Sunday, September 20, 2009

Working for Change

Originally I was going to title this post, voting for change. I was going to discuss the preliminary vote totals and compare them to the 2007 preliminary vote totals as well as the results of the 2007 general election.

In 2007 most if not all the candidates gained votes in the general election. The top 3 remained the same but their vote totals all increased by roughly 1,500 votes. Without doing any real math I would say most of the top 12 gained between 1,000 - 1,500 votes.

There were a few candidates that really outperformed their peers and their worth noting because both are in a similar position this time around.

Joe Camara finished in 7th place in 2007's preliminary, yet rose to 4th in the general election. Joe increased his vote total by over 2,300 votes.

Mike Lund jumped for 10th to 7th and increased his vote total by roughly 2,600 votes.

In 2009 Lund again finished in 10th. In 2009 Joe Camara finished in 8th. Both walk into the into the final months of campaigning with a decent amount of money sitting in their campaign war chests.

There is all this talk about change, commentors on blogs and comment boards urging people to vote for new faces. Personally, I'm not going to tell you who to vote for. If you like Leo, think he does a good job, and represents you well, give him your vote. If you want change vote for non-incumbents. Perhaps that means voting for Kilby, Mitchell, and Poulin because they finished well and your support could help them lock up 3 of the top 4. Maybe that means voting for them AND the next 3 strongest non-challengers Dennis, Bartley, and Miozza.

Here's the thing. Your vote counts, but it's not going to create change all by itself. If you want to see real change well then you need to figure out how to get Dave, Kris and Mike an additional 2,500 - 3,000 votes.

If you want change, if you really want change you're going to have to work for it. Get involved in a candidate's campaign! Offer to hold a sign, pass out bumper stickers, or go door to door passing out information. Donate some money! If everyone who reads this post were to donate just $10 to a campaign it would generate enough money to put some ads in the paper or print up several hundred bumper stickers or buy some more yard signs. The point is, if you want change than these candidates need more than just your vote, they need your help too.


Anonymous said...

Agreed! Everyone should get involved in the campaigns for change! Join up now! Send the incumbents a clear message!

Anonymous said...

Asolutely right! Put your money where your mouth is. If you don't have cash to give, then offer time. Anyone can offer to hold a sign or ask neighbors to put a sign on their property. Get out and voice your opinion. Start that dreaded political discussion. Get others to hear your thoughts and stir up the excitement of the electons! There is no excuse for an uncast vote. Men and women have died to give us this right. It is our obligation to utilize it.


Roger Williams said...

What? I didn't know anyone actually still lived in Fall River.

How long as this been going on, anyway?

Anonymous said...

Your CONSTRUCTIVE comments are always welcome Roger.

Anonymous said...

News Alert...Will Flanagan has sought out and accepted the support of non other then Tony Cordeiro. It seems that the Long's have put the relationship together. BIG mistake here Will.

Anonymous said...

why is that a mistake?

Anonymous said...

The money he will raise is not worth the political payback he will expect. Stay away from this guy Will. When the financial statements are disclosed and Cordeiro's name is there, Will will surely lose votes. He has already lost mine with this news.

Anonymous said...

The balancing act begins for Will.
Stay tuned folks.

Anonymous said...

Okay, what i find most interesting is who the candidates have added to their teams since Bob's days off.
Kathy Ann has added a numberof people including notably jamie( I cheated on my wife while running for council) Boulay and Will has added Jerry( I was born a simple electrician) Donovan.
Good lord and both are courting people from Camara's camp.
I think one of these camps has gathered a number of malcontents and otherwise swine which they did not have prior to Bobs days off.

Lefty said...


I'm not sure if it is true that Boulay cheated on his wife, but I'm pretty sure it isn't relevant.

If Jamie is now working for or helping Cathy Ann that might be interesting, though rather unimportant news. From what people have told me, I would say Cathy Ann should try to recruit Mrs. Boulay.

Is Donovan really supporting Flanagan? Odd when you consider he was supposedly backing Boulay!

Really, if you’re Cathy or Will the reality is there are a lot of votes that you didn’t get election night. How do you bring them in? Obviously your campaign has to do all the things it did before and more. You need to network with more people and fund new revenue sources and one of the best ways to do that is to reach out to former candidates and the people who worked for them and backed them.

Neither candidate is going to want to visibly go after Bob’s support or campaign team, and Hague has endorsed Flanagan. So is it any surprise to see them reach out to Steve’s people? I don’t think so.

Face it, if you’re running for office you’re grateful for every vote you can get and every bit of support. As for how this support reflects on the candidates, it was Reagan who famously quipped “They endorsed me; I didn’t endorse them.”

Anonymous said...

The more things that change...the more they stay the same. GOD HELP US!!!

Anonymous said...

considering boulay was basically a no show in the city council race, why would it matter which mayoral candidate they backed??

