Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Fall River Game

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A few months ago a friend of mine was telling me that when he was growing up he and his brother loved to play the Fall River game.

The Fall River wha? was my response.

The Fall River Game! he told me. He then went on to give me a basic rundown of the game, each player gets a shopping list that sends that around Fall River to check off the items on their list and the first person who completes the list wins. After a little searching we came across this picture from an ebay listing and he told me he would see if his parents still had the original game in their closet or something. Well I started asking friends if they had ever heard of the Fall River game with most giving a response similar to the one I typed above. However one friend came across a copy of the game and gifted it to me, probably muttering something to the effect of "get a life".

Well the Fall River game has sat on my dresser for a few months now and finally the other night I decided to break it out! The game board itself is an abridged street map of the city, it's made up of 6 large "puzzle" pieces. Overall the board, cards, and dice make it obvious that it's not made with the same quality as Monopoly. The game is part of the "Our Town" series and was made in 1979 and has a rather amusing flashback feel to it. Players can visit not only familiar names like WSAR but the now extinct WALE AM radio. The Fall River Herald is there and so too is the Jornal de Fall River! Ideal Laundry, The Old Durfee High School (not yet a courthouse!), the Globe Corners Shell station and the NEW Chamber of Commerce building (expected to open in October of 79!). The game board is a very busy place and it's tough to reach across the length of the board. It's also tough to pick up the white dice! In fact my initial experience is that the game is aggravating difficult to play. It's not that the concept is hard but the game play itself could be better. As folks travel around the board the complete the objectives of their shopping list the banker has to sort through a pile of 100+ cards to hand out the matching "travel card" Maybe with a little time this would become easier (there is a list that helps break down the locations by card color. It also has some basic map-like instructions to help find the different locations.) Still, the initial run had the banker (me) constantly shuffling through cards to hand out and had all of us pouring over the board to find the locations we needed to go to.

I think an updated version might be interesting and I wish I had the talent to try my hand at a basic computerized version. That said, the Fall River game certainly deserves another chance to impress, and I'm sure another game night will happen soon.


Anonymous said...

Call the chamber of commerce. They have an updated version called Fall Riveropoly

New England Bites said...

I have one! Found it at an antique store in Greenville, RI. Still in its original wrap!

Laura :)

Youth_in_Asia said...

Very cool. I want one!

lovebush said...

the new version will be rated R.

Meet up with junkie friend in Watuppa Heights, advance three spaces. Find used needle at Sunset Hill, advance one space and score a ride in a tinted-window Lincoln Navigator to Somerset to buy Heroin at Super 8 Motel...Brightman Street Bridge closed, Travel quickly up route 79 for alternate route - Hurry!...Ooops, you got busted by the FRPD, go to jail. Roll a 7, get relaeased from jail the same day...

what a blast it would be.

Anonymous said...

anyone know what its value would be? I have one Mint condition still wrapped up!