Monday, November 01, 2010

A Question for the Candidate - The Wrap Up

A few weeks ago I attempted to reach out to a dozen candidates for various office with a simple question of why they were the best candidate for the people of Fall River.

Perhaps unsurprisingly the four candidates for Governor never acknowledged me. I did think Dr Stein might take any opportunity to get her message out there, or perhaps Mr. Cahill, but I didn't hear from either of them. I certainly didn't expect the Governor or Mr. Baker to respond especially considering how 'last minute' my request was. But it would have been nice.

I had much more success with the local races. Both Representative Mike Rodrigues and his opponent Derek Maksy took the time to respond. Oddly I heard from every candidate for state representative with the exception of David Rose. While Mr. Jacome (8th Bristol) and Representative Aguiar (7th Bristol) both responded to my emails, neither submitted a response to the question, considering that their opponents did, this was a bit disappointing. It's amusing that one candidate for the 6th Bristol, (Representative David Sullivan), one candidate for the 7th Bristol (CJ Ferry) and one for the 8th Bristol (Paul Schmid) submitted a response but their opponents didn't. It's like I batted .500 with each district!

And what about the responses? Well honestly I don't think any of the candidates who chose to respond really nailed it. What I wanted to see were responses that spoke specifically about issues affecting Fall River and ideas that the candidates had to address them. I wanted to see examples of how their leadership would be used to benefit our city. When candidates did touch upon these things it was usually with too much generality and not enough specifics. I was amused that some of the responses were crafted like a good debate answer, where the candidate manages to say what he or she wants no matter the question.

Still I give much credit, and many thanks to the candidates that took the time to respond, especially considering the late notice. I know I'm not considered a media outlet but that's part of what makes contacting these folks so interesting! Will they respond? My take on this is if they won't respond to me, chances are they won't respond to you either. Again out of all the local candidates I reached out to, only one didn't respond back.

Will any of this help you decide on who to vote for tomorrow? Chances are by now you've made up your mind. However if you're still on the fence maybe one of these responses will help you make your decision, or just that a particular candidate took the time to respond will help you make your decision. If that's the case then I'm glad this blog could be of service.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Lefty did help me by demonstrating those who gave a damn to answer, you gotta give some credit for effort and the opposite for those who ignored...AS