Thursday, November 05, 2009

Election Day Thoughts Part II

It only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades....

Being elected to the council is a lot like hitting a home run in baseball, it doesn't matter how far it goes as long as it clears the wall. Still, it's interesting to take a look at the vote totals in the City Council race and really get an idea of just how well people did.

If you look at the vote totals of all 18 candidates there are three distinct drops in the vote totals. The top 4 candidates, Mitchell, Pelletier, Kilby and Poulin are all within 250 votes of one another. Then there is a drop of over400 votes between Poulin (6837) and Bigelow (6414). Also in this second tier is Camara (6366) and Pereira (6352). After Linda there is yet another dip, this time by over 800 votes between her and Pat Casey (5520). Now here is where it gets interesting because in this third tier you have Casey (5520) and Lund (5416), but then you have 2 challengers who really just missed the cut, Dennis (5376) and Miozza (5282). After Miozza there is a third dip of over 560 votes between him and Kris Bartley and after Bartley the drops are more gradual between each candidate.

What does this mean? It means that even with all her years on the council and even with all his spending over the final weeks Casey and Lund were very vulnerable. It means that if both Dennis and Miozza could have gotten just 250 more votes they would have finished 8th and 9th and Pat and Mike would be wondering what to do after January. Hopefully it will make these two councilors work harder than before. It means that with only 38% of the voters turning out to vote the potential to vote in some new faces was there. It means the next time somebody tells me nothing ever changes and that we keep voting in the same people and then they admit that they didn't vote, I'm going to punch them in the nose.


Faye Musselman said...

You are exactly right, Lefty. I've been following FR politics for 40 years and I agree, nothing will change. When the Big Three wards came in nailing a Flanagan win I was in the "victory glow" as were many others. But the next morning, when I read that virtually all the incumbant councilors were re-elected, not only did it negate the Flanagan win, but it assured FR would remain in its stagnant quagmire of government dysfunction. I've since spoken to a number of my "born and bred" FR friends and they are as disgusted as you are.

Since the closing of the mills in the 1920's, Fall River has never really evolved to a sustainable higher level in the quality of life for its citizens to enjoy.

Fall River moves backwards and sinks deeper with every decade.
Too many entitlements and too little education, for starters.

Anonymous said...

Pretty much the universal commentary after the election is disgust regarding the election results for the City Council. Yet, the election results show that the voters voted for these City Councilors.

So my question is this: Where are all the people that voted for these City Councilors?

Anonymous said...

Dennis comes off so bad on the Herald News forum. I am happy he did not get in. He is so arrogant. Mioza and Berube raised their stock to me, but Dennis is so sour....