Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Are you surprised?

Let's do the quick recap:

City Clerk, Carol A. Valcourt, announces her retirement
Mayor Robert Correia appoints Assistant City Clerk Alison M. Brett to Valcourt's position
Council secretary Colleen Taylor applies for the assistant position as does Correia’s director of communications Ines Leite.
Leite's application prompts the majority of the City Council to petition Brett to consider promoting Taylor to the Assistants position.
Brett is installed as the City Clerk and appoints Leite as her Assistant.

Are you surprised?

Honestly, I don't know if I am or not.

I am certainly not surprised to see the Mayor's people all of a sudden dropping into new positions. I was warned months ago to expect this if Bob were not reelected, and we've seen this before. I kind of wonder what plush job awaits Mayor Correia?

I think what I am surprised about is how this was all brought out into the open, with the public and the council expressing outrage at what appears to be a pretty easy connect the dots process. The Mayor appoints Brett, and Brett appoints Leite. Gee, this couldn't be some sort of political payback could it? Nah, of course not. The Herald News asserted as much, seven City Councilors seem to have thought as much. Still Brett appointed Leite.

Surprisingly it doesn't seem Brett made any attempt to explain why Leite was better qualified than Taylor. With all the controversy you would think some sort of statement explaining why Leite was given the job would be called for. Unless of course you don't want to publicly state why she was given the job.

Really, I sort of feel sad for Brett she was immediately put into a tough situation. She could appoint Leite and be accused to bowing down to Bob Correia, or she could appoint Taylor and be accused of bowing to the Council.

Lefty's View: Brett was put in a very difficult position, promote the Council's choice? or appoint the Mayor's? Honestly nobody comes away from this looking good. If for no other reason than to display some integrity in the office this position should have posted to avoid the perception of political favors.

I would urge the incoming Mayor to immediately review the resumes of all Correia personal who suddenly find themselves in new positions. Mayor Flanagan should immediately take action to remove anyone who is not qualified for the position they are now in.


Anonymous said...

Is this any different then what previous mayors have done?

The problem really is if the person isn't qualified.

I dislike Bob Correia but it's hard to argue that Ines Leite isn't qualified given her education and ability to speak multiple languages.

The job probably should've gone to the person with the experience in the department because when that doesn't happen you kill morale.

The new City Clerk is going to have to deal with the fact that she wanted the position so bad she cut a deal with Correia and may now have to deal with the low morale in her office.

But really how is this any different than say Ed Lambert hooking up his secretary/Chief of Staff/girlfriend/wife with a job at SMILES that she quickly quit presumably because she wasn't qualified?

Has anyone ever tracked where Lambert's people went or Carlton Viveiros' for that matter?

There does seem to be a lot of scrutiny on Bob that wasn't on the previous mayors. Maybe Bob has just been more obvious about it but if they want to give him a fair shake they should look at other mayors and their staff and see if they got their future jobs on their own or with a little help from their good friend the mayor.

Anonymous said...

Flanagan will not terminate anyone when he comes in. He will giver everyone a chance(including Ken Fiola)to do their jobs. This much I know.

Anonymous said...

If that's true then expect Jeff Santos to be on a very short leash with any little false move leading to termination. After all the return of Steve Long can't be orchestrated with Jeff Santos still in that position.

Lazurusisus said...

What ammuses memost about all of this is that we are all here quacking about these rediculous appointments...and I've done so as well on my own site.....but nowhere is anybody talking about the elephant in the room - I mean aside from Ol' Hamhocks - THE BUDGET?. All this is just so much arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic as far as I'm concerned. No one really knows what's going on with the suppossed need for cutting all employee's salaries 8%, yet nobody is talking about that now, and el grands theifo is about to walk out the door! Has the audit been completed, or will Sahady demand to be kept on before the books are audited? Is there a deficit like Ol' Hamhocks said, or insn't there. Will there have to be cuts after Will takes over, in order to balance the bu8dget, or not?....Don't be swayed by the side shows folks...because it always was, is now, and ever shall be the state of the budget that will determine what happens in this small town City

Anonymous said...

Where is his coffee fetcher/umbrella holder Colleen going to go? Anyone got the inside scoop where she is getting placed?

Anonymous said...

Colleen has been subbed out to Housing Authority, but only after she is done holding Bob's umbrellas, and driving him around.

Winter is coming you know, and that means snow! He's still Mayor til July 4th after all.

Anonymous said...