Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Election Day Thoughts Part I


Well it's over. All the build up over the last several months has come to a climax for some there is the warm afterglow of a hard fought race won, for others the bitter aftertaste off defeat. Let's rundown some of the noteworthy events of last night.

The Grassroots Candidate

He's young! With fresh ideas and doesn't believe in 'politics as usual' and last night the voters voted him into office!

Of course I'm talking about Eric Poulin! Eric's election is really one to scratch your head about. Did you hear tons of Poulin ads on WSAR? Me either. Did you see tons of Poulin signs? Did you see ANY Poulin signs? Bumper stickers? It seems Eric ran the ultimate grass roots campaign. He showed up to all the different functions, tried his best to get his platform out there and relied on word of mouth and the reputation he has from 2 years ago. And it worked! I think having Eric Poulin on the City Council is a step in the right direction for Fall River, but how he got there should puzzle those candidates who ran a 'traditional' campaign.


Last night the voters of Fall River also welcomed back two former City Councilors in Brad Kilby and Ray Mitchell. Now personally, I don't believe in term limits so philosophically I have no issues with 'retreads'.

I like Brad and thought he was one of the better councilors, but I'm disappointed how easily he got his seat back. Kilby hardly campaigned at all and honestly I think if you want the job you need to get out there and prove you deserve it. This isn't really a knock on Kilby, it's more of a knock on the people of Fall River for not demanding more from a familiar name.

On the other hand I don't know if anyone campaigned harder than Ray Mitchell. Mitchell seemed to be everywhere. It is really no exaggeration to say that you could see Ray waving to you on your commute to work and then waving to you as you made your way back home. Ray has been away from the council for almost 2 decades, so you really have to tip your hat to all the hard work that went into an amazing first place finish.

Mr. October

Nothing annoys me more than Mike Lund's return to the City Council. Mike "I was to busy to campaign this summer" Lund kicked his campaign into high gear after being the only incumbent to finish out of the top 9. Lund ads and mailers started popping up all over the place using the clever acronym L.U.N.D - Leadership Under New Direction, at the same time he still displayed campaign signs all over the city with the same non-existent web address from 2 years ago. I had a friend correctly point out that I should be angry at the incumbents who were not bothering to campaign at all. Believe me I am, but there is something that is so 'in your face' about deciding to do it only after realizing your seat isn't safe. This same friend pointed out that Lund stood up to some pretty severe harassment during the whole fire chief issue and this is true too. But he is also the same guy who advocated expanding the Arts Overlay District down to Ferry Street where his family has a vested interest! Lund has hardly been the worst City Councilor but that is hardly anything to brag about.

Vote out the incumbents!

This is the cry I've heard at least for the last 4 years. Vote out the incumbents it's time for new faces! The reality is we get very few new faces and vote out even fewer incumbents. In the general election there was exactly ONE incumbent voted out of office, School Committeeman Tim McCoy. There's your change folks. The school department is in chaos and only 1 committeeman has paid the price. I'm not sure voting Tim out was the answer. Considering the chaos why was he the only one? Weak field? Poor attendance?

More thoughts later......


Anonymous said...

You got to wonder whether WSAR is going to give Flanagan the Lambert treatment. Hurricane was nice to him on the radio today but the word is that Will refused Karam money and CAV accepted it. Will that create the kind of WSAR resentment they're known for? Let us in or we'll trash you 24/7. And can you imagine what WSAR would do if Lambert gave a gift like the one Bob gave to Jeff Santos? The Bernie editorial would be on the air already. From WBOB, not a peep.

Anonymous said...

So, that is what we take out of this post...interesting.I am glad to see we are finding newer ways to bash WSAR and the Karams in totally unrelated blogs. I thought with Correia out this would dissipate, but I guess I was wrong.

I do not see Kilby and Mitchell as anti-change. Some people criticize that people wanted change and then voted for retreads. Yes, they have been city councilors, but not during this administration and not during this time when so many controversial votes were taken. Both were parts of city councils that were in session in better times than the last two years. I think much of that had to do with the economy during those times more than anything, but that is a different story. My point is that while they have been in before, what happened in the last 2 years should not be held against those two.

I do not think it is a bad thing to have people on the city council that are invested in the city (Lund). I think it is sad that we as a society have to constantly question the motives of people that have good things going for them. This is why we can never really get a good quality of candidate. Why do people want to be raked over the coals for supposed ulterior we just get the bottom of the barrel, and then complain about our choices.

Anonymous said...

Word is Bob Karam is furious at Bob Correia for screwing up and not spending dime one at WSAR during the assured, the Karams are already getting their knives nice and sharp to plunge into Flanagan's back..because Boo Boo and Jimbo are effectively out of power, and Lambert beat their really is that simple.

Anonymous said...

It might be unrelated but WSAR sucks. A couple of rich guys buy a radio station and use it as a battering ram to go after anyone who doesn't agree with their business deals. We all know what WSAR is all about so let's not pretend anymore. They should be put into the same category as Fox News. The Mayor's Office should ignore WSAR just like the White House is ignoring Fox.

People like Leo Pelletier, Pat Casey, Joe Camara, Linda Pereira, and Mike Lund and Mike Herren who stagger around the city drunk are an embarassment to us all. People look down on Fall River like we are some kind of 3rd world country and it is because the populace elevates people like these to positions of prominence when in other communities these individuals would be the subject of ridicule.

W.J. Bloggah said...

Anon 6:29, you said "So, that is what we take out of this post...interesting.I am glad to see we are finding newer ways to bash WSAR and the Karams in totally unrelated blogs. I thought with Correia out this would dissipate, but I guess I was wrong."

So you think just because Bob is out of office, that the Karam's are nothing to be concerned with?

Bob Correia was only the George W Bush in this scenario, not truly evil, just misguided and easily manipulated. The Karam's (and Fiola's and Christ's and so on), on the other hand, were the Dick Cheney, the truly evil, rotten to the core, profiteering, wannabe kingmakers.

Didn't like that analogy? Try this one on for size: You can remove a tumor from your body and still have Terminal Cancer

Anonymous said...

Gotta agree there were more hangers-on bob until they are gone they are a hinderance.