Friday, October 29, 2010

A Question for the Candidate – CJ Ferry

CJ Ferry is the Republican candidate for the 7th Bristol District House seat. CJ has run for various positions in the past including running for this seat during the last election. Republicans have an awfully tough time winning local races in Fall River; CJ is hoping that this year reverses that trend. We're asking Mr. Ferry  what is it about his platform, leadership style and goals that best represent the needs and interests of the people of Fall River? Below are excerpts from his response, with my commentary. The entire unedited response can be read here.

I feel that the people of Fall River should elect me to the position of State Representative of the Seventh Bristol District because I not only listen to the needs of the people, but any votes I take are not only looked at from the perspective of what will this do now, but what will the trickle down do to other facets of government, the budget and the people.


It does seem that elected officials always vote based on what works today without thinking about the future impact. Of course, that is probably because elected officials worry about getting reelected now, and not 20 years in the future. If CJ is elected let's see how easy it is for him to live by this statement.


An example of that is local aid, my opponent has twice voted to cut local aid and claims that the vote helped balance the budget, but the budget isn't balanced when you need to borrow money to make ends meet.  Further, my opponent failed to look at the trickledown economics which we residents of Fall River are feeling; a higher tax rate, higher fees, fewer services and more work with fewer people.


This is hitting basic conservative themes of fiscal responsibility. As much as this resonates I would need to know why his opponent voted the way he did, it's hardly ever an easy black and white situation.


My opponent has claimed to be all about jobs, yet his votes have been 50% of the time against business and jobs and he has even flip flopped on the casino issue.  I have and still work with businesses great and small and I try to tout the benefits of bringing businesses like wind turbine manufacture and solar panel manufacture to Fall River.


This was an interesting exchange on their recent radio debate. Mr. Ferry's opponent charged that this was information from a special interest group, but it is based on his voting record. It seems the 50% maybe a bit inflated, but it would be interesting to read the source material on this.


In State government we need a cooperative leadership style and one this of the people and for the people – NOT one that is of the individual to support the individual.  My opponent has voted over 97% of the time with the House leadership…


97% seems unreasonably high. I understand that he's a Democrat. I understand the need to build support. However there is no way 97% of the time these votes work for Fall River.


Lastly, my opponent recently stated that he hold "Democratic values", it is not Democratic values we are elected for; it is the needs of the State and the needs of the people.


Sure, except the area is mostly Democratic and his opponent is doing a nice job of reminding them which candidate has a "D" next to his name.


When you give me a choice of "Police Officers or Social Workers" as my opponent gave his Democratic opponent, I will always choose a cop.  Not that Social Workers aren't important but public safety is as well and we need to prioritize our budget and our needs.


Right now, in this economy, with the condition the city is in, I have to agree. However I think someone could argue that more social workers might mean less need for more cops in the future.


My first reaction after reading CJ's response was that this was one of the stronger responses I had gotten. Now, I think he did a good job of talking about what he feels his opponent failed to do but really didn't talk much about what he would do and focus on in office. Yes, we need representation that can reach across the aisle, particularly if your NOT a Democrat. Yes, we have hard working people and small buissness is the backbone of job growth. Yes we need elected leadership that looks at the big picture and not just the immediate impact of a vote. But what exactly are you going to work toward to bring jobs here, to protect Fall River long term and to invite the investment of small buisness in Fall River?
I want to thank CJ Ferry for taking the time to respond and wish him the best of luck in the upcoming election. Mr. Ferry is running a very spirited campaign and his entire statement can be read here

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