Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The View

Storage Fees…

As you may have already noticed the Herald News is now charging a "small fee" to access archived articles. As a blogger this is a big disappointment because the Herald's archives have been a great resource. I'm not sure if the Herald intends this to be revenue generating change (if so I personally doubt it) but the "small fee" is actually more like armed robbery! Want to print out the story about your kid winning the spelling bee? Well THAT is only $2.95 but what if you were looking a little tougher to find? It's possible you would need to view a ½ dozen articles to find the right one. I know because I've done it! Well THAT will cost you $21.95 (for a monthly pass for up to 10 articles), which at that point I would probably end my search! If you're a blogger like me or anyone who may want/need/require yearlong access you would have to pay $995.00 a year with the ability to access 500 articles! This seems absurd and when you think about how cheap data storage is today, unnecessary too. I don't blame the Herald for charging for content but a year's worth of access should cost $50.00 not $1000! Hell just go out and buy a terabyte drive and save every article you come across that you even slightly think you may need down the road. It will be cheaper!

I'm more impressed by the other guy…

The Herald recently had a story announcing that Leo Pelletier is now the longest serving city councilor in Fall River's history. At 26 years and 7 weeks Leo has bested the record held by John "Jack" Medeiros. But the article points out; Leo has done so during 3 separate stints, while Medeiros served 26 consecutive years on the council. Wow! I have to admit I know NOTHING about Jack Medeiros; he ended his tenure just as I was moving into the city and starting to pay attention the political landscape. How in the word did I miss this guy? 26 consecutive years! Leo may have broken his record but there needs to be an asterisk or something here. 26 years seems like a pretty tough record to beat but consecutively? That seems impossible. I'm not trying to take away from Leo's longevity here but I'm more impressed with the other guy!

The waterfront police station

Apparently the Regatta is for sale and the owners are looking for an appalling 5 MILLION dollars. This sounds like an Austin Power's joke, go ahead put your pinkie to the corner of your mouth and say it 5 MILLION DOLLARS! These idiots bought the property 13 years ago for 1/10th the amount they're now looking to get and basically ran the damn thing into the ground. I can remember when this was the Gangplank, a nice somewhat upscale restaurant. It was kind of like Fall River's answer for the Venus or White's. It's a great location with tons of potential. It would be great to see an upscale restaurant establish itself there or maybe a large family restaurant (think McGovern's on the waterfront!) with maybe some take out windows for seafood in the summer, maybe even ice cream for all those boardwalkers. But neither is going to happen at 5 MILLION dollars. Not only would someone have to pony up the purchase price but God knows how much more you'd have to spend to get it all back in shape again. I'm afraid at that price the owners are aiming for someone to develop the land for luxury apartments or a hotel. However I think we're going to have plenty of luxury apartments in the vicinity and I can't see anyone spending that type of money to put a hotel on the waterfront. It seems that the Regatta is destined to become like the old police station, another high profile property in a desirable location that just rots away.


Faye Musselman said...

Lefty - re the FRHN charging for archival searches - consider that many of the articles they originate are often picked up by other regional and/or national dailies. Therefore, content is not difficult to find via Google word search, but if you want the exact article, well, then, it is problematic with the charges you illustrate.

I've often searched for articles AT
the FRHN building and not been charged. Perhaps they are going to charge for on-site searches as well as the digital now.

BTW, have you heard the news? The new Superior Court building is haunted. Yep, sure 'nuff. Seems some ectoplasm wafted it's way across the street from the B&B. I hear Reverend Avery haunts the 4th floor and Lizzie the lobby.

nyuck, nyuck

Anonymous said...

Like that rock n roll troll lund will pay that $
he should have lunch w his gf linda for support.