Monday, October 18, 2010

A Question for the Candidate

With election day quickly approaching who are you voting for? Who do you think best represents the interests of the people of Fall River? That was my question to candidates looking to represent Fall River as state representatives, state senator, and governor.

I've reached out to candidates running for office in the past with mixed results. I know that this isn't considered a media outlet the same way the Herald News is, or WSAR. But, I've always looked at my reaching out to candidates to be same as YOU reaching out to candidates. So when a candidate for office says he is interested in representing the concerns of the people I'm always curious if he or she will take the time to answer an inquiry from a concerned citizen. And while A View From Battleship Cove may not be an accepted mainstream media outlet, it has averaged over 50,000 visits a year for the last 3 years in a row. It seems to me that a candidate for office should be just as interested in speaking to you via this blog than he or she should be in any coffee hour.

So far I've heard back from 4 candidates, 2 have submitted a response, while the other 2 promise to have one to me soon. So later this week I'll be posting excerpts with some commentary by yours truly and at the same time make the full version of their response available by hyperlink. So stay tuned and make sure you share your thoughts!

Oh, and if you run into a candidate for the offices I mentioned above ask if he or she has gotten back to Lefty...Thanks!


Anonymous said...

WSAR is an accepted mainstream media outlet? That's news to me.

Lefty said...

Well the folks there at least get paid, so that is a step above your average blogger! :)