Saturday, November 20, 2010

King Philip Lunch to Stay Open?

I imagine the last few weeks have been very busy at King Philip Lunch. After the Herald ran a story at the end of last month saying that the Fall River staple would be closing after 61 years at the end of THIS month, I'm sure lots of folks have made the pilgrimage (fitting for Thanksgiving) to get that last dog or wimpy burger. I'm also sure that that the folks behind the counter have heard the same question over and over as they slap on the mustard and sauce: "Is Pete going to sell?"
I myself have made at least 4 trips in the last few weeks making sure to get a taste of Coney dogs, wimpy burgers and hot cheese sandwiches while I still can and each time I've visited I've asked some version of that very question. At first I was told that nope Pete was just going to lock the door. He didn't want to go through the hassle of a sale. Then I was told he was considering it. The third visit was even more encouraging there had been lots of interest and it seemed certain that someone would buy it. The last visit was the most encouraging of all, there has been lots of interest but one person has been very persistent and it seems that it is very likely that when Pete locks the door on his last day a new owner will unlock it the following morning. IF this is all true it's great news because that end of the city just wouldn't be the same with out a hot dog joint of its own.
So, if King Philip Lunch is sold, here's some advice for the new owners....
DON'T MONKEY AROUND WITH ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pete has been there for 61 years, he knows what he's doing and what works! Don't switch hot dogs or try to spice up the sauce (YOU ARE GETTING THE SAUCE RECIPE RIGHT???). Don't add a ton of new items to the menu. If I want a bigger selection I'll go to McGoverns. Don't try to make it look new and trendy. We LIKE it original, vintage and nostalgic.
Sure a little change might be OK. Feel free to touch up the paint and perhaps you can try out a new item or two but that's it!
And let Pete know the doors always open. Let him  pop in, serve a few if he wants, have one or two on the house. Let him talk about old times and chat away with old friends. After all he and Helen have seemed like extended family to a lot of people for a very long time.
Here's hoping that a sale does go through and the best of luck to some potential new owners.


ProudUSARECWife said...

I just recently moved to Fall River in Aug this year. So, did this place ever close? If not, where can I find it or this McGovern's you mentioned?

Lefty said...

The last I heard it was as good as sold but so far the lights have stayed off and the doors are locked up tight.

I'm guessing if it doesn't open up some time in January that's the end.

McGovern's is also in the south end of the city. It's on Shove St. I would try to give you directions from here but I think you'd be better of using maq quest. It's easy to get to though and has plenty of parking (a Fall River rarity!)

Lefty said...



Welcome to Fall River!

ProudUSARECWife said...

Thank you Lefty- I appreciate it.

Guess we will be checking out McGovern's this weekend. I see they have a website. Mixed reviews via google so we may be taking a chance, but we are looking for a local place to eat at more frequently. Right now are go to spot is Old Grist Mill in Seekonk