Saturday, August 28, 2010

It’s Just Wrong Part 2

Innocent until proven guilty, oh I admit even I'm having a tough time living up to the idea of it. As I've said before how do you get falsely arrested for trying to solicit? Doubtful as I might be Bigelow's innocence he deserves his day in court.

So, it seems a bit unfair that he's been fired from his job as an auditor for the Bristol County Sheriff's Department. Sheriff Tom says the allegation

"is in direct contradiction to his job responsibilities" but the problem is, it's an ALLEGATION. It hasn't been proven and to be fired simply for the allegation not only seems wrong, it is wrong.

And what if he's NOT found guilty? Again, I can't figure out how he accidently solicited but what if he's found not guilty? Has the Sheriff just set up his department for a nice lawsuit?

In the end, even if he's found innocent, Brian Bigelow's reputation in the community will never fully recover. The Mayor is already looking for ways to get him of the board at Diman. His place on the Fall River City Council is a little less secure. But until he's found guilty, the cost of his arrest shouldn't be the loss of his job.


Anonymous said...

Lefty, the article says that this was not based on that issue. It was based on an internal investigation. I understand his computer was examined, as is protocol when an IE is conducted, and it is possible that they found some inappropriate material there.

In addition, BB has become known in the Sheriff's office as someone who has been creating an unsafe work environment for women. He is known for saying sexual things to women, pinching their butts, etc.

The Sheriff's office had to fire him or probably be sued for not doing something. His problem is now public.

The story is bigger than one arrest for solicitation. This story is a sad tale of one man's obsessive and inappropriate behavior. It is playing out in the press because he is an elected official, however, I am sure this type of thing happens every day in cities across the nation.

Don't get hung up on this firing having everything to do with the prostitution sting. Otherwise the report would have been leaked and it would have said it was just about that, which we all know about. There is MUCH more to this story.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but the rest of us aren't privy to the information that you think you have so right now it just appears as though the Sheriff fired a guy way before he had his day in court. Lefty is right on when it comes to this issue. I don't think Bigelow has a chance in hell of being found not guilty but that's the way our system works, innocent until proven guilty. If you don't like our system and if you don't love America then leave it!

Lefty said...

Anon 7:14,

The article in the Herald News, seems very clear that these allegations are exactly the reason he's being dismissed. Yes there was an internal investigation done but we have no idea what that entails and the Sheriff is unwilling to let us know. He claims, it's internal, I say nonsense, public job, but that is simply MY opinion. Even worse Sheriff Tom likens it to a case where a judge resigned after pornography was found on his computer. What a stupid comparison. Bigelow is being fired not asked to resign and Bigelow has pleaded not guilty. I've already made it quite clear that I have a tough time believing Brian is innocent, but I still say he deserves his day in court. And honestly, while I think some repercussions, (if he's found guilty) should be expected but I'm on the fence if losing his job is appropriate or perhaps too severe.

If there are other justifications for his termination, the Sheriff should state them, otherwise I think he's dead wrong on this one.

Anonymous said...

Lefty, for legal reasons, (ie lawsuits) an employer who fires a person for making the workplace unsafe cannot reveal the exact nature of the charges. Think about it. If Bigelow was fired because of the solicitation charge, then they would say so because his arrest is public info (police report, pleading, etc.).

However, if the investigation found other illegal or inappropriate behavior, then they must fire the guy but they must also protect themselves in the process. Like I said above, it is well known that Bigelow has issues, so in order to quell any possible lawsuits by employees who have been made to feel uncomfortable, they have to keep it all private. Including the final report. When you have this happening and you admit that it is happening in an internal report, all manner of people will come out of the woodwork. Perhaps he was on some sort of three strikes,or two strikes, and you are out situation. And this investigation turned up the last straw.

He is lucky the report was private, I think. That is one piece of good news in an otherwise horrible situation.

By the way, if it were only the charge of solicitation that was the reason they let him go, then he would fight this with them, have his lawyer make a statement, or he would make a statement. He has been mute on the firing. he can't say a word or it will open up the can of worms.

hesterprynnepb said...

So then, if bb's "obsessive" behavior with women is a reason for dismissal, why does a high-ranking sheriff's dept. staffer who carried on an affair with a top city official (female) at his former media job -- to the point of calling her from his office and reading aloud to her the next day's story by the City Hall reporter to make sure it was 'OK with her'-- still have a job? his extramarital affairs finally drove his already off-her-rocker wife to crash her car into a downtown light pole when she saw the two of them together in the Other Woman's car and attempted to run them off the road?