Friday, July 30, 2010

The Check is in the mail?

How long does it take to issue an abatement check? One property owner has been waiting for over 3 months! Over 260 abatements have been awarded but only 40 checks have been issued. If we assume that those 40 were issued over the last 3 months it would mean to process the remaining 220 at the same pace would take over a year!

The head clerk feels this lack of progress is not extraordinary. Maybe THAT'S the problem.

Things only get worse because it seems nobody knows what the hell is going on! The tax collection head clerk, Nelia Oliveira says that to receive an abatement a request form needs to be filed. However Lorrie Gagne, the head clerk in the assessor's office says not refund form is needed!  Apparently both departments, currently lacking a department head, are overseen by our newly hired treasurer David Grab. Also apparently, it was Mr. Grab who reinstituted the refund form policy. If Mr. Grab is overseeing BOTH departments how come they're not on the same page? I'm willing to cut Grab some slack here considering he is new to his position and is dealing with the lack of department heads. However that still doesn't resolve the basic problem, which is these checks are just not be processed in a timely manner! Remember they've only issued "a good 40" checks out of 260 and we know at least one person has waited 3 months and still hasn't gotten a check. This didn't ring any alarm bells? There's no weekly meeting where things like the status of issuing these checks gets brought up? Really what the hell is wrong with this picture? How long does it take to write out 260 checks and check the files to see if these homeowners owe any past tax bills or not? It seems that this whole process or at least the bulk of it should have been completed in a few weeks and really probably a lot less than that.

I'd like to know what the timeline is for getting the rest of these checks out and what other little backlogs we don't about.


Anonymous said...

The problem is reliance on a manual paper system that requires tedious, time consumming entries. Unfortunately the software the City owns could do all of this stuff with lirttle effort, yet it has never been fully utilized due to employee resistence and lack or training funds, requiored by contract to insure warranty. Oh and, they fired the IT Managaer for not kissing Flanagan's vere growing butt...notice how he's putting on his freshman 15...lmao

Anonymous said...

Meetings? The Dept heads are too busy walking around downtown with the mayor for photo ops. They need to start looking at themselves and fixing the city
not having us look at their photos every day.