Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Campaign Finances

As the State Senate primary draws near here are some numbers to shock and awe...

Mike Coogan has roughly $6,000 left in his campaign coffers. John Mitchell has roughly $8,000 in his. Lorne is truly lawless and apparently has not filed on time. Mike Rodrigues has $71,000 left in his coffers.

That's not a typo, Mike Rodrigues has tens of thousands more in his coffers than two of his competitors.

He has already spent $182,000 on his campaign.

Neither John Mitchell or Mike Coogan have spent 1/3 of that amount.

Attorney John G. Angelo does not appear as a donor on any of the campaign finance reports.

If Mike Rodrigues is the clear front runner (and I don't know if that is true) how much of that is due to his being the best candidate and how much of it is due to his having the most money to spend on getting his name and message out there?

If Coogan or Mitchell are close in the polls despite not having the same cash resources what does that say about their campaigns?

Am I the only one that thinks there is something wrong with our system when one candidate can spend so much more than the others? Is it wrong to spend so much more to get into office then what you'll make there? (This only gets worse with national politics).

Come primary day are you placing your vote for the best candidate or the one with the best name recognition?


Anonymous said...

I think it's pretty impressive that Coogan and Mitchell each raised over 60K. Granted, most of Coog's $$$ came from out of state fire dept. 60k is nothing to sneeze at in a primary race. Kudos to Coog and Mitch on a very impressive fundraising in short period of time.

Anonymous said...

I planned on voting for Coogan until today. Then I received a mailing from Coogan that smeared his opponents instead of telling me what he planned on doing.

The guy is a hypocrite and hypocrites don't get no vote for me. I'm now voting for Mitchell or Rodrigues.

Scummy dirty politics by coogan cost him my family vote. Hypocritical from the guy that says no personal attacks.

3:38 PM, September 09, 2010

Anonymous said...

Every debate Coogan started with "lets keep it clean" then he sends out a mailer smearing his opponents!

Talk about a hypocrite. I guess he's hit the tri-fecta. Hypocrite-lying-no permit pulling thief.

Anonymous said...

He's a hypocrite and a bully.

Anonymous said...

Where can I find the campaign reports for the 4 candidates? Do they list the donors? Any double or triple dippers?

Anonymous said...

Lawless has not filed his reports. Why is this not being reported!!

Anonymous said...

15024 Coogan, Michael J.
Senate, 1st Bristol & Plymouth

Late Contribution Report 9/11/10 9/11/2010

Anonymous said...

3/29/2010 Catered Too
1 High Street Assonet, MA 02702 Coogan, Michael J. Catering $442.00
6/30/2010 Catered Too
1 High Street Assonet, MA 02702
Coogan, Michael J. Catering $1,560.00
3/11/2010 Catered Too
1 High Street Assonet, MA 02702 Coogan, Michael J. Catering $400.00

Anonymous said...

8/24/2010 FRMCU (overnight Print)
333 Milliken Blvd. Fall River, MA Coogan, Michael J. Advertising Inserts $3,124.09

4/22/2010 FRMCU (sign Rocket)
Tbd Fall River, MA 02720 Coogan, Michael J. Advertising $1,219.50

Anonymous said...

I just read on HN comments that Coogin is a republican? Can u imagine the response of his union brothers?

Anonymous said...

I just read in the HN that Rodrigues voted against the teachers unions, against the afl-cio and against just about every union. I wonder how the teachers and the unions will react to his anti-union stance.

Anonymous said...

I just read that senator norton endorsed coogan and he was in violation of ethics......

Norton, Thomas C., Docket No. 448


Docket No. 448
In the Matter of Thomas C. Norton
December 15, 1992
Disposition Agreement

This Disposition Agreement (Agreement) is entered into
between the State Ethics Commission (Commission) and Thomas C.
Norton (Senator Norton) pursuant to Section S of the Commission's
Enforcement Procedures. This Agreement constitutes a consented to
final Commission order enforceable in the Superior Court,
pursuant to G.L. c. 268B, s.4(j)

On December 12, 1990, the Commission initiated,pursuant to
G.L. c. 268B, s.4(a), a preliminary inquiry into possible
violations of the conflict of interest law, G.L. c. 268A, by
Senator Norton. On January 16, 1991, the Commission initiated a
second preliminary inquiry

Page 616

into possible violations of the financial disclosure law, G.L. c.
268B, by Senator Norton. The Commission concluded these inquiries
and, on February 19, 1992, found reasonable cause to believe that
Senator Norton had violated G.L. c. 268A and G.L. c. 268B, and
authorized the initiation of adjudicatory proceedings. On August
5, 1992, the Commission's Enforcement Division (Enforcement
Division) issued an Order to Show Cause, commencing adjudicatory
proceedings. The Order to Show Cause alleged that Senator Norton
had violated G.L. c. 268A, s.6 and s.23(b)(3), by and in
connection with his supervision of his sister during her
employment by the Senate, and G.L. c. 268B, s.7, by failing to
disclose certain information on his annual Statements of
Financial Interests filed with the Commission. On August 25,
1992, Senator Norton answered the Order to Show Cause, denying
that he had violated the law and stating several affirmative

Anonymous said...

