Thursday, December 31, 2009


If you're a regular reader of this blog you know that I was not a supporter of Will Flanagan for Mayor.

I felt he was inexperienced and as a candidate didn't offer much in the way of a platform or specifics.

Fall River is facing some really challenging times and I have concerns about having a 'rookie' at the helm.

But I have to say that I have been impressed over the last few weeks.

The Mayor-elect has stated that he feels the Durfee Textile building can be better utilized than the Peabody proposal. Nice words and ones that I certainly agree with, but he's gone further than and without the luxury of office has begun to take action that will hopefully reverse the deal.

He has with the help of Councilor Hague pushed for his strip club ordinance, again without the benefit of office.

He has vowed to look into recent Correia appointments and possibly undo them.

He has stated that he wants to keep the bus station downtown, which is really where it should be.

I'm not fooling myself. I know part of what impresses me here is that I find myself in agreement with Will on much of this. Still Flanagan has probably done a better job of showing where he stands and what he stands for in the last month did he did during the entire campaign.

Am I won over? No. I still have concerns about his ability to lead and his experience. But, I'm thrilled to see that Flanagan isn't waiting for 'day one' to get things going.

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Anonymous said...

Wouldn't blocking the strip club from coming into the city once again put it in jeopardy of losing YET ANOTHER lawsuit?

Didn't Fall River already LOSE a lawsuit pertaining to this?

There has to be bigger fish to fry here than this issue, PLUS you know that this proposal is made to either be accepted by the city, OR create another lawsuit which could make it MUCH easier for MANY STRIP CLUBS to come into the city.

Allowing it this time would set a precedent IN FALL RIVER'S favor. They set up rules and boundaries which a club followed, hence they get permits and a chance to open. IF we disallow this one, it will prove that the city made the guidelines to KEEP OUT ALL STRIP CLUBS, and were not acting on good faith on prior litigation.