Friday, February 26, 2010

The Challenges of Blogging..

One of the biggest challenges of blogging is finding the time! Work is busy and often there isn't time to even begin to put together a post. By the time I get home I'm usually drained and don't feel the 'creative spark' to sit down and work and write. Honestly some nights I just don't even want to look at the computer. So usually I rely on weekends to catch up on some reading and research and hopefully a little blogging.

Well 2 weeks ago my laptop died on me and I spent the majority of the weekend trying to get it working again. I did eventually manage to bring it back from the dead. However this past weekend I managed to kill my Verizon DSL modem attempting a firmware upgrade!! (This did not make me very popular at home.) Well after spending several hours with Verizon they shipped out a replacement but that killed another weekend.

On top of that, I'm about to switch jobs, so the last few weeks have been pretty busy ones. I'm sure the next several will be just as hectic. This new job also means I'm losing the use of the company assigned laptop I have now. I do have a desktop at home but I've really gotten spoiled by the portability of the laptop. Perhaps I could buy something really inexpensive for now and upgrade later? Maybe I could buy one those $100 laptops.

Oh the challenges of blogging!


Talia said...

Hey Lefty,

The laptop you show is actually a laptop geared for children in developing countries. It is designed by a non-profit organization in conjunction with MIT called One Laptop Per Child. A donation of $200 (that's what the laptop now costs) gives a laptop to a child in a developing country. It has solar panels, LED display and antenna for satellite access.

As far as I know, these can't be bought from the company (unless you get it on Ebay).

Just an FYI... :)

Lefty said...

Hi Talia,

I'm actually very familiar with the OLPC program and the XO. I think it is a remarkable concept, although technologically a bit outdated for my use.

Still it is so geeky-cool that I would love to get my hands on one.

For awhile you could purchase one through a program that allowed you to buy one and donate one.

Anonymous said...

Will you do a Q&A with the Senate candidates?

Lefty said...

I would love to do something with both the senate and rep candidates. I'd have to come up with a list of questions. Any suggestions? But then they would have to answer them. So far my attempts for this type of thing have been hit or miss, with some candidates interested in participating and others who ignore me completely.

Dr. Momentum said...

From my experience with the XO, I can tell you it would be a pain in the neck to use compared with what you;re used to. The ones we have at work are not very impressive by US consumer standards.

Lefty said...

Honestly unless one fell into my lap I couldn't see buying one of these. (if that were possible) For the money I could get quite a few netbook options that are better suited to my needs. The big appeal is the geek factor.

That said, I think a standard laptop is in the cards for me.

Anonymous said...

"A donation of $200 (that's what the laptop now costs) gives a laptop to a child in a developing country. It has solar panels, LED display and antenna for satellite access."

Perfect for Fall River

Anonymous said...

Anatomy of an anonymous comment.

[some quote from somewhere.]

[A non sequitur sentence containing the phrase "Fall River."]