Friday, December 31, 2010

What's Happened to the Blogosphere?

When I published my first blog post in February of 2006 the local blogosphere seemed small. A few months before I launched A View From Battleship Cove local radio host Keri Rodrigues launched her blog The Keri Rodrigues Broadcast. Although there were some other local blogs in the area none of the others focused on the local happenings of our community.
That first year I joked a lot about my "six loyal readers" but as the election season got underway in 2007 more and more people began to discover the blog and they let me know they were reading. And suddenly more blogs started to pop up. At this point so many have come and gone that I can't even remember them all. But for a while there always seemed to be a steady core of local bloggers. At first it was The Keri Rodrigues Broadcast, A View From Battleship Cove, & Fall River Community. At some point Keri's blog seemed to become an issue at the workplace and as her blogging decreased we suddenly found ourselves with another core blogger stepping in. The lineup was now A View From Battleship Cove, Fall River Community, & Fall River-tastic. Other blogs would pop up...and usually just sort of fade away a few months later.
Even when Fall River Community closed up shop another blog, this time Chowmeinsammich, stepped in. The last year or so has seen a handful of other bloggers join the fray. But for some reason the local blogosphere seems to be less than it was when we started the year!
Fall River-tastic has posted 37 times versus 128 times in 2009. That's a 71% drop!
Chowmeinsammich has posted 143 times this year but no new posts since October.
Fall River Undercover has only posted 8 times since launching the blog over 1 year ago.
Southcoast Citizens Soapbox has posted only 14 times in 2010 (versus 55 in 2009)  and the last post was over 3 months ago.
Into the Breach started off strong with 7 posts in May and 7 in June but nothing since then.
I'm not bringing this up to criticize because I think 2010 has been an off year for me as well. I'm struggling to hit my "goal" of 100 posts (4 more to go!) but it's been a year where maintaining the blog has taken a bit more effort. I know for a fact that in the case of some bloggers 2010 has just been a hectic year where blogging has just taken a back seat. But I also wonder if there is just less interest in blogging. After all why go through the trouble of creating a blog and writing posts and trying to build a readership if you can just post your opinions on the comment section of the local newspaper? (Something that was not an option back in 2006!)
Anyway, as 2011 quickly approaches I'm ready to pound the keyboard a little longer. There are just too many things to look forward to. What will happen with the Biopark (and the casino). Who will run for City Council? Will anyone run against Flanagan? A View From Battleship Cove also has some milestones to hit in 2011 with its 5th anniversary and 500th post in site.  So hopefully there is enough interest out there to keep you reading and hopefully 2011 will be comeback year for local blogging.

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Lazurusisus said...

Dear Lefty:

Had to take care of some health issues but I'm back...the clarion call of contunied idiocy eminating from City Hall presents far too many juicy targets to turn away from any longer.