Sunday, March 21, 2010

Flanagan's Forum

An editorial in today's Herald News says that Mayor Flanagan's recent forum fell flat. The Herald specifically criticizes local bloggers and those who comment on the Herald News website for "suddenly having nothing to say" "when given the opportunity to directly address, in person, the city leaders they mercilessly second guess."

While it's true that few attended this initial forum, I personally resent this statement. I have attended such forums in the past. I have had conversations with our last 3 elected mayors, I have spoken with several of our city councilors. I have attended council meetings. I have attended school committee meetings. I have met candidates in person. In short I have taken an active interest in my community and I have discussed my concerns with our city leaders.

What a tremendous luxury it must be to be able to attend every meeting and discuss every issue all the while getting paid for it.

I enjoy no such luxury and chances are you don't either.

Instead I have to balance my desire to blog and my interest in the community with a full time job, a long-ass commute, and the other things that make up my life.

Let's not forget that any notice of this was last minute and the scheduled time when many of us are just getting home or having dinner with our families.

I still think the forum was a success. Just by having the forum Mayor Flanagan has proven that he wants to seek input from the community. The Herald even brings up the excellent idea of having a forum that includes an online chat, that would allow those of us unable to attend but with access to a computer to participate. Hopefully in the future these meetings will be promoted better and further in advance.

Like the Herald I would urge Mayor Flanagan not to get too discouraged, sometimes it takes a few attempts for a good idea to take hold.


Anonymous said...

How can you possibly attend a last minute forum during rush hour/dinner time? Mayor Flannagan should NOT be discouraged by the turnout. Many are behind your efforts and do appreciate your dedication.

Anonymous said...

If THe Sterile Snooze hates the blogs so much, why do they get all their stories off the blogs?

Lazurusisus said...

I take this opportunity to thank you, a fellow blogger, for your efforts andfeel every blogger in Fall River does a great job. I cannot say that for the Herald News.

I think the editorial staff's lashing out at those who actually analyze the news and the issues, unlike the HN who'd rather print press releases than do any real reporting, shows a reflection of a news staff that is losing the battle for public support of Fall River news analysis. The blogs simply do a better job. they throw a hissy fit under the guise of encouraging everyone to attend these meetings. And yes, attendig these meetings would be a good thing to do. maybe now they'll advertise the time, date and place well in advance, or better yet, move them back an hour or two!

WE may not always agree on issues, but none of the bloggers in Fall River lacks the courage of their convictions to speak free. That's the only thing that counts....maybe it's tme the HN and it's staff learn to do the same!

Anonymous said...

LazUrAnAss, are you saying you consider yourself to be courageous? ROTFLMSAO You hide behind a fake name while tossing insults at virtually every elected official in the city. You're not courageous, LazUrAnAss. Far from it. You're a coward. Go back into hiding.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7;52 is that your real name?

Anonymous said...

Flanagan did it on purpose. Making a call to the local paper a few days before the event is not announcing it. what's the neighborhood liaison doing? Why didn't he spread the word? This guy can't even go to the bathroom without holding a public hearing. Is he going to have a hearing to decide who to layoff because of the state cuts? Now that should have public input.

Anonymous said...

that's a load of crap.