Thursday, December 23, 2010

Too Dark to See?

An elderly man was hit while trying to cross South Main Street near
the Mitchell Apartment building. Normally this wouldn't be something
that I would blog about but there was something about the story that
got my attention. The Herald News reported that the driver slowed when
the elderly man's daughter was crossing but didn't see him step out
from between two parked vehicles.

The comment section seems filled with back and forth comments on
whether the driver should have used more care of the pedestrian.

Just last night I found myself driving on Bay Street near Gold Medal
Bakery and as I was driving someone crossed from the side of the road
where the bakery is on over to Sunset Hill.

I never saw them.

The only thing I saw was a darkness that broke up the beam from the
headlights. Now the person crossing didn't jump out in front of me.
They were a safe distance in front and I had plenty of time to slow
down. But as I got closer I could see that there was another person
holding a child between two vehicles waiting to cross. What if they
had decided to go? What if they had assumed I saw them and was going
to stop?

Now things are a bit different between Sunset Hill and Mitchell
Apartments. There is no crosswalk with a light to stop traffic. I
don't think there is any crosswalk at all.

While the commentors online focused on the driver, the pedestrian, the
crosswalk, the vehicles headlights, I was caught by this:

"Police said the street was not very brightly lit…"

Now personally I have driven that stretch of Bay Street enough to
think that they should have no parking on both sides of the road and
create parking spaces within the grounds of Sunset Hill. But I have
also driven it enough to know that when it is really dark out there is
not enough illumination from the street lights. Now this accident
takes place and the police say the street wasn't very brightly lit.

It seems to me we should make sure that areas that are high traffic
and have crosswalks should be well lit.


Anonymous said...

People do not take cautionwhen crossing the street any more, after all if they survive they can sue.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with's very frustrating when you are driving and some bonehead walks right into the street--they aren't paying attention a lot of the time because they're either texting or listening to headphones, or they think it's perfectly acceptable to walk out from between parked vehicles because anyone driving will see them. But it's the driver's fault if something happens, right? The lawyers obviously think so. =P But that's a different problem.

I agree that the streets should be more brightly lit. It can get very scary driving through the city because of that absolutely idiotic belief that the pedestrian is always right. It's like these people think they have no personal responsibility for their actions anymore. But again, that doesn't take away from the fact that more accidents like this can happen if the streets aren't lit properly.

Lefty said...

Now that I have written about this I'm paying closer attention I guess...

The other night I was driving and some people crossed in a poorly lit part of the roadway. It wasn't like I was close enough to hit them but what cracked me up was no more than 10 feet away was the crosswalk and it was fairly well lit!

Jess said...

then again you have people like me that are making a right turn and see someone with a dog crossing while some guy listening to RATT with a middle aged ponytail decides I am taking too long to make my turn and decides to make his left turn going at about 30mph, to cut me off of course, then slams into this woman and her poor dog.

Lefty said...

Great point Jess!

I have had this happen to me several times! I'm either letting someone cross or letting a car make a turn and some idiot tries to race around me.

Hopefully the woman and her dog were OK!