Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It’s the jobs stupid!

It's the jobs stupid! That's the reason we are willing to scrap a decade's worth of plans for a casino.

it's the jobs -   3,000-5,000 of them.

And we need jobs.

After all 18% of our residents are unemployed.

I'm not sure how many people that is,  but hopefully it's not more than 3-5000. Casinos bring good jobs. Well, maybe not good jobs.  Well, they bring UNSKILLED jobs  and that's the type we need here in Fall River!

But if we're so desperate for jobs and money, why are we not embracing every opportunity?

Let's bring in LNG!
Hell there is another thing we've been working on for about a decade but hey we're broke! And we need jobs!

And money!

And LNG would bring about 400 million dollars worth of investment, and at least a 1000 jobs at startup.

Why don't we bring in strip clubs?

Maybe we could do it the same way the state wants to do casinos. We could limit the number of licenses and then sell them off to the highest bidders! That brings in some instant revenue! And once you have a few of these babies running you have a bunch of attractive, if under-educated girls making a "decent" living

Lefty's View: Folks, it's this simple, people don't want strip clubs because they're afraid it's going to harm the character of the neighborhoods and bring in an unsavory element. People don't want LNG because they think it will have a negative impact on their safety and that it will hurt the city's ability to develop its waterfront and its future. But in the case of a casino, too few seem to even consider the potential harm and hazards. Too few seem to give it much consideration at all. It's simply the jobs stupid and if it's bad for Fall River that doesn't matter as long as it's good for you.


Anonymous said...

The only one getting a job from this is Fiola and a few others.
Make them state on the record they don't have side deals with the casinos. Bet they won't say it on the record.

sunshine's grandaughter said...

I just don't understand I guess. You want us educated young people to come back to the city to raise our family and invest in the cities future, but you throw away the educated jobs for a chance, that maybe you can give us 3k-5k unskilled transiant jobs. Wait that makes me want to raise my kids here.

Anonymous said...

what ever happened to the $$$ deposit for Durfee Tech project did that get returned to Peabody since that guaranteed project/property still sits in limbo???

Anonymous said...

Ken Fiola is usually a slimy three toed sloth except when it comes to feathering his own nest, if that's what a sloth lives in! And Flanagan clearly isn't JUST thinking about the poor and unemployed in Fall River, he's thinking about staying in office until he decides to leave it, no doubt for higher elected office. I think that's why he's developing a small army of union workers behind him, with cash and influence, as well as folks like the Malaysians and the tribe, folkjs who have been known in the past to make scads of cash available to politicians willing to carry their water for them.

Money, money, money....whether through campaign contributions or favors we're never suppossed to know about, Fall River's pols always get down to the very lowest common denominator...Cash greed. Et tu Flanagan?

The only good to come out of this is the powers that be are witnessing a fission of sorts...the Karam Harem on one side and Flanagan's follies on the other, with Will and Fiola becoming the starngest pair of bedmates this side of Liberace and any woman.

Anonymous said...

Have you snapped Lefty? LNG in a densely populated neigbhorhood is a threat to public safety. Massive potential for explosion or fire? Yup, that's bad. The casino doesn't bring those types of public safety risks and yes it does bring jobs and it does bring money for public safety and other departments in Fall River.

What's the problem if we can get the BioPark in the region and a casino? No one has given me a good answer to that question. People say nothing would be wrong with that but then they go on to bash the casino.

If you don't realize we need all types of jobs in this city and that there is a difference between a casino and an LNG facility or a strip club then I feel real bad for you Lefty. You have never went to such desperate lengths and extreme exaggerations to make your points before. Sad.

shamrock said...

Fiola used the deposit to buy a tie.

Anonymous said...

does this also have to go through the supreme court??? Taunton is reporting:

The Supreme Court issued a key ruling last year that made it much more difficult for the Wampanoags to build a casino anywhere but on their ancient tribal lands

Anonymous said...

It's not just a casino, it's 3 hotels, a shopping mall, a spa, a waterpark... Get over it. If we can get it, it's a good deal. To say that all the jobs are low wage is ignorant. There will be management jobs and sales and marketing positions and yeah there will be janitorial jobs but we need those too. Janitors send their kids to college too and the kids that get the biotech jobs are going to be appreciative of their parents' hard work to send them to school. People need an opportunity to earn a living. Must be nice to have a job and to look at Fall River's unemployment rate and be a snob. LNG blows up. Casinos don't. To compare the two is idiotic.

Anonymous said...

Top Headlines
A different spin
Parent arrested at youth game

North Attleboro voters head to polls

'Daring' jewelry heist in Wrentham

Taunton man suspect in theft of charity jar


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Photo Reprints
AddThisAttleboro man elected to Mashpee Wampanoag chair owes city thousands
ATTLEBORO - An Attleboro resident who owes the city more than $13,000 in back taxes and utility bills was elected chairman of the scandal-plagued Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe on Cape Cod in a three-way race Sunday.

