Friday, December 31, 2010

Consider it an upgrade..Mike Miozza for City Council

Mike Miozza is making his 3rd run for the Fall River city council. Mike ran (unsuccessfully) in 2007 & 2009 and is kicking things of early for a run in 2011. He's hoping the early start with help push him over the hump and into a council seat. When Mike lost in 2007 I said it was my biggest disappointment of election day. I said the same thing in 2009.
I've always tried to reach out and get to know the candidates for local office. I do this even more so since I've been blogging.  Of all the candidates I've talked to Mike Miozza has always struck me as one of the most honest and sincere. I've found him to be intelligent with good ideas and sound reasoning. I've found him to be humble! Mike doesn't act like the city needs him, he has always come across as someone who just wants to work to make a difference. When I've talked to Mike I've always gotten the impression that he was really listening and that I had his attention. I think Mike has a good sense of what direction the city needs to move in for its long term future as well as the improvements we need to make today.
Honestly take a good look at our current City Council. Are you really going to tell me replacing one of our sitting members with Mike Miozza wouldn't be an upgrade? I can think of 4 councilors without hesitation that I would gladly replace with Mike Miozza. Hell, a bigger challenge would be to argue what councilors shouldn't be booted off in favor of Mike. When you start seriously thinking about what candidates to vote for come election day instead of voting for the same folks who have been there year after year after year it's time for an upgrade. Consider giving your vote to Mike Miozza. 


Puck said...

You are absolutley, right on the mark with this one, Lefty. WE NEED Mike Miozza. We don't need eight of the other nine...Poulin being the exception.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see Ray Hage and Cathy Ann Viveiros return to the City Council as well as Poulin and would like to see Miozza win too. I haven't always been in agreement with every single word any of those 4 have said but I feel comfortable that they would prepare for meetings and aren't afraid to ask questions. It would be a good start toward a more intelligent council.

Bigelow, Camara, Lund and Casey all have to go as they don't really add a whole lot to the council.

I could live with Mitchell, Pereira and Kilby, Mitchell and especially Kilby don't always say a lot but when they say something it is usually wortwhile. Pereira probably talks more then she should but at least she appears to be trying to do her job even though I disagree with a lot that comes out of her mouth.

Unfortunately Camara, Lund, Bigelow and Casey are okay people I guess but virtually useless as councilors it seems to me.

Anonymous said...


Lefty said...

I like Hague and I like Cathy-Ann and I'm not opposed to former councilors. Poulin is very high on my list and there are a few others I think have done a decent job BUT by and large you could get rid of 2/3 of the existing council and I think we'd be better for it.

Anonymous said...

Keep Poulin, Kilby, Pereira and Mitchell. Pelletier will stay but really should go. I do see Camara vulnerable this time as well as Bigelow and Casey and Lund finished 8th and 9th the last time and from what people tell me there wasn't much difference between the 8th and 9th place finishers and the 10th and 11th place finishers. I think Miozza stands a good chance this election but we need to find another 2 or 3 we can really get behind. We need a revolution!

Anonymous said...

I like Mike but he seems to be a candidate with just one issue-LNG.
It may be dangerous and it may still come. It is up to the Federal Government. Besides we can't just say no to everything!

Anonymous said...

Miozza will have to work harder to present himself as more than a one issue candidate. I think he is an intelligent person who is interested in more than one issue but he will have to convince more people of it.

We can't say no to everything but we can and should say no to Hess LNG. And it's not just a federal government decision, the state and even the city have a role to play. Saying it is just up to the feds is repeating the same crap that the company tries to push on people. You need to be smarter and not repeat their lines.