Monday, February 15, 2010

Now that Joan's stepping down who will be our next State Senator?

So Joan Menard has finally confirmed the rumor and announced she is not running for reelection. This opens up the floodgates of candidates vying for her seat. The list includes Mike Coogan, the President of the Fall River firefighters union, former Mayor John Mitchell, State Representative Mike Rodrigues and Somerset Selectmen Patrick O'Neil and Lorne Lawless and John DeJesus.

Coogan seems pretty proud that he announced prior to Menard announcing she wasn't running. Apparently he feels this makes him the 'sincere' candidate:

Coogan said he believes those candidates waiting to get into the race once Menard officially bowed out are “insincere” because they apparently believe “she was doing a good job.”

Well, little wake up call here for Mike - this might just mean that they thought they couldn't beat her or perhaps they're fearful of the job you'd do. I'm just saying.

Then you have John Mitchell. Normally I would say someone who hasn't been in office for over 15 years would be a long shot, but not in Fall River! No, this area, and particular this city seem to love to bring back familiar old names.

State Representative Mike Rodrigues seems like front runner material. After all Mike is holding office and a promotion from Representative to Senator seems natural. Now I'm not saying he's my choice just that he should be a strong candidate. The most interesting thing about his candidacy is who now runs for his seat?!

Lorne Lawless is also an interesting candidate because he has been very involved in the LNG issue and probably has name recognition that goes beyond just Somerset.

Then you have O'Neil and DeJesus, I guess the question is can either garner enough support and votes to make a real run of it.

I find it interesting that no Republicans are vying for Joan's seat. I would think an open seat is the kind of race the local party should be trying to win.

Honestly I think the "Fall River" candidates have the edge here because they are familiar names to the largest voting block. Lawless could be interesting because I think he would certainly generate strong support in Somerset and does have some name recognition here in Fall River. I don't think O'Neil or DeJesus really have any name recognition beyond Somerset and I can't see how they can mount a serious campaign. I do wonder now that Joan has made it official who else may come out of the wood work to make a run for it.

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Anonymous said...

I know Rodrigues is going to be seen as the frontrunner because of all the money he has in the bank but with all the baggage this guy has his opponents are morons if they can't capitalize on it and call him out on it and beat him in this race.

Coogan is a legitimate contender as well as Lawless. O'Neil and DeJesus are deluding themselves into thinking they have a chance.

No one here is really a strong Fall River candidate, someone well known in the city that can grab a lot of votes. Rodrigues is a carpetbagger from Westport, Lawless from Somerset although some in the North End know him because of his LNG work and Coogan will have some of the Fall River firefighters but never ran for office before in the city so doesn't have the name recognition.

It would be interesting to see if someone from the Fall River City Council were to jump in because they would have the name recognition. Joe Camara or Linda Pereira would be interesting although they probably have more baggage then Rodrigues. Lund, Poulin or Kilby would be interesting too but without the baggage. Ray Mitchell is popular as the number one vote getter but probably not going to make this type of move based on his age. And let's face it, no one in their right mind would see Leo Pelletier or Pat Casey or Brian Bigelow as Senatorial material. You have to be able to speak somewhat well.

I left out John Mitchell because he was a crappy mayor and even if people actually remember that he served in office a million years ago they may recall that he stunk it up as mayor. Mitchell thinks he is going to be a shoe in like Henry Gillet thought he would be against Lambert. More delusions. You are old and no one remembers you and if they do they remember you were corrupt. Move on.