Friday, October 23, 2009

Dropout Age

I came across an article on Mass that makes the case for raising the dropout age to 18. This is something that I have advocated for years!

By raising the age to 18 our educators will be given more time and hopefully more options to address the needs of an at risk student. There is a belief that too often a struggling student enters high school with the mindset that 16, the age they can currently dropout, is the goal, not a high school diploma.

Raising the age to 18 is not by itself going to make all our students high school graduates, but it's a start.


Anonymous said...

Allowing students to dropout at 16 is an outdated industrial era idea. In today's day, it is ridiculous to allow any student to drop out of school for any reason. The only goal should be high school diploma. Without a high school diploma nowadays, you have no future. You need at least a high school diploma to compete in any job.

Long gone are the days where you could get a decent job at 15, and work in the mills til you died. The world has changed, we need to make this change now.

There are other changes that I'd like to see in the education system, to move away from the mentality that we are teaching our students to be mill workers. However, this is a good start.

Anonymous said...

I disagree 100%. To say that you will allow a student to drop out at the age of 18 is basically taking that choice away from the student.

Some students graduate from high school before their 18th birth date, and therefore, would never even have the opportunity to drop out.

Otherwise, a student is likely to be in their senior year when he turns 18. Is a student who turns 18 in April going to drop out when graduation is in June? Of course not.

I am 100% behind the goal of this legislation, to decrease the dropout rate, but I don't agree with the additional 2 years of coercion involved.

I would feel a little better if the age was raised to 16 1/2 or even 17, but to raise it to 18 is basically taking away the student's ability to decide for himself.

Lazurusisus said...

The problem is KEEPING them in school longer as a way to let the desire to be in school sink in, among other things related to growing maturity, if I get the gist of what the article stresses. Of course there has to be a trade-off between individual choice and societal need. At 16 I don't think most children are ready for adult decisions, their brains haven't finished forming for God's sake, that is established fact. And just because a child has the ability to graduate at 16 or 17 does not mean they are mature enough to live an independant life...maturity means many things and is not solely defined by numerical age, but, in fact, it IS the case found in the overwhelming majority of human history across almost every society. Wonder why?

Anonymous said...

By the age of 16, students have been in school long enough that they don't need more time so that in their last 2 years of school they can find the desire to remain in school.

I just don't think it is right to take the dropping out option away from students who will graduate before their 18th birthday.

Lazurusisus said...

I'm sorry to tell you this, but wherever you are getting this idea about it being OK to drop out of High School , FOR ANY REASON, AT ANy AGE, they are moron's, and if you listen to their advice, you are likely one yourself. There are no credits for existance, and if you think gvetting a GED is going to make your life easier, think again....there is no job that will take someone with a GED before someone who showed the guts to stick it out and get their HS diploma...whoever the hell you are listening to, you need to get away from them , STAT! If you are coming up with this idea on your own, stay away from me and anyone I know, please, because it might be CONTAGIOUS....yes, I hear STUPID is like that sometimes!

Anonymous said...


I certainly agree with you that anyone who decides to drop out of school is making an ill-advised decision, and certainly a GED won't make life easier for that dropout. I would never advise a student to drop out of school.

But this move to change the drop out age to 18 is a farse. It would be more honest if it took the position that you take , that we won't allow students to drop out at any age.

By changing the law to 18, many students will never even have the option to drop out and I don't think that is right.