Cedric Cromwell of Seanna Road won the job with 356 votes out of 597 cast, according to a tribal press release.

Cromwell, who was not available for comment Monday, owes Attleboro real estate taxes of $5,294 for Fiscal Year 2008, and $4,167 for the first three quarters of FY 2009, according to city records.

He owes an additional $3,685 for various utility bills in FY 2009, the tax collector's office said.

Cromwell has lived in Attleboro since at least 2002 when he bought the Seanna Road home for $310,000. While running for the chairmanship in January, he told The Cape Cod Times he piled up debt when he assumed financial responsibility for two households after his father became ill. He told the paper he's working to pay off the debt.

The chairmanship pays around $123,000 and is responsible for administering a budget reportedly totalling $4 million.

According Cromwell's resume posted on the Wampanoag Web site, he has significant financial experience including 10 years as an employee at Fidelity Investments in Boston. He holds a degree in management and community planning and is working on a master's degree in business administration, the resume said.

Cromwell takes the office once held by Glenn Marshall who resigned in 2007 after it was revealed he lied about his military service and had been convicted of rape in 1981. Marshall was later charged with embezzling $4 million from investors who are helping the tribe in its quest to build a casino.

Marshall was succeeded by vice-chairman Shawn Hendricks, who did not seek election in his own right.

The tribe is hoping to build a casino somewhere in Southeastern Massachusetts. One site recently under consideration was in Middleboro.

Anonymous said...

"he piled up debt when he assumed financial responsibility for two households after his father became ill. He told the paper he's working to pay off the debt." "The chairmanship pays around $123,000..." Looks like he is going to be able to pay his debt now. Or do we want to beat the guy up for taking care of an ill parent?

By the way, I'm all for both a casino and biopark but if you don't think there are any hurdles to attracting biotech to Fall River when we don't have an educated workforce. Any jobs would have to be filled by outsiders for years until this area gets up to speed with its people obtaining a decent education. And where is Genzyme by the way? Weren't they a "life science" company that was already in Fall River and they already picked up and left. There are risks to any business, casinos or biopark. Let's not pretend the biopark issue isn't also without its risks. Who says we can attract all these companies? That's called a risk.

Lefty said...

I'm not comparing casinos to LNG, except to say that both would bring jobs and 100's of millions. What I'm pointing out is when it comes to these other 'projects' there has been a GREAT deal of discussion about all the negative effects and none of that discussion has taken place for a casino.

What no negatives to worry about? How about the social issues the anti-casino folks always mention? How about the potential for MORE crime? How about the possibility that a self contained casino will siphon existing business away from the surrounding area, including the rest of Fall River? At the very least, do we really think this is going to add anything to rest of the community? How about the belief that such facilities feed on their own communities? How about asking how many facilities can the region support?

I never said the jobs wouldn't pay well. Although I'd like a breakdown of positions and projected salaries.

No, I'm not for a casino. I personally think it harms us more than it help us but I'm willing to have a discussion about it. It seems however that all anyone wants to talk about is jobs, & money. That's it.

Well I'm sorry I think it's stupid to grab at the carrot without seeing what's on the other end of the string.

Anonymous said...

a CEO should be able to handle is personal finances .

Anonymous said...

If it sound too good to be probably is.

Anonymous said...

what some of the wampanaogs think....

Anonymous said...

Hey Lefty,

How many Baby Birthing Bimbos from Fall River have the job skills to land a position in the BioPark. Pray for the casino so there will be plenty of jobs in the house cleaning and food service industry.

Lefty said...

At one time you could do pretty well if you made $10, $11, $12 dollars and hour in Fall River. Not anymore.

Sure jobs like these will put people back to work, but they'll still be dependent on every sort of aid imaginable.


1. How many such jobs are going to be created? Out of that 3-5000 figure some of those are going to be higher paying jobs that many will not be eligible for. Hold on a second has Lefty been calling for a breakdown of positions and estimated salaries?

2. What good does it do to give Maria a 12/hr cleaning job if her husband gambles away all their money? Hasn't Lefty been saying we should be looking at this from all sides? You betcha!

Now ask yourself, how much info do we know about this? This has all been pushed through very, very quickly with very little discussion. Getting one isn't a certainty and we have no idea what the negatives could be and we're risking the development of the BioPark for it. The BioPark by the way, was a shovel ready project that at first would have been smaller in scale but would have immediately put people back to work in construction, plumbing, electrical, etc. etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

1.) Talking about yourself in the 3rd person is a bit scary. It's a sign that you have a huge ego/take yourself too seriously or are going senile. I hope you're better then that Lefty.

2.) The idea that the BioPark was shovel ready and had no hurdles or fewer hurdles than a casino was and is a myth. Maybe the UMass facility could've been built in a couple of years at best and maybe that facility and its 12 jobs would lead to many others in a decade to 20 or 30 years but that's no guarantee either. I hope the BioPark lands next door in Freetown but as you advocate for open and honest discussion Lefty the BioPark is as far from a sure bet as is a casino.