Sunday, November 15, 2009

Election Day Thoughts - Part III

OK, I'll admit I was shocked by the election results for Mayor. Not just by the decisiveness but just overall the result.

I didn't expect Will Flanagan to win.

Don't get me wrong, I knew he had a loyal following and I knew he had gotten all these endorsements. But, almost everyone I talked to seemed to feel the same way I did, that Will was all cliche with no substance. I'm not just talking about friends but neighbors, co-workers, people I struck up conversations with in the corner store.

Case in point, I speaking with someone at a variety store and they tell me they had gone to a coffee hour for Will the night before. This person's opinion? He didn't answer questions he talked around them.

This was typical. I didn't walk up to people and say "Flanagan sucks, who are you voting for" I usually asked people who they thought would win or who would be a better mayor. Most people I talked to had the same doubts that I have. So I really figured when people stepped into the voting booth they would trust experience more than 'hope'.

Why did Will win?

Ric Oliveira in the O Jornal has an article that talks about the turning point being when will publicly stated his pride in his Portuguese heritage. He also makes an observation comparing Will to JFK and Cathy Ann to Ronald Reagan. I don't want to misrepresent his opinion and I would urge you to read it for yourselves, but I personally didn't really agree with it. So, it made me ask myself the question, why did Will win?

Well, I think a big part of it was Will was a candidate a lot longer than Cathy-Ann was. I think his campaign organization was already running in high gear before Cathy ever decided to announce. Will had no problems establishing himself as the outsider, the "change" candidate. On the other hand Cathy had a hard time standing out from from the other 'councilor-for-mayor' candidates. And while she may have out debated him every step of the way but I think she had a hard time living down her earlier support of Mayor Correia. I think Will ran a better campaign than she did. From the slick commercials, the post-it ads on the Herald. Certainly he had more money to do this with in the final stretch.

In the end, I suppose it doesn't matter so much why or how he won as much as the fact that he did win. Good luck to Mayor-elect Flanagan. I certainly would not want to step into the Mayor's office in such a difficult time. Come January Will Flanagan will be our new mayor. Let's hope, hope is enough.


Anonymous said...

Lefty, JFK and Ronald Reagan were the candidates responses to the question in one of the debates as to who their most admired political figures were.

Anonymous said...

Will was a candidate longer, worked harder than Cathy to get out and meet people and had a very well run campaign organization. When you have a campaign manager that has done work for Deval Patrick and Barack Obama most people in the know knew that Cathy did not stand a chance. Why do you think Will had people like Ed Lambert and Pat Casey and others jumping on his bandwagon? You can always tell who is going to win by looking at some of these bandwagon jumpers, they have a knack for picking winners, some of them have been attaching themselves like leeches to winning campaigns for 30years.

Anonymous said...
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Lazurusisus said...

Looking back, at this point, has very limited usefullness. Will won, by a large margin, and I feel he needs our support, given the enormous problems this City faces until he does something to indicate otherwise. These are not normal times, even for a prennial pit like Spindle City. This will be like no other set of problems in FR history. I fins it fascinating.

Lefty said...


The reason for the delay on this was I sidetracked myself to blog about the Council Presidency issue. After that it took me a few days to start writing Part III. I agree it's kind of late to touch on this, but I felt I had to touch on the Mayoral contest.

I agree Will faces some very tough problems and I will remain objective and open minded.

And Anon,

Thanks for info, I missed the debate question so the reference may have been lost on me. However I still don't agree with Ric's take on it. Kennedy inspired in the early 60's and Reagan restored hope and optimism. If Cathy had struck a Reagan theme she might have done better.

Lazurusisus said...

Peace to all!

Anonymous said...

Lefty, if you are going to paraphrase someone while allowing derogatory comments about them on your website, you should make sure you get your facts straight.
The guy's name is Ric Oliveira, not Oliveria. The newspaper is O Jornal. It is Portuguese not Irish.

Anonymous said...

So let's get this straight,
Ric is allowed to have unsubstantiated allegations put on this page due to his different view of polotics from you Lefty. Now let's see, Ric has been arguably unbiased, donates time and is a member of a dozen charitable groups, and does not use his paper to prop up his freind's or even the groups he helps, no vendettas against people yet he offers a view you don't agree wtih so you let people start rumors. Nice... at least he has the guts to put his name to his work... A fan of Ric

Lefty said...

Anon 8:47 thanks for pointing out the misspelling of Ric's name. For some reason I can't break myself out of the O' habit and have to double check myself when I type O Journal - this one escaped me.

Now to address both your concern and that of Anon 9:08. I have no issues with someone calling Ric an idiot. It is not an opinion I share but it is one they are entitled to have. However I should have deleted it for the "Bong Hit" reference. I was reading fast and skimming through the comments and caught the gist of it, but didn't pick up on the remark. However I resent the accusation that I am letting someone start rumors or state unsubstantiated allegations because of a difference of opinion.

As for the remark about Ric having the guts to put his name to his work, that is absolutely true. Thanks for pointing that out Mister...Mister..Mister.. Oh that's right you didn't sign your name! Asshole.

Anonymous said...

Very amusing posts. But Lefty, I think you still have a little work to do on your spelling. There is no "U" in ojornal.

Lefty said...

Dammit your right again. In my defense the Providence Journal has made the same mistake and so has Wings TV.

Live and Learn.

Anonymous said...

I love it: Wings TV and the Providence journal in the same sentence.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for pointing out that article I missed and Ric is right on point with his editorial. Even though the cav supporter was supposedly "in the trenches" and running around TA in front of her ( of course we all know who that in the trenches supporter was)

That tactic was used throughout her campaign. She also approved and paid for a negative ad with a "stuffed shirt"

I think both backfired on her.


Anonymous said...

I never understood why Cathy went negative with her advertising, I thought she was better than that. I think it hurt her. I don't think it cost her over 3,000 votes but it certainly didn't help.