Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Today marks the 4th anniversary of A View From Battleship Cove!

I think I can also technically say that the blog is in its second decade.

It's kind of funny to see each year roll by. I never expected to be blogging 4 years since that first post. I never expected to have tens of thousands visits in a year. I never expected to have regular readers comment on my post, send emails, and chat with me on IM.

It's all been a lot of fun.

Thanks for stopping by and reading, helping me share my views and sharing yours in return.



PJ said...

Congratulations, Lefty!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and breaking news... Joanie Boloney (Joan Menard) to announce her retirement soon.

Open field will look like this:
Mike Coogan - President of Firefighters Union in Fall River who already announced he was looking

Probable: Rep. Mike Rodrigues of Westport - Selectman Lorne Lawless of Somerset

Possible: Surprise entry from the Fall River City Council, maybe Joe Camara or Linda Pereira or Brad Kilby who have all run for state representative in the past and are possibly still interested in state office. Pelletier, Mitchell, Casey, Bigelow are all either too old or in poor health or couldn't raise the money or just aren't credible candidates. An outside chance of Mike Lund or Eric Poulin maybe, one could raise the money for sure and the other supposedly has high likeability and favorability ratings in Fall River but probably couldn't raise the money. Also Poulin hasn't been on the council long enough so likely too early to jump ship. Lund already has a term in and could do well in Fall River and Swansea.

Lazurusisus said...

As one blogger to another I say congratulations on your 4th !!
Great blog and keep going strong...the City and surrounding town's need you!!
At least I know YOU aren't Herren...lol!

PS...Coogan announcing tomorrow, the 3rd, at 10AM at City Hall...Rodrigues is also most defintely running...away from himself...

Good Luck,

Scout said...

Happy anniversary, Lefty!

Lefty said...

Thanks all.

If Menard retires the Coogan announcement will make for an interesting race. I think Anon brings up a pretty good assessment.

Anonymous said...

Can you finally take the crown as The King of All SouthCoast Bloggers?

Scout said...

Lefty, can we talk about the need for a coherent historic preservation policy in FR?

I know that's not top of mind for everyone, given all the other challenges the city's facing ... but I'm so sad to see the wrecking ball headed for St. Louis Church.

FR has a consistent history of destroying beautiful, historic buildings and replacing them with concrete boxes. And yet I'm still somehow astounded to hear of this latest insult to the city's skyline.

Durfee Theatre: gone.
Old City Hall: gone.
Central Congregational: rotting away on Rock Street.
And now this latest casualty of an indifferent preservation policy.

Has there been any discussion locally of what's going to happen to the old Durfee building if/when its courthouse operations are moved to the new courthouse?

Again ... I know this must feel less than urgent to a lot of people. But I really feel that heritage and architecture are among FR's few remaining assets. And their destruction will have immediate effects on the people of the city (as an extension of broken window syndrome) as well as longer-term implications for economic development.

If FR can address education, crime, and its other various challenges, it will survive only if it can a) attract new industry; and/or b) become a bedroom community for folks who can't afford property closer to Boston. The city's heritage value and architectural integrity are key to both possible opportunities.

I'm not local, so I don't understand the particulars ... but I don't get how a nonprofit organization can acquire a National Register property and simply neglect it to the point that it (apparently) needs to be demolished. And no one noticed. How is that possible?

Is there anything that can be done to stem the tide of this destruction? If so, what?

Anonymous said...

"but I don't get how a nonprofit organization can acquire a National Register property and simply neglect it to the point that it (apparently) needs to be demolished. And no one noticed. How is that possible?"

It is amazing and its been out there for a while.

Scout said...

Thanks, Anonymous 10:15. Very informative.

Sorry to have been out of the loop. I didn't realize that this group tried so hard to save the building (8 years/$200K.) Wow. Very sad all around.

Best of luck to the museum ... obviously a great project ... but still sad re: the church.

In addition to putting together an effective preservation plan, it would be great to develop an easily accessible resource to advise nonprofits re: management of historic properties (both pre- and post-purchase) so they don't get in over their heads. Would protect both the properties and the organizations. I wonder if there might be grant funding for that?

Anonymous said...

Everyone complaining now but where were they before our elected leaders voted to allow the building to be demolished or did you try to help people raise money to save the church? Don't complain after the fact, it's useless.