Sunday, May 31, 2009

Change for a Dollar

Twenty dollars for breakfast? Thirty dollars for a clam boil? Fifteen for a spaghetti dinner?

There's no doubt about it running for office is an expensive undertaking and these types of events are a big part of how candidates for office fund their campaigns.

But here's a news flash for all you candidates, times are tough!

I like those free events that allow me to go and listen to a candidate, and maybe meet them personally and ask some questions. Still, I realize that those events cost money and the money has got to come from somewhere. Many of us would like to show our support for a candidate. We'd like to feel that we can make a difference. Maybe at these free events candidates could put out a collection box that would allow the rest of us to contribute whatever we can afford. The candidate can always thank everyone for coming and mention that there was a donation box for those who wished to contribute and that any amount would be appreciated.

Incumbents of course, have the advantage. Name recognition helps sell those tickets a little easier and many already have a war chest to draw from. Challengers have it rougher. They need to build name recognition and the need to purchase signs, pins and bumper stickers and all the rest that comes with running a campaign.

In 2009, Fall River has plenty of challengers seeking political office. Many of them deserve our attention and our support. To bring in change and have a challenger win costs money, but I can honestly tell you I will not be purchasing tickets to events like the ones I mentioned above.

Times are tough here in the Spindle City and suddenly how I spend every dollar matters just that much more. I'm betting there are lots of people that no matter how much they like a candidate will be hard pressed to donate twenty or thirty dollars or more.

For all you challengers out there find a way to let the little guy support you. Let him know that his contribution matters to you just as much as that of the guy with deep pockets. Call it "Change for a Dollar" and Let him know that it is his support that is going to make the difference in your campaign.

SouthCoast Photo of the Month

Fall River is a walking city! Really it seems no matter what corner of the city I visit to I see people walking for exercise.

You can't go past Battleship Cove without seeing all the people using the boardwalk. You can't go past Kennedy Park with out noticing all the people walking the loop.

Fall River's bike path that runs along the Watuppa behind LePage's Restaurant seems like a nice place to enjoy a quick stroll. I imagine the people at Meditech make great use of it.

This photo was a reader submission, but I'll have to stop by some day soon to check it, take a walk and get some clam cakes and chowder!

Are you an avid picture taker? Do you have a shot you're particularly proud of? Perhaps just a shot that you'd like to share? Submit it here for the SouthCoast Photo of the Month! Send submissions to

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Eric Poulin for City Council

Two years ago when Eric was running for Mayor I was impressed. Right from the start Eric had a well thought out platform that not only detailed what he wanted to do, but how he would achieve it. There was no doubt that he was putting his six years of experience as a mayoral aide to work. As the campaign progressed I was constantly impressed with his grasp of all the details of what it takes to make our local government function.

Less than a month ago Eric announced that he is seeking a seat on the City Council. He is already demonstrating the same qualities that made him such a likable candidate in 2007. On May 19th Eric issued a press release "publicly calling on the City Council to invite the city’s state delegation to give a presentation to the Council and general public on the status of the state budget and potential cuts that the city may be facing." Two days later he appeared on Hurricane's Highway Home and did a great job of explaining why he thought this was necessary and displayed an understanding and knowledge of the workings and relationships between city and state government. (as a side note, I have to say it was a really good interview and if you missed it, it is worth listening to the podcast on WSAR - Lefty)

Lefty's View: It's a good idea and you have to scratch your head and say 'why isn't a sitting councilor calling for this?' Really, the proposed cuts will be devastating to Fall River. Is it too much to ask for our state delegation to come down and speak to us, to hear our concerns and have us better understand the decisions they're making? Apparently the old saying 'it doesn't hurt to ask' rings true and from what I'm being told don't be too surprised if something along the lines of what Poulin is calling for comes to fruition.


Representative David Sullivan will be bringing the Joint Committee on Municipalities and Regional Government to Fall River on Tuesday, June 2nd at 10:30 a.m. to Building G at Bristol Community College. The Committee will be discussing, among other things, a municipal relief package. My thanks to Eric Poulin for sharing this information!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Beware of Blogs

The other day I happened to be in earshot of some of our elected officials and overheard them discuss some comments left by 'one of those bloggers'. Well, the name they referenced was that of a frequent Herald News commentor, but not of one of our local bloggers. I read with interest Mike Moran's recent column. Mike makes mentions of bloggers pounding on their keyboards and I had to wonder does he know the difference between a blogger and a commentor?

Probably not.

It seems to be a fine line, easily blurred.

A blogger is someone who has a blog or writes for a blog. A blog is web log, an online journal where a blogger will share opinions, views, observations, etcetera. A commentor is someone who comments in the comment section of a blog or website. The Herald News is not a blog, and those readers who choose to comment are not, by default, bloggers.

I'll admit I'm a bit protective of that difference. I think being a blogger requires a little more work and a little more responsibility than being a commentor does. That said, I'm flattered to have people comment. Commentors are important and blogging is not some elitist club, anyone can start a blog.

