Monday, March 14, 2011

Eric Poulin - Our Best City Councilor

I recently ran a poll on Fall River Blog asking who you thought was Fall River's best city councilor. Councilor Eric Poulin came out on top with 50% of the vote. The next best finish was Councilor Ray Mitchell with 14% of the vote.

That Eric came out on top and by a wide margin was no real surprise. It seems most everybody I talk to has pointed to Eric as not just the best addition to the city council but as the best city councilor period.

The consensus is that Eric does homework and does his best to stay independent. People respect his honesty, sincerity, and tenacity.

It seems Eric's recent proposal is a good example. Poulin submitted a resolution that would move public input time to before the start of the Finance Committee meeting and remove the 30 minute limit that is currently in place. Poulin's proposal would allow the public to speak without having to endure a sometime multi-hour wait and also allow them to speak on topics the Finance Committee may be voting on prior to those votes. He also proposed removing a time limit that is seldom enforced and would be unrealistic if it was. Nothing earth shattering, just two simple changes that would seem to improve the way things work. Yet, it failed with 6 councilors voting in opposition!

Let's see... a proposal that would improve the public's ability to participate in Government and a majority of councilors who don't think that's worth doing. Is it any shock that Eric Poulin is thought of as our best city councilor?


Anonymous said...

The way I look at it is that 6 city councilors just flipped off the voters.

Bigelow, Casey, Camara, Lund, Pelletier and Pereira think it is fine to make the public wait hours on end for their chance to speak. Let's be honest, they are really hoping that the public doesn't wait and walks away and doesn't voice their opinion at all. I will be giving all of them my opinion of them at the voting booth.

If Poulin and Kilby and Mitchell can all work together on something like this I will consider keeping them on but we need as many new councilors as we can get. All this group cares about is petty politics and trying to see who can be cattier at their meetings. Every meeting I have watched so far in 2011 looks like one cat fight after another and one huge pissing contest. It has to stop and the voters are the ones that have to stop it.

Anonymous said...

Eric is by far the best City Councilor that we currently have. I don't always agree with him,but Eric votes his mind.

I guarantee that if you check, Eric was the councilor that filed the most resolutions last year. We have some councilors that never file any resolutions and barely speak at the meetings. They are basically just collection a paycheck.

Anonymous said...

Only 83 people voted in your poll. Yes 40+ did vote for Eric and getting 50% of the vote with 9 councilors in the running is impressive but 83 people is a small survey.

I don't want to sound like a hater here by pointing that out about your survey because I think the Herald News had a survey where over 500 people voted as to who should be the Council President and Poulin won. However keep in mind that Poulin just may have the demographic of the city that uses computers in his corner but I would be willing to say that a lot of the voters in the city aren't as computer savvy so does he really have widespread support?

And yes it is clear that Mr. Poulin files a lot of resolutions. Any fool that watches the meetings regularly has noticed. So he files more in one month then some do in 2years or more. Big deal right?

I agree that it appears that he is trying to work hard but the conventional wisdom among the political people that I speak to is that he is trying to do too much. Of course other elected officials could be accused of trying to do too little but he comes off as an over eager youngster running around trying to change things in the city and it's a fact with the establishment that this is not going to make him any friends. He will be viewed as an over-excited puppy that needs to be neutered. And I can tell you for a fact that those of you who support him better get behind him big time this election because people are lining up to do the neutering, both people in the Mayor's camp like Pat Casey and in the non-mayor camp like Joe Camara, Linda Pereira and Leo Pelletier.

Poulin's approach to city politics so far is typically not the type of approach that leads to having a long and healthy career in Fall River politics.

Sorry to be a wet blanket on you all. I don't dislike him, I think he tries hard but that's not enough in the city, Fall River politics are cutthroat and that's not going to change unless the players change and we all know the voters aren't going to change the players they have grown comfortable playing the game with. Better the devil you know. Everyone is against special favors being done by politicians until they get a parking ticket and then it's pick up the phone and call Leo or Joe. They ain't calling Poulin.

Anonymous said...

Does this have anything to do with the automated phone survey being conducted with Will Flanagan, Cathy Anne Viveiros and Eric Poulin as the choices for Mayor???

Anonymous said...

I know 100% Poulin is not running for mayor, he told a friend of mine when asked directly. I had also heard he isn't running for council again. Why include his name in a poll if he isn't running for the office you are asking about or any office at all? Someone is super paranoid. Maybe he is perceived to be getting "too popular." I have no doubt if that's the case that the last comment is correct, the line to slice and dice him will be long. Someone has released Fall River's political hounds and they are chomping at the bit.

Lefty said...

About the poll..

You're right 83 votes is a small sample. If I do another I will more actively promote it. However just in casual conversations I've had Eric is usually touted at the best councilor or among the best. These conversations may constitute an even smaller overall sample but certainly a more diverse one. I have friends and acquaintances who don't touch a computer. I have friends who I know did not support Eric for Mayor in 07, and probably didn't support him for council, but who now tell me they are impressed by him and rate him as among the best or as the best of the 9.

