Monday, October 26, 2009

Reaching Out

I received a recent blog comment that stated,

"Anonymous said...
Lefty:If Cathy Ann wins it will be a shocker. The people voted Bob Correia out of office on 09/15 and there is no way they will replace her with CAV. And Lefty have you spoke with Mr. Flanagan or reached out to him to see where here stands on the issues that matter to you?"

So I decided to do just that. I submitted 3 questions to both candidates and asked for them to submit their responses by today and that I would post the questions and the answers on Fall River Blog.

So far neither candidate has replied, which while a bit disappointing is not really a surprise. I know our local politicians don't quite know what to make of local bloggers.

Still, I think the questions were worth asking and deserving of an answer. I'll post them here for you decide and if you get the chance maybe you can ask the candidates yourself.

Question One

Considering the city's limited financial resources and the likelihood of further cuts to local aid, as Mayor what would you do in the first year of your administration to move the city forward?

Question Two

Considering the city's limited financial resources, and the likelihood of further cuts to local aid, as Mayor how will you maintain or increase current staffing levels of our public safety workers?

Question Three

Considering the importance of redevelopment and economic development to our city's future, as Mayor how will you utilize the Fall River Office of Economic Development and the Redevelopment Authority? How do you feel those agencies can be improved and made more transparent and accountable?


Anonymous said...

Just heard a thing on WSAR for their promo where they're taking questions from listeners. If they don't respond to you, email them to for their Wednesday debate. Believe they did the same thing for their last one...

Anonymous said...


I talked to Will Flanagan at a coffee hour last night and mentioned that you had questions on your blog for him and Councilor Viviros.

So, if he didn't know before he does now.