Sunday, December 20, 2009

Wanted Temporary Elections Official

It seems the special election to fill the seat of the late Ted Kennedy is causing some chaos here in Fall River!

From the Herald News:

"Camara will be out for most of the month of January while on medical leave for an undisclosed surgery. Camara said she scheduled the surgery before the dates for the special election had been determined and she expects to be back to active duty in February to oversee the city’s census collection efforts."

Oh boy, has this turned out to be a situation of bad timing! So according to the Herald News, the city is seeking proposals and has reached out to 3 former elections officials. Sadly this is going to add to the cost of the special election.

Still is seems some easy solutions are right at our fingertips.

1. Let the rest of the department pick up the slack! I know elections are important and all, but they could always consult with Adam Chapdelaine, assuming his sticks around for the Flanagan administration. On top of that does anyone really have any doubts how this election is going to turn out, especially in Fall River? Gee, am I going out on a limb to announce Fall River goes to Coakley?

2. Let Adam run it! Correia is OUT on of January 4th. Why not have Chapdelaine serve in the elections office for the special election and then he could be rehired to his current position afterwards? The drawback is Flanagan would either have to go with out a city administrator for a month, shifting those duties to others or have to find someone to fill in that role temporarily.

3. Bring back Maureen! I know, I know we have all come to the conclusion that Maureen Glisson couldn't handle the election of class president at one of our middle schools, but really, she's experienced, probably available, and except for one really botched preliminary election, seems to have been alright. On top of that she could always consult with Chapdelaine and gee, have I mentioned that this election is pretty much a given? Really how could she screw it up?

Oh, and remember folks this special election has been brought to you by your elected Democrats who didn't want then-Governor Romney appointing a Republican to fill in John Kerry's seat if he had become President. Maybe we should get THEM to pay for it!

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