I also agree that Eric has been very eager to get things done. Too much so? Well certainly his approach is not going to make him friends with the powers that be and the power brokers of the city. I think Eric knew that going in. He doesn't seem to think much about the consequences to his political livelihood. However, isn't that kind of refreshing? If I wanted strings pulled Eric would be the last councilor I'd go to because the best I would probably get is honest advocacy IF he agreed with me. Gee can you imagine if that were true of ALL elected officials? The city might not be such a mess.

If the city can deal with having a councilor who is great at constituent services, and great and pulling those strings for you but maybe not really a big picture thinker (and perhaps we have several of those) I think we could and should support one who tries to be fair to everyone, honest in his dealings and with an eye for what he honestly thinks is best for the city.

I am also pretty sure that Eric isn't running for Mayor and I got one of these calls and was surprised that's Eric's name was mentioned. Obviously Eric is having an impact if mayoral candidates are worried about him running for that seat.

Anonymous said...

If 3 people were mentioned in that survey of who would you vote for mayor then it comes from one of the three campaigns. Polls cost money so it has to be either Flanagan or Viveiros, Poulin's reputation is as a lousy fundraiser but I guess that's what you guys like about him. I guess if you raise little or no money you don't have strings attached but you will never know where you stand in a race either which can make a huge difference, knowing how close you are and doing what it takes to get over the top is huge.

Flanagan or Viveiros can raise cash for polling like this and they will know where they stand. They are probably throwing Poulin in because they see him as popular or a threat or whatever you would like to call it but they will soon know where he stands and he and his fan club won't have any idea. If he wanted to run for mayor he should've done it 2 years ago then it would be Mayor Poulin instead of Mayor Flanagan, gotta have a sense of timing and gotta have money. He has neither.

Anonymous said...

Watching the city council meetings has become a lot more fun since I started the City Council Drinking Game with my friends;

Eric Poulin says something and Linda Pereira rolls her eyes - Take 1 shot - (You'll be drunk before you know it!)

Linda Pereira starts screaming at whoever is at the table in front of her - Take 2 shots

Leo Pelletier murders the English language by saying dese, dem and dose or youse guys or I can count to tree or other such nonsense - Take 1 shot - Take 2 if it is particularly egregious

Leo Pelletier reaches over and shuts off Ray Mitchell's microphone when he isn't looking and then the group of Leo, Linda and Joe Camara tell him his microphone isn't on and laugh - 1 shot

Brian Bigelow sits quietly the whole meeting - chug a beer at the end of the meeting

Brian Bigelow actually speaks but talks about how whatever is being discussed just needs a good accounting system like he had at the Sheriff's office - 1 shot

Pat Casey appears or sounds confused about the issue being disccused - Take 1 shot (This one alone could send you to the hospital with alcohol poisoning, it happens a lot)

Pat Casey says the word "uh" instead of the more common "um" in between every other word making you think of the word "duh" which perfectly describes Pat - Take 1 shot

Mike Lund is asked to switch seats with Ray Mitchell - Take 2 shots

Joe Camara says something that sounds angry or bitter, usually directed at any of the people that didn't vote for him for President - Take a shot - Warning: See warning about Pat Casey sounding confused above, alchohol poisoning may apply.

Leo plugs his "Internet Cafe" during the meeting in yet another act of shameless promotion - Take 1 shot

Anonymous said...

It is amazing to me that councilors roll their eyes, giggle and laugh and do all kinds of inappropriate things while the cameras are running. I guess they get so comfortable with the cameras they forget that they are being recorded. This city council has become a complete embarassment to the taxpayers of the city.

Anonymous said...

Don't cry for him Argentina. His days were numbered from the first day he decided to run for mayor. He was warned not to and he decided to go ahead and do it anyway. You wanna play then you gotta pay.

Anonymous said...

Leo and Linda call them as they see them; Bigelow is a pig; Casey is a good person but DUH; Poulin is good but goes on and on, repetitively; Mitchell is a racist pig; Lund needs help from the administration; Kilby is hot and cold; Camara, I never liked.

Lefty said...

Well hold on, if Mitchell is racist for supposedly telling a racist joke (I have talked to people who say it didn't happen...) isn't Linda one too?

I've always appreciated Leo calling it like he sees it. Lund is president because this dysfunctional council couldn't agree on anyone else. I've always liked Kilby but he seems very quiet this time around.

I think Mitchell has been one of the better councilors. (I have friends who don't like Mitchell but agree with me on this because compared to some other councilors it's not hard to come out ahead). Linda has never been one of my favorite councilors but I find myself liking her more this term. I've always liked Pat (good person at heart) but can't really support her on the council. Does Brian even run for reelection? And Joe..well somehow he'll end up as CC President again.

Anonymous said...

Call them as they see them? Leo is an uneducated moron who can't speak without murdering the English language. The fact that he represents Fall River makes people look at the city in a bad light, like we are all buffoons because that is exactly who we elect to represent us.

Linda is intelligent but needs to watch her tone. I can completely agree with what she is saying but I and a lot of other people I know will tune her out when she goes into loud and obnoxious mode. It is about how you say it. There is a fine line between showing passion and coming across like a raving lunatic.

