Monday, February 15, 2010

Baker for Governor...should he be endorsed?

With Scott Brown's election to the US Senate it seems Republicans feel they can win ANY office in Massachusetts!

OK, seriously Republican candidates for Governor have done remarkably well in the bluest of the blue states and a fiscally conservative, socially moderate candidate is JUST the type that gets elected here in Massachusetts. (Is the state and local committees paying attention?). On top of all of that, Governor Deval Patrick has seen his popularity plummet as he limps, bloodied and beaten toward the end of his first term. Add to that Baker has an impressive resume and gee he looks like a candidate to consider doesn't he?

Certainly Fall River's Republican Committee thinks so, they've already given him their endorsement!

Hmmm. Why do I have a problem with that?

Well for one thing Baker is not the ONLY Republican in the race. Christy Mihos who ran back in 2006 as an independent is a candidate, he too bears some consideration. In fact the Republican primary may be rather interesting with rumors circulating that both former Lt. Governor Kerry Healey and former state treasurer Joe Malone are considering entering the race. If even ONE of them enter the race the primary will be pretty exciting, so why has the Fall River Committee already endorsed Baker?

This is even more puzzling considering Baker's recent visit to Fall River where he managed to come out against commuter rail to the area and basically admitted he wasn't up to speed on LNG. These have both been HUGE issues for Fall River and I can't believe a candidate for office wouldn't be better prepared to address questions concerning them. The fact is Fall River has fought against LNG and fought for commuter rail. It seems to me that a candidate for Governor is foolish to come down here and not at least know something about LNG and not be at least open minded about commuter rail. Did the Republican Committee ask Baker any of these questions before endorsing him?

I think Charlie Baker is an interesting candidate, one who deserves consideration but I'm not sure he's the right candidate for Fall River and I'm not sure he should be so readily endorsed.


Anonymous said...

I understand people voting republican who actually understand the platform they are voting for. But many of these "new republicans" just want lower taxes and yet they want all the services. They are the same ones complaining about poor trash collection, etc. Do they realize that Massachusetts is not actually Taxachusetts any longer?

While i agree that both parties have sold the working middle class down the river, I do not think the answer will be found by shooting ourselves in the foot.

Change for the sake of change is not always good.

Anonymous said...

I see that LazUrAnAss weighed in (negatively, of course) on Baker over on his blog - PorkButtPaninis. Yep, old LazUrAnAss has never met a Republican he couldn't hate.

A case in point is LazUrAnAss's pictorial post making fun of Sarah Palin. Something tells me if LazUrAnAss was face-to-face with Palin, his bravery would be tempered by that pesky yellow stripe running down his back.

But I must admit, LazUrAnAss has proven his ability to anonymously beat the crap out of a keyboard. What a man.