Thursday, April 22, 2010

It's April, bring on May!

Well April has flown by and I here I am just putting together my first post!

It's been a draining month and honestly there has been little that has made me even think about blogging never mind something that has me firing away at the keyboard. Oh there are things WORTH discussing, casino gambling, local aid cuts, local political races..gee I should have been doing more blogging! Driving home tonight I was flipping through radio channels and stopped on NPR (National Public Radio) and thought I was catching a segment about the newspaper industry. What caught my attention was the talk about the cost of investigative journalism and that the cost of blogging an opinion only costs maybe one salary. Well I WISH!!

So April has been hectic and personally very busy and draining, so I say bring on May!
Warmer weather and longer days means time to enjoy the outdoors. This means lawn mowing and yard work, (not my favorite things..) and grilling (now we're talking!) Well after several faithful seasons I'm wondering if the ol' grill has got another summer left in her. Which is probably just me looking for an excuse to look at new grills! :)
Personally, I prefer a gas grill simply because it lends itself to impulse cooking. Still, there is an allure to charcoal grills. Secretly, I've always wanted to buy the iconic Weber kettle grill and be smug in the fact that I was engaging in the "art" of grilling.

While doing a little research for a friend on grills I came across the Old Smokey, just about as old as the classic Weber, the Old Smokey apparently is iconic in its own right and has its own following. I can only imagine the looks I'd get from family and friends grilling some dogs on this rustic looking grill!

I also came across the PK Grill.

Interestingly this also originates at around the same time as the Weber. The early 50's apparently was quite the time for backyard grilling! The PK certainly has a great look, but at $280 you could buy a Weber, an Old Smokey, a couple bags of charcoal and still have enough money to buy food to grill!

As much as these charcoal grills appeal to me, when it comes time to replace my grill I have a short list of gas grills that I would be looking at. Sadly none of them are bargains, so lots of incentive to keep the old one for another year or so.


bigsam27 said...

I also was thinking about replacing my gas grill. It is a six year-old BBQ Grilleware three-burner model from Lowe's. I think I paid $200 for it. One of the burners was cracked and was in need of replacement. The local propane dealer quoted me $39 for a new burner. Kinda steep I thought so I looked online. Found a whole buncha places selling 'em but this site ( had it for $18 + 7 shipping. Upon receipt the burner was a perfect fit; however it didn’t have the mesh spider guard like the old one had. Well, after I installed it I wish I had replaced the others too, as I noticed that they had hairline cracks. I hope they will get me through the summer.

Now, before I tried to fix it, I did look around for a replacement and boy was I disgusted. The average $200 grill is just an absolute hunk o’junk. The paper-thin-gauge metal firebox looks like it wouldn’t last a season outside. My school lunchbox from the 1970s was built tougher than these things. And don’t even get me started on the cooking grates. My grill has solid cast-iron grates, a very nice feature and one of the reasons I bought it six years ago. All $200 grills now have the cheap steel wire grates; some of the sub $200 grills actually have steel wire grates that have been halved and hollowed out. Unbelievable!

So, looks like I will invest in two more burners (as well as lots of orange oil degreaser) and keep this baby going until I can afford a Weber Summit.

BTW – I also came across the PK Grill in my research. I love the fact that it is “Made in the USA” but I’m just not that into charcoal.

Lefty said...

Thanks for the comment BigSam!

My current grill is one I fell in love with when I first saw it. With a brass burner, cast iron grates, and enameled body it was sooo much better built than anything else in its price range. In fact I bought it one year later, and by that time it had already been replaced and I had to hunt down to find one. Now 5 or 6 years later I'm starting to think it's time to replace it. Like you, I've found most of the stuff in the stores to be just junk. And several reviews I've read talk about getting 1 or 2 seasons out one! I have never bought a grill that I didn't get at LEAST 5 years out off! Quality has been replaced by stainless steel. After doing some cleanup and purchasing a new lid handle (that is really for another type of grill but I think it will work and it looks decent!)I think she's good for another season or more!

When it does come time to replace it, it will be with another propane and most likely be either a Weber, Broil King or Broil Mate.