Thursday, December 31, 2009

Falling Short

A few weeks ago I blogged that as a blogger I had a goal of blogging at least 4 posts a month and 100 posts for the year, now with the remaining hours of 2009 ticking away I realize I am one post short.

Oh the despair! As I look back I have to wonder couldn't I have cranked out one more post in April (Where I only posted 5.) or perhaps May or June (only 6 each!).

As the clock ticks away I wonder is there anything I could write about? Sure, but is there time to put a post together? On New Years Eve???

Hold on....

By blogging about how I failed in my quest, I've just reached 100!!

Happy New Years and the best in 2010!!

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PJ said...

Congratulations and enjoy 2010!