So was Coogan a republican? Yes or no? If he was a republican no way will he get my vote.

Anonymous said...

Coogan = Republican union thug -- the worst kind! Money-grabbing and self-centered for his own causes and doesn't want anyone else to get anything. Makes my skin crawl.

Anonymous said...

Rodrigues, a union buster,against teachers, probably a teabagger at heart. Supported the indicted Speaker even after it came out the Speaker was crooked. Just greta Mikey. Some moral fiber. No votes here for that kind of New Hampshire shopper. Didn't he abuse a state car going there to buy booze?

Anonymous said...

Massachusetts Representative (who raised local alcohol tax) caught during New Hampshire booze run

Oh yeah baby....check it out

Anonymous said...

Senate Candidate/Building Contractor Coogan (who contracts for work where he isn't licensed) gets nailed for his business practices by an award-winning journalist!

Oh yeah... check it out!

Anonymous said...

9/2/10 - Hummel Report comes out raising serious questions about Senate candidate Mike Coogan's business practices (the details are more than adequately detailed on this blog). Coogan refuses to respond to the inquiry and says he will call Hummel back.

9/3/10 - Lefty posts a link to the report on this blog. Readers begin to ask for a response from Coogan. No response from Coogan.

9/4/10 - No response from Coogan.

9/5/10 - No response from Coogan.

9/6/10 - No response from Coogan.

9/7/10 - No response from Coogan.

9/8/10 - No response from Coogan.

9/9/10 - No response from Coogan.

9/10/10 - No response from Coogan.

9/11/10 - No response from Coogan.

9/12/10 - No response from Coogan.

Here we are on September 13th... still no response from Coogan, and people will begin voting in less than 24 hours!

Lefty said...

Ok, enough of the mudslinging. If people want to know who contributed what to who, let them go read the reports. As far from the rest, if you have a valid point make it, and gee it would be nice if the point had something to do with the post (campaign finance).

Anonymous said...







Anonymous said...


Don't be fooled Fall River. Coogan is a thieving FRAUD

Anonymous said...

Vote for a real union supporter MIKE COOGAN.

Don't vote for that fraud Mikey Rodrigues who votes against unions, teachers and education.

If you vote for Rodriques your kids will be come as stupid as he is.

Anonymous said...


"become" is one word.

Of all the sentences to make that mistake in... it has a way of impeaching your credibility.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's called a typo, but then again how could you know that seeing you having very much experience in such matters. Oh and I'm sure it really matters and changes the fact that Rodrigues is anti-union, anti-teacher, anti-education. I'm sure that misspelling be come changes all that. Does it change Rodrigues's voting record which is a joke? How very small minded of you. Well some folks just can't see the forest for the trees can they? VOTE COOGAN< THE ONLY REAL CHOICE. So when is Rodrigues going to put on his man-pants? Or is that one word? LOL. Now you get busy checking all the spelling and punctuation and we'll get busy electing COOGAN.

Anonymous said...

Vote for the $$$$

Remember that you are from Fall River and the majority of people living in your city are on the public dole. You need to elect the person that will levy the most TAXES on the few people in the city that have a job.

anti-union, anti-teacher, anti-education


Anonymous said...

Prediction. Mitchell 35%
Rodrigues 34%
Coogan. 18%
Lawless. 13%

Anonymous said...

I was always taught that there is always a DIC in prediction. Guess so.

COOGAN WINS 41% of the vote.

Anonymous said...

too bad the votes were split and it became a 2 man race..

Anonymous said...

Lefty, What do you think of the money Rodrigues raised, is that what gets them elected?

and to this comment in the herald, from coogan?

He had a "machine" and "money" it was called the fire unions in every state:

"I’m very proud of the effort we put forth, but we had no money and no machine and came up a little short. "

Mitchell on the other hand refers to needing a better showing at the polls .

So in the end does money really translate into votes ??

Lefty said...


I hope to post some primary day observations but to answer the question, yes money buys votes.

The most amazing thing to me is how well Rodrigues did in Somerset and Swansea and I think a lot of that had to do with the ability to "get the message out". Money = votes because you can place more ads, in more papers, more ads on the radio, more events - money allows you to run a better campaign. Mitchell did very well in Fall River and held his own most everywhere else but Westport proved the key here. Even if Coogan hadn't run I'm not sure the "Coogan vote" would have broke so overwhelmingly in favor of Mitchell to give him the victory. However if Mitchell's campaign had another 50k to spend maybe he could have gotten some more votes in Fall River, stole a few more in the surrounding towns maybe even stole a few votes in Westport.