One of Linda's biggest mistakes this past term was taking on Joe Camara as her best friend forever. He will drag her down this election. As a veteran councilor she could've chosen to take someone like an Eric Poulin under her wing and the two of them could've made a good team. Instead she partners with Joe "I haven't done anything in 20 years" Camara.

Kilby, Lund and Mitchell all do more good then harm, I want to see changes on the council this year but we need to keep some veterans. Would not be mad if they stuck around and Linda too if she could clean up her act. I have seen her roll her eyes on camera and scream at people and that type of unprofessional stuff is beneath her. Maybe it comes from hanging around Joe "I lose my temper at the drop of a hat" Camara.

Brian Bigelow and Pat Casey and Joe Camara have got to go. Brian and Pat are practically braindead and don't add anything to the council, they never speak up unless it is to say the most pointless and useless things. Joe is smarter than both of those but completely lazy. Seems like he never files any resolutions, Mike Lund gives him an actual good committee to serve on and I read in the paper he turned it down and just said he didn't want it. Seems like he doesn't want to do anything that involves any heavy lifting, he is just there to keep a seat warm I guess.

Don't forget Mike Miozza, Kris Bartley and Dan Rego this election season. And Mike Ramos too but being related to Linda Pereira will hurt him, it's too bad because he has been a community activist for years but I've already heard about people wanting to hold the fact that he is her cousin against him. It's completely ridiculous but another sign of trickle down politics. Linda allows others like Joe Camara to bring her down and brings down herself with some of her own bad behavior and now because of that she will drag down a quality candidate like Mike Ramos. Sad.

Anonymous said...

Talk to the old timers at the housing authority.
They will tell you how Mitchell helped Viveiros attack a long-time employee who wouldn't play politics. He passed out a flyer called Hooked on Ebonics and let the blame fall on her. He eventually had no choice but to admit it. He got a one-week suspension for it.

Anonymous said...

Mitchell was the number 1 vote getter in the last election. Mitchell is the best city councilor. No fairy tales are going to be able to change those facts. If anyone actually believed the tall tales he wouldn't have finished first. The fans of convicted felon Leo Pelletier are just jealous he was knocked off his throne.

Lefty said...

My point about Mitchell was simply you can't call him racist without saying the same thing about Linda.

If Ray is the best it's not because he got the most votes. Getting the most votes does not make you the best, in the same way as being the highest paid player on a baseball team doesn't always make you the best player.

Lefty said...


Unless something is wrong with my computer or Blogger... There is a comment that someone left on the 17th but I don't see here..

I get emails whenever someone leaves a comment so I am posting the comment.


All this talk about who is the best City Councilor is foolish. It is foolish because there is a mechanism to determine this. It is called an election. In an election the councilor that gets the most votes is the best councilor. If you get the most votes that means most voters are confident in you.

A quick look at the online archives of the Herald News shows that Raymond Mitchell received the most votes in the last city election. Raymond Mitchell is your best City Councilor. Cased closed unless the voters say differently in the next election.

After Raymond Mitchell, Leo O. Pelletier is the second best, Bradford Kilby the third best and Eric Poulin the topic of this blog is only 4th best.

As I glanced at the numbers I can see that the gap between Eric Poulin and the 5th place finisher Brian Bigelow is substantial, about 400 to 500 votes and I have to take a wild guess that the gap between Mr. Bigelow and the first four finishers in the race will only increase with his arrest for soliciting a prostitute.

While numbers one through four are somewhat close in numbers the rest are certainly looking up at those high finishes.

It is Mr. Bigelow, Joseph Camara and Linda Pereira that were very close together in votes in the last race finishing 5th, 6th and 7th. Mr. Camara and Ms. Pereira may gain on Mr. Bigelow with his legal troubles but they had a problem of their own if I recall from my reading and were also written up in a police report so we shall see how it all balances out.

The other interesting thing is Patricia Casey, Michael Lund, David Dennis and Michael Miozza were the 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th place finishers but were all very close. After 11th place there is another 400 to 500 vote drop off between Mr. Miozza and a Kris Bartley who came in 12th.

While all of these people should be afraid of how they are viewed by the public I would say that those who finished 5th through
11th have the most to worry about as they are more sensitive to moving either up or down looking at their vote totals. They want to be associated with positives to move up and not negatives (police involvement) which would cause them to move down.

I'm not from your city (couple of towns over) but thanks for allowing me to contribute, I enjoy analyzing political races, it's pretty much a hobby.

Anonymous said...

And who is the worst city councilor? How about a blog on that one. Pat Casey, Joe Camara, Brian Bigelow, Leo, those would be some of my candidates.

Pam Laliberte-Lebeau said...

I 100% support Eric Poulin. He is a great voice for this City. He wants what is best for Fall River~what he needs is a fresh Council that will work with him. I am pleased to be volunteering on his re-election campaign. We have just confirmed his first fundraiser. It will be Thursday, June 9 from 6:30 to 8:30 at The Tap House. Tickets are $25.00. Food will be served. You can contact me for tickets. (508) 367-6819. Please support the Committee to re-elect Eric Poulin for City Council. I hope to see many of you there! Thank you.