Saturday, November 07, 2009 aint' a comin'

If anyone thought a new mayor would mean a new direction for Fall River they don't have to look any further than the City Council to realize that isn't going to happen.

Not only is every incumbent City Councilor who ran for re-election returning for another term, but City Council President Joe Camara has made it clear he WILL be remain in that role.

Just great, Camara has provided such inspired leadership as the Council President another term is JUST what this city needs! Joe has shown great ability in being arrogant and rude to both fellow councilors and citizens addressing the council. How could this get any worse? Oh, I forgot Linda Pereira will be elected as the Council Vice President.

What really gets me about all of this is that the election JUST took place. It's been less than one week and already the incumbent council is ready to put their support in good ol' Joe. Are they afraid that new leadership might reveal just how badly they've done their jobs?

Honestly if I were a City Councilor I would want to hear from those who were seeking the presidency and get an idea of who I thought would be the effective leader. Why doesn't this happen?

The fact that the majority of the council has already decided that Joe Camara should remain as Council President is a troubling sign that they are fine with that status quo and not only unreceptive to change but even unwilling to listen.


Faye Musselman said...

(Sorry, but I posted this on the wrong thread - meant to do it here.)

You are exactly right, Lefty. I've been following FR politics for 40 years and I agree, nothing will change. When the Big Three wards came in nailing a Flanagan win I was in the "victory glow" as were many others. But the next morning, when I read that virtually all the incumbant councilors were re-elected, not only did it negate the Flanagan win, but it assured FR would remain in its stagnant quagmire of government dysfunction. I've since spoken to a number of my "born and bred" FR friends and they are as disgusted as you are.

Since the closing of the mills in the 1920's, Fall River has never really evolved to a sustainable higher level in the quality of life for its citizens to enjoy.

Fall River moves backwards and sinks deeper with every decade.
Too many entitlements and too little education, for starters.

Tom Paine said...

1. That is how the council presidency has always been determined. Calls are made, some arm twisting, and committee chair offers go out. (I have to say this was one quick Council Presidency. In the past it took a couple of weeks. Joe C. and Linda P. teamed up and got out there right away.)

2. Linda P. is still thinking of making another run for State Rep so she really threw her weight around for this V.P. position.

3. Most importantly is this:

I see the bottom 4 councilors very vunerable at this point. I knew they were going to get back in, including Lund, who spent a lot of money. But they are finally vunerable.

The bottom 4 are hoping Dennis, Miozza and Bartley are tired of running. They are hoping they will throw their arms up and say "that's it, no more"

I have seen this happen many times.

If Bartley, and especially Dennis and Miozza stay active, they can become councilors next time. They need to change their style. Miozza changed his style after the preliminary and it worked. He gained a lot of votes compared to everyone else.

Just my simple observations.

Anonymous said...

You are going to see a City Council that will rubber stamp everything that comes from the new administration. Joe Camara was seen at Flanagan's victory party. He will do as he is told by Flanagan.

Anonymous said...

I guess the good news is that if Flanagan is a good mayor then everything will be fine since Casey, Camara, Pereira, Bigelow and Lund just rubberstamp anyway.

It Said said...

You seriously think that this council will "rubberstamp" an end to the CSO fee?

If anything this will be a 7-2 or 6-3 council, with Leo, Poulin and perhaps Lund objecting to some things or being the only ones who vote for other items..

If voters had wanted change, they would have endorsed it..they were given two opportunities to do so--once in September, the other in November..all the incumbents survived and only one failed to hold on to office..

Why should Miozza, Dennis, Dias or anyone else keep wasting money when their chances of getting to the final nine are slim and none? Miozza should be on council, but I'm beginning to think his intellegence and qualifications are too much to digest for the average Fall River Voter..

Linda wants to run again against Sullivan? Why? She got clobbered before and would get dispatched a second time..

As John Lennon wrote "Strange Days Indeed"..

Anonymous said...

I just heard Joe Camara on WSAR state that if Flanagan can show that repealing the CSO Fee will help business he will vote for it.

Translation: "Mayor-Elect Flanagan has told me how to vote to repeal the CSO Fee. I will call for a 1 pm meeting."

Anonymous said...


If you want change then take a more active role. Run for office.

Anonymous said...

If there was ever any doubt that these people will roll over for whomever is in power as mayor then watch as Pat Casey and Joe Camara flip their CSO votes. It will be a good thing that they flip their vote but they shouldn't have voted in favor of it in the first place which goes to show that they don't think for themselves, they are happy just being lap dogs for anyone that occupies the 6th floor office.

reality check said...

Anon 9:35, " If you want change, run for office." Isn't that what Miozza, Dennis, Dias and Bartley did. Most of the incumbents didn't even campaign. What was their message? What issues did they campaign on? Poulin was the only person elected to the city council who actually had a platform. Why should intelligent, extremely competent people waste their time and money, when all that they say falls on deaf ears?

Anonymous said...

Reality Check


I do not want to hear what OTHER people did only what YOU did

If you did not run then take what you got and be happy

Anonymous said...

So anon now in order to speak your mind you have to RUN for office?

I know I VOTED for no incumbents.

What did YOU do??

Anonymous said...

Yes you MUST run. The bloggers of Fall River do nothing but complain about their elected officials. Not one of them has the guts to run and take on the incumbents. I am begining to believe that you want them to get relected so you have something to write about.

Anonymous said...

I would hope that Running for public office is not the only way, obviously there were many candidates that had something to say that were not elected. I hope they will stay involved and run again.


shamrock said...

Anon 3:51 - Would you vote for me?

Anonymous said...

I would vote for Shamrock even if we don't always agree I know what Shamrock stands for.

And I recognize the name !!

Anonymous said...

How do you know that a local blogger has not run, or in fact does not currently hold office?

Lazurusisus said...

Even if that were the case, why would it matter? As long as the blogger in question tried to inform, bring out the facts, and added to the greater understanding of what was really happening, I don't care who they are or what they do. Opinions are part of that process.

We who blog are memebers of the press, wehter we. or you, like that or not, or so say the courts based on a 2007 decision. That means we have the same responsibility to inform people of the truth, the objective truth, by what we do. That is all this entire thing is about. TRYING you best to enlighten others about what is going on is the critical thing. Doesn't mean a blogger doesn't have a bias or axe to grind. As long as there are slices of the objective in what they say, it's journalism and it informs. I don't care if they are an undertaker going through a dead man's pckets.

Anonymous said...

Bloggers like Lefty and Shamrock have to be able to read and write so that disqualifies most of our elected officials in Fall River and rules them out as being Lefty or Shamrock.