Saturday, August 28, 2010

It’s Just Wrong Part 1

Exactly 1 week ago someone left a comment on the blog saying that Senate candidate Mike Coogan was involved in case in Superior Court…

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "The Sign":

not sure if you guys heard about coogan in fall river superior court. Apparently he is charged with defrauding a female customer of a bank whos board he is a member of.

Because I couldn't verify the accuracy of the comment I deleted it. This didn't stop other comments from showing emphatically stating that Coogan was involved in a court case. It was pretty obvious that there was a certain taint to these comments and that they were not intended to help Mr. Coogan's campaign. Two days later the story breaks in the Herald News: State Senate hopeful Coogan cleared in civil lawsuit


You can read the specifics in the Herald News article but the bottom line is a customer hired Coogan's construction company to do a job. He started the job, she changed her mind and he kept the deposit. The court sided with him that he was in the right to do so. Gee that doesn't seem as ominous as my comentors would have had me believe. Defrauding sounds so sinister but shed a little light on it and it looks so different when it's not in the dark. It's amazing what a little mudslinging can achieve, and it's just wrong.

Personally it's tough enough to figure out who to vote for on Election Day without someone trying to mislead you into thinking the worst.


Anonymous said...

The Herald article was beneficial to Coogan in that it appeared to say he was found not guilty and it cleared his name. In the debate on the radio the other day one of the candidates and I think it was Mr. Lawless, questioned Coogan about this and the suggestion was that there might be more to this. Did the credit union have to pay out anything?

I agree mostly with your sentiments Lefty but also am skeptical as to whether or not the Herald had all the details correct, it is possible that they got something wrong as they sometimes do. I wouldn't just say that their article makes it a clear open and shut case.

Lefty said...

Well if there is more to the story, then the Herald News or WSAR should report it.

But, for anyone to insinuate that there is more without being able to offer proof or facts to show it, is wrong. I'm not naive enough to think politicians don't all dabble in a little mudslinging to hurt their opponents and help themselves but it doesn't make it right.

There could be more to the story, but even then he was cleared of any wrongdoing and I think that's all the matters.

Anonymous said...

well read the article in the herald news today......the story was not over.