Friday, August 20, 2010

The Yes Men

Every wonder why Will Flanagan would rather be Mayor of Fall River rather than an attorney practicing law? Could it be because as Mayor he believes that the people he appoints should do as he wishes, where if he were practicing law in front of a jury he could never get that sort of compliance?

For the second time Mayor Flanagan has been quoted in the Herald News as believing that the people he appoints should be on the same page with him. It seems our Mayor is trying to surround himself with "yes men" who will agree with him rather than those that may challenge him. Certainly surrounding yourself with those who will agree with you will make getting your own way easier. But it won't help you make better decisions.

So, obviously I have a difference in opinion or in philosophy with Mayor Flanagan. (Which is ok, unless of course you happen to be Mayor Flanagan in which case you expect people to agree with you.) But really this goes beyond some sort of leadership philosophy. There's a real issue here that the Mayor of Fall River wants the people he appoints to be loyal to him, instead of a loyal to this city. This is just wrong. When you appoint people to boards or commissions they should be looking to protect the best interests of this city not simply what the mayor thinks is best.  I know this is par for the course in politics but wasn't Flanagan supposed to be different?

According to the story in the Herald News, which by the way concerns the Zoning Board of Appeals and a neon sign, Flanagan says he is not trying to influence the board's votes on applications saying "I don't do that" but when the board votes one way and you quip they "should be on the same page" with your vision of the city what else can you call that?


Puck said...

Flanagan needs his Yes Men/Women and this is the reason he has not publicly called for the resignation of Brian Bigelow. "Innocent till proven guilty" sounds noble, but the ruling class of this city should be above reproach and GO OUT OF THEIR WAY to avoid even the appearance of impropriety. And for all those who think Bigelow is being harshly judged, remember...HE DID THIS TO HIMSELF! HE IS TO BLAME for the consequences of his actions. Flanagan has the power to make him resign yet chooses not to do so. And, as with Bigelow, the consequences to Flanagan for this failure will be of his own doing.

Anonymous said...

Sylvanagan is a joke...a crooked (ALLEGED) pol in it , not for Fall River, but from what he can get OUT of fall River...


Anonymous said...

If Bigelow goes down Flanagan loses one of his yes votes on the clowncil. Bigelow has been a huge yes man for Flanagan, voting with him 100 percent of the time.