Sunday, August 01, 2010

Citizens For the Common Good

Citizens For the Common Good

Fall River, MA


FALL RIVER, Massachusetts—Jill Stein, Green-Rainbow candidate for governor, will be speaking about casinos as jobs killers—and how we can create better, more secure jobs across the Commonwealth—on Monday, August 2, 2010, at 7 p.m. at Calvary Temple, 4321 North Main St, Fall River, MA.

The event is open to the public and press. Ms. Stein will respond to questions from the audience following her talk.

Anti-casino bumper stickers will be available for free and light refreshments will be served.

Stein, the only candidate for governor who is publicly opposed to expanded gaming, released a statement on July 30, 2010, calling on the Massachusetts Legislature to call a halt to the push for casino gambling in Massachusetts in order to give the state time to assess new developments indicating that the casino economy is heading for trouble. Says Stein, “a bad idea just got a lot worse” with Congress moving to legalize online gambling, a move that could undercut revenues for any casinos built in Massachusetts.

“Beacon Hill is showing a decided lack of business sense by putting on the rose-colored glasses and making a bet without considering the risks.” Stein noted that even without the competition of legal online gambling, casino states such as Nevada have been suffering in the current economic downturn. “The casino industry is extremely vulnerable to downturns in the economy, because people gamble less when the economy is soft. Nevada—which is loaded with casinos—has the highest unemployment rate in the nation according to June figures. They are suffering a jobless rate of 14% while Massachusetts is around 9.2%. Nevada also leads the nation in foreclosures and bankruptcies. And Atlantic City, with 11 casinos, has a jobless rate higher than Boston. Do we really want to emulate these economies? Let’s think twice before going down that road.”

Among the other risks of casinos, Stein noted that “Casino revenues can take a nose-dive if neighboring states open up their own casinos. And the destination casinos are vulnerable to spikes in the price of gasoline. We could easily find ourselves being held hostage to a network of casinos that are in danger of going under.”

“We know that casinos are net job killers. It’s been calculated that each slot machine pulls enough money out of the economy to kill one job. So once we build casinos, pink slips will be handed out all over Massachusetts. The casinos will concentrate a few jobs in the casino communities, but not enough to prevent a net job loss statewide. And if the casinos begin to fail, we could have a nightmare of unemployment.”

Stein noted that the state of New Hampshire commissioned an objective study of potential casinos in New Hampshire and found that the net benefits of opening casinos was very questionable. “Beacon Hill hasn’t permitted such a study to be conducted for Massachusetts. They are afraid of what the answer might be. They have just adopted a pro-casino mantra, and counted upon keeping the microphone away from anyone who might ask them tough questions. The House didn’t even hold public hearings on their casino bill. This lack of scrutiny is a prescription for making a big mistake.”

“The politicians are saying that casinos are not a complete solution, as if that is a wise attitude. It’s time for them to admit the truth: Casinos are not part of any solution. To create the sound, sustainable economy of the future, we need to make sure that casinos are never built in Massachusetts. We can create better jobs, and more secure jobs, by investing in the green economy of the future, and taking care of our small businesses. The last thing we need is a chain of job-killing casinos that make Massachusetts look more like Nevada.”

For information, please contact Stefani Koorey or Al Lima at or at 508-493-9304 for further information.


Anonymous said...

Jill Stein has about as much of a shot at being Governor as you do of seeing pigs fly.

Anonymous said...

True, her chances are nihil, which is ironic given that I think she is entirely correct in her assessment of casino/gambling.

Anonymous said...

Not so fast kemosabe! She stands alone in her positions on many issues. The other white meat all have the same exact policy stances. When the debates (4 of them) happen, she will impress a lot of people because she is not one of the Beacon Hill boys. She speaks truth to power and has fought the good cause again and again. She is smart too! Pediatrician. She is all about returning Massachusetts to an open democracy.

If any of you were paying really close attention to the casino debates of late, you will see just how much, like close to 75%, of the process was made behind closed doors---both in bean town and Fall River. Disgusting.

Faye Musselman said...

Anon 10:30 a.m. clearly doesn't understand politics. Even if Jill WERE elected she'd be totally ineffective. That "75%, of the process was made behind closed doors---both in bean town and Fall River" is exactly how the political machine works. Jaysus, haven't we seen enough of it, so sickeningly transparent during the health care reform bill? Jill Stein has no such political clout - nothing to bring to the table. She'd be eaten alive and totally ineffective in advancing her agenda.

Anonymous said...

According to your link, you don't live in Fall River, right? While that doesn't mean you don't have a right to speak up on Fall River issues, it does mean that you should consider being less rude in your posts. To say that someone "clearly does not understand politics" is called flaming. We don't usually engage in this type of discussion. We reserve our wrath for the elected officials, not the regular joe citizen.

