Friday, February 12, 2010

Should Fall River Cancel Parking Tickets?

For most of us Thursday morning was a welcome sight. Our backs didn't hurt from shoveling. The sidewalks were clear. And we wouldn't have to fight for a parking space when we got home from work. (At least not anymore than we usually have to fight for a parking space.) Yes for most of us the snow storm that never happened, was really just that. However for about 1,500 Fall River residents there was very clear reminder from Wednesday's expected snow storm in the form of a $40 parking ticket.

The Herald News is reporting that the city issued about $60,000 dollars worth of parking tickets as a result of the parking ban put into place in expectations of Wednesday's "blizzard-like" storm and city residents are peeved that the lack of snow has not translated to a lack of a fine.

Meanwhile up in Boston Mayor Menino is canceling over 3000 parking tickets after Wednesday's "no-snow storm". Cambridge and Sommerville are following Boston's lead.

So the question is should Fall River cancel the parking tickets that were issued here?


Anonymous said...

Hi Lefty,

I have to say no. The parking ban was announced with plenty of warning the evening before the "storm". The city spent thousands of dollars sending patrols around ticketing cars that were in violation of that ban. It is NOT the city's fault that this storm took a bizzarro turn, however, the city still needs to recoup its expenses. If it forgives these tickets, it will have lost lots of money due to the initial ticketing expense.

Also, people should know by now that if there is a snow storm, there is a parking ban. The city shouldn't have to pay for others' incompetence. Scratch that, I am sick of abiding by the rules and laws (where I had to park BLOCKS the night before) and others don't. Why should they get a free pass?

Anonymous said...

Following the lead of Boston makes sense this one time, primarily because the storm ended up being much less than what the weather service predicted.

Anonymous said...

Then again, is Fall River really in a position to give money like this back. There was a parking ban, and people did violate it. And it did end up snowing, even if it was less than what was expected. Keep the money. Its the best way to make it clear that people have to respect the parking ban.