Monday, November 30, 2009

Cyber Monday!

It's Cyber Monday, THE day of the holiday season for internet buying! What's the perfect gift for the blog reading loved one in your family? How about a A View From Battleship Cove travel mug, or a Fall River Blog coffee mug? How about a mousepad, or T-shirt? You can even send out your Christmas cards using A View From Battleship Cove or Fall River Blog stamps!

Shop today and get free shipping! Be sure to check out all of the A View From Battleship Cove merchandise available at


'Tis the Season said...

I am interested in purchasing one of your coffee mugs but I have a few questions before making my purchase. Would you kindly answer the following:

1.) Are your coffee mugs dishwasher safe?

2.) I chipped a tooth on a coffee mug once when I overzealously went to take a sip of ovaltine. Do your coffee mugs chip teeth?

2.) How many ounces of liquid can I fit in these coffee mugs?

3.) Are your coffee mugs able to hold other liquids such as tea or kool-aid?

4.) If the coffee mug is able to hold kool-aid, will the coffee mug stain tropical punch red?

5.) Are your mugs made out of porcelain?

6.) Are these fair trade coffee mugs? Can you give me any guarantee that these coffee mugs were not made by child laborers?

6.) Do your coffee mugs have a hot beverage warning on them like dunkin donuts and mcdonalds cups?

7.) I am rather easy to please but do you have a return policy if I am not satisied with my purchase?

Thank you for your time and attention to my questions.

Lefty said...

1. Yes – but Zazzle suggests hand washing to preserve the image.
2 A – I’m afraid some caution must be taken to avoid chipping your teeth. did “2” twice..
2 B. 15 oz.
3. Yes
4. Not sure, but I would caution you not to drink the 'kool-aid'
5 - the Porcelain mugs are made from Porcelain
6. Not sure, but kids need work experience too, no?
You did 6 twice
6 B. Since the mugs do not come with a beverage no warning is needed.
7. If you are easy to please I suspect you would have less questions

Please see for answers to other questions.