Lefty, do you agree with me?

Lefty said...

I'm not too troubled by Faye's comment. When someone states that you clearly don't know... it usually means they are going to tell you how it really is. In this case while I agree with Faye's reasoning, I think she's wrong.

Now, don't get me wrong, I think Jill Stein has little to no chance at getting elected. THAT is the sad legacy of our 2 party system and of money and corporate greed in politics.

But IF Stein got elected it would knock the established parties and candidates on their asses. It would send a clear message to our state senators and representatives about being sick of "business as usual" I certainly don't think Stein would have an easy time of it, but IF she were to somehow get elected I think it would send a wave of fear through the established politicians and they would not be so quick to ignore her. I could be wrong on this but that's my take.

Anonymous said...

two words............scott brown

Faye Musselman said...

My comment about "clearly doesn't understand politics" was in response to the Anon. poster's phrase:
"75%, of the process was made behind closed doors---both in bean town and Fall River. Disgusting."

The political process, from local town councils to the White House is mostly down behind closed doors. When you go to a council meeting, the vote for what's on the agenda requiring council action has already been made...they've already decided. Occassionally that changes but not often.

In Washington lobbyists behind closed doors play a heavy part in the political process.

Now what I've just stated is just broad stroked generalizations of a very complex and layered process in the political game. I think it very transparent. I think most people recognize it. Those that don't, I think clearly don't understand politics.

To say I was rude or "flaming" is a bit over the top in assessment of my remark, IMHO. Obviously, I firmly stand by it.

Jill Stein is too much of a novice and unless she has some powerful allies with deep pocket influence, she doesn't stand a chance in hell.

And while I don't live in Fall River, I recently acquired some property there and have visited FR for over 35 years. I've always been interested in its history and politics.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. According to the online deeds office for Bristol County, you have not purchased any property in this area. The site is updated to today.

Are you for real?

Faye Musselman said...

I highly doubt you know the name of our family trust. All our properties are in the trust. You wont find our individual names on the deeds.

I find it intriquing you are so interested in me you go to that trouble.

I assure you, I am very real. I must be. I have a Facebook account now. But it's not in the name of the family trust. ;)

Are YOU for real? Or prefer to lurk in the shadows of an anonymous cloak? Step into the light - it's quite liberating, especially when dealing with "anons" who like to cast insinuating doubts upon the veracity others.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and you once played for the Yankees. And you wrote a best selling cook book. And you found the lost city of Atlantis. Yeah, that's the ticket!

Anonymous said...

Morgan Fairchild is my wife!

Anonymous said...

You said a funny!

You said that having a Facebook account makes you real.

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Faye Musselman said...

You wound me to the quick. I am underwhelmed by your cerebral talents of reading comprehension and comedic sentence structure. I curtsy to your benevolent verbal discharge, both acerbic and pristine in it's poignant clarity. Huzzahs.

I leave you now with an unfinished quatrain, especially selected for your level and capacity for understanding:

Look up.
Look down.
Look at my thumb.
Gee, you're.....

Anonymous said...

Why would a family trust ever acquire property in Fall River? The trustees are charged with making good investments, and that doesn't seem like one.

Faye Musselman said...

Oh jeez. This is like swimming in a sea of protoplasmic intelligensia.


Anonymous said...

yes, we in Fall River are soooo beneath your great intellect, you thrilling turn of phrase, your wit, your charm. you are so superior to us urban dwellers of the east.

Please, oh please great one, give us more of your charm offensive.

Or is that offensive charm?

Lefty said...

ding ding ding

Back to your corners...

Anonymous said...

Facebook is an excellent cyberstalking tool.

Faye Musselman said...

Faye trots back to her corner, bites the lace to her glove and pulls it off her hand. While checking her fingernails, her corner man gently powders her brow and sprays her hair. Her towel man hands her a Collatta with a straw and she sips, eyeballing the opposite corner where A. Non sits panting heavily.

She hears the radio announcer near her: "....was down for the count but got back up and danced again around Faye, who looked thoroughly bored...wait, wait...what's this? Faye's on her feet. She's looking and A. Non. She has her glove off...what's that? What is she doing? She's holding up a thumb. A thumb. A. Non looks up, looks down....Oh, there goes the bell."

Dr. Momentum said...

Faye, this is like watching a pay per view between George Foreman and Gary Coleman circa 1989.

And it's free!

Faye Musselman said...

Dr. Momentum: If that sequence amused, entertained and made you laugh, then I achieved my purpose. :)

And now let's digress for a timely ditty:

There once was a man named Bigelow
A councelor in search of a Ho
But when he was caught,
bellowed "Guilty I'm not!"
But his service may be no mo!