Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fresh Idea

Just when I thought I would never be able to praise Mayor Flanagan again, he announces plans for a downtown farmer's market.


Really I can't begin to describe what a wonderful idea I think this is. It's a simple, small project that costs very little in investment and could pay huge dividends. The Herald speaks of the lawyers and clerks that will now dominate the area with the new courthouse, but the area is also full of seniors and bankers, and tellers, and employees of Government Center. To think of the vibrancy this could bring to downtown as all of these folks take advantage of buying fresh fruits and veggies. Maybe the purchase will be some fruit to snack on or some veggies for dinner. Perhaps local eateries will feature some tasty treat with garden fresh produce. Of course the idea is to also bring in artists and musicians that will help transform old second street into an open air market.

I hope this is the beginning of a renewed effort to revitalize downtown using what we already have to our advantage.


Anonymous said...

The farmer's market was not Flanagan's idea but I am glad he is supporting it.

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed all these new fresh ideas are coming from a recent trip Flanagan took to epcot center???

Anonymous said...

A real man of the world! Did he not notice the world's greatest amusement parks nearby? Yeah, it was the farmer's market that revitalized the area.

Anonymous said...

I thought the Council pushed him into doing it. There was a councilor that had filed a resolution around doing something with old second street and a day before they had their hearing Flanagan made this announcement. Pretty smart move of his politically speaking but not his idea although he will get the credit for it.