Friday, November 27, 2009

Big John at Battleship Cove

Recently Fall River-tastic featured a post about having a tournament for the board game Battleship at Battleship Cove aboard the USS Massachusetts. One of the commentors made a keen suggestion:

Anonymous said...

What about a Battleship board game where the pieces represent the actual ships that are at Battleship Cove? You could have the Joseph P. Kennedy destroyer, the submarine, etc.

The problem is in game of Battleship you have an aircraft carrier, but there is no aircraft carrier at Battleship Cove. At least not yet!

The U.S. Navy is looking to donate the U.S.S. John F. Kennedy, to a good home, for use as museum or memorial. Hey we've got one of those!

Adding the USS John F. Kennedy to the fleet at Battleship Cove is an idea that deserves very seriously consideration. The "Big John" would add to the prestige of Battleship Cove and certainly secure its reputation as the world's largest historic naval ship exhibit. Considering that President Kennedy was from Massachusetts and that the destroyer named for his brother is already part of Battleship Cove, could there be a more fitting site?

When the Kennedy visited Boston in 2007 she attracted 40,000 visitors! The amazement and curiosity that surrounds these vessels has helped create 5 aircraft carrier museums, with a 6th on the way. However the Kennedy at Battleship Cove would be unique because of all the other ships that you could visit. The Kennedy would bring renewed interest to Battleship Cove and give those who have visited incentive to come back. With the USS John F. Kennedy and USS Joseph P. Kennedy at Battleship Cove we would have the opportunity to work with the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library to create exhibits that would not only interest those with a fascination in naval history but also those interested in the history of our country.

Not to mention we would also have all the pieces we need to play Battleship.


Lazurusisus said...

GREAT IDEA..EXCELLENT IDEA ACTUALLY...Can't wait to hear what the naysayers will cry about now!

reality check said...

Thought the same thing when I read that the Navy was looking for a home for the U.S.S. John F Kennedy. It would be a great addition, but the question is, would it be too wide to fit under the Braga Bridge.

Anonymous said...

Great ideas we need some attractions to Fall River but first we have a more immediate need to clean up our reputation, crime and make the city more attractive before we expect tourists .


Lefty said...

I don't believe width would be an issue. The Braga's shipping lane is 400ft. wide and the JFK is 252 feet at the extreme. The real issue is height. The JFK is 192ft. from the waterline to the top of the mast. That's about 60ft. too much. The question is, can the mast be removed?

Anonymous said...

I think if you cut the ship in half, you would ruin it's integrity.