazy stuff going on. This may only be a small part of a much bigger story. Wish it wasn't so, but hey, this is Fall River, right?