I talked about this a few posts back, how I and other local bloggers were anticipating the launching of several candidate blogs. These would be blogs that would either promote certain candidates or belittle others. Hey, maybe they'd do both! Well one candidate has launched a blog, but I think he's getting more than he bargained for.

City Council candidate, Chris Marcelino decided to plug his blog in the comment section of Fall River-tastic. I had a friend IM me about this yesterday afternoon. My first thoughts were that the blog was pretty well written, but I chuckled at a title that said: "Finally Bristol County has a new place for the most unbiased and factual news source in the area." How can anyone consider a blog written by a political candidate unbiased and factual! Shortly after that found myself discussing it with Shamrock, the Fall River-tastic-one! Shamrock had about the same opinion I did, but then came back to me and told me he had found pretty much the same post on a blog from Tulsa from 2004! In other words Marcelino has plagiarized pretty much the whole damn thing. Of course by now, Shamrock has written a post about Chris' deceptive little blog and he has rather lamely defended himself saying he posted it for informational purposes. Chris a little advice for you, when you basically take someone's work and pretty much copy it word for word and fail to give them credit, that's plagiarism. For Pete's sake I learned that in middle school! Mr. Marcelino will deny it. But friends, I read this blog yesterday and can tell you his name was at the bottom of the post and nothing to indicate that work wasn't his. Shamrock caught him and now he wants to set the record straight. My opinion is he thought he was pulling a fast one on all of us. Chris if you want to plagiarize something, try my election ballot, it will be the one with no marks next to your name.

Lefty's View: Beware of blogs because anyone can start one. Beware of bloggers because we're sharing opinion but it's up to you to figure out which bloggers you can be any stock in. And remember if a blogger doesn't have a blog, he's not really a blogger, he's a commentor.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bad timing for trash talks?

Folks, Fall River is having some trash issues, the question is when is it too soon to discuss it? Apparently the majority of the city council felt Tuesday's meeting was too soon. The Council refused to even allow two resolutions concerning the DPW to be read aloud!

The council felt that the day after the funeral of DPW worker John Carvalho was too soon, and blasted the councilor who introduced those resolutions, Steve Camara for showing such poor taste.

When I read this in the Herald News I was a surprised. Certainly the council needs to show some sensitivity with the recent passing of John Carvalho, but to not even allow these resolutions to be read? What in the world was Steve Camara proposing?

Well someone forwarded me a copy of the two resolutions that Councilor Camara proposed, and honestly both are pretty tame and respectful. Without using all the flowery language, one simply called for the Committee on Public Works and Transportation to meet with the City Administration and the Department of Public Works to figure out where the problems are and what can be done to get them back on track. The second resolution focuses on reviewing and improving safety for DPW employees.

What was so inappropriate? There is some suggestion that Councilor Camara was seizing the opportunity for political gain. Steve is a pretty smart politician and I wouldn't doubt for a second that considered how this might play into his run for mayor. But, if we dismiss any action taken by a councilor who is running for office, well then we might as well tell all of them to just go home for the summer.

We have a trash problem in Fall River! Our DPW workers are trying to make do with less. The reality is services have been cut and they are still having trouble keeping up with the demand that has been placed upon them. And now, we have lost a DPW worker in a tragic accident. It would seem that NOW is the perfect time to discuss what can be done and what is needed to improve the efficiency and safety of the DPW.

Sunday, May 03, 2009


Comment Moderation

Over the 3 years since I first created this blog I have tried to let others have their say. I look forward to others sharing their comments and their opinions. However from time to time I have had to delete comments that I felt were inappropriate. Most of the time people respect my right to decide what is appropriate and what is not, but recently I've had a commenter decide that he would post whatever he wanted to. This person has stated that he would continue to post objectionable comments regardless of what I say or do. Since this person refuses to be respectful, I've recently made a change to the comment setting on A View From Battleship Cove. Now before any comment will be published it must be approved by me. I apologize for the inconvenience.


A View From Battleship Cove recently published its 300th post! I don't think that when I started this little experiment in blogging that I ever could have thought about 300 posts later, or that thousands of people would read them.

Be on the lookout....

Political season is here! Don't be surprised if over the next few months you see plenty of comments for or against different political candidates. In fact, there has been some discussion amongst us local bloggers that you might even see blogs set up just for political gain. Be on the lookout for blogs that get started during the political season and promote some candidates and discredit others.


Speaking of start up blogs, I've said it before blogging is hard! People think I'm exaggerating but to maintain a blog and post on a regular basis can be work. The reality is I've seen more blogs come and go than come and stay. This was sent over to me by a friend!

Progression of a Wannabe Blogger
I'm gonna do a blog, I can't wait, this is going to be great, this is so exciting, Hey everyone, read my blog!! Read it! Hi, this is me, my name is Jennie, HI HI. Why isn't anyone reading.... argh... wtf.. ok fine... I'm not posting anymore!

Not as easy as it seems!