Donovan on the other hand was with Sullivan than Correia , now Flanagan I guess it depends which way the winds is blowing.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear that Boulay is with Cathy, I hope he works the same wonders for her that he did in his last 2 City Council races where he couldn't crack the top 18. If the mayoral candidates are looking for support from council candidates they may want to look to people that finished in the top 9 or at least the top 18.

Donovan has money but when he will use it to back a winner is a question mark. He supported Sullivan than Correia. I am sure he hopes that the next one he backs is a winner.

Both Cathy and Will can put a sentence together better than Sullivan or Correia and one of them certainly will win but neither one is particularly impressive.

Cathy voted with Bob for probably a year and a half before she did a complete 360 and decided to run against him after saying that she wouldn't and while she has offered specifics, the Waltzing Waters idea was kind of lame and it really wasn't that specific since she didn't say how it was going to be paid for.

As far as Will Flanagan, he is content to repeat generic lines over and over like "I am going to bring people together." Will offers lttle to no specifics on how he is goind to do anything but he probably won't have to in order to win if the best that Cathy is going to come up with is Waltzing Waters. All Will is going to have to do is remind people how big a lap dog that Cathy Ann was for Bob Correia.

Anonymous said...


Same old same old


just insert Cathy where Correia used to be!!!

Anonymous said...

I feel that the reason that Jamie did not crack the top 18, is because he did not campgain at all... Its too bad that a family issue derailed his campgain. Jamie would'he been a great asset to the City Council...

Anonymous said...

At least Jamie had the balls to run for office, unlike sone in this blog who like to spread rumors instead of stepping up

Anonymous said...

You feel that if Jamie campaigned he would've cracked the top 18? What was your excuse for him the last time when he actually campaigned and didn't crack the top 18?

Too bad that a family issue de-railed his campaign? Think it was more than a family issue. I'm glad he lost, he would not have been an asset to the City Council. We don't need any more like him on the Council, look pretty and do nothing, Mike Lund doesn't need a tag team partner.

Good to read that Jamie has balls, I was hoping that being a male that he would but looks like the voters just gave him a big kick in said area. Maybe now he will realize that he has no chance of winning and will never run again unless he wants to be known as a perennial candidate who runs over and over again with no hope of winning like a Ron Cabral. I shouldn't say that because that's insulting to Ron Cabral, Ron received more votes in the election a couple of years ago and cracked the top 18. Sorry Ron.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I was planning to vote for boulay but when he didn't campaing at all, show up to the forums, have a statement to the voters I opted to use the votes on other new candidates.

TheWatcher said...

someone told me that tim mccoy went bankrupt. don't know if its true but should be looked into. with health problems as well causing him to miss a bunch of meetings and being a puppet for king bob do we really need this guy? if this is true this guy is a mess and needs to pull himself out of trying to run our schools into the ground.

Anonymous said...

Todays Front Page Herald News

School Committee Candidate Response to The DESE Recovery Plan:

Shawn Cadime- Did not respond
Victor Farias- Did not respond
Andrew Galvao- Did not respond
Tim McCoy- did not respond
Robert Pearson- did not respond
Marilyn Roderick- did not respond


Anonymous said...

Didnt the dancing waters idea on the waterfront come out of last year's FRCA planning but was unable to happen due to a shortage of funds. Love to see ideas recycled and used by politicians and made to be original to them. think FREE and ...oh well

Anonymous said...

the hurricane and the bobfathers granddaughter are going out with one another ??is that ethical with him on radio???

Anonymous said...

if Herren was writng for a newspaper it may make a difference in that he may not be able to write about an inlaw, a relative. But seeing that he does not work for a newspaper and it is not a marriage, it seems to be a non issue...
There are ethics that prevent newspaper people from writing about boyfriends, partners, girlfriends and spouses and when doing so are supposed to have full disclosure...

Anonymous said...

The herald news posted a foreclosure notice for an Eric Poulin in the classifieds section of today's paper.

Anonymous said...

And? What's your point? Don't you read the paper? Poulin was forced to make a sacrific to run for Mayor but at least he was transparent about it. What sacrifices have you made lately?

Don't you remember that Poulin got placed on unpaid leave when people didn't like his decision to run for Mayor? I won't paste the whole article but you can read it for yourself, seems like Poulin was pretty honest about where he was financially after that campaign was over.

I guess the cronies and others he stood up to are going to spin now that he wasn't up front about it and are somehow going to badmouth someone that put it on the line for the city when they don't have the balls to do anything but line their own pockets at the city's expense.

Poulin talks endorsement, post-campaign career plans
By Michael Holtzman
GateHouse News Service
Posted Sep 13, 2007

Noting the personal loan and second mortgage he took out on his home, Poulin said, “I really believed in what I was doing and the future of my hometown. I put my money where my mouth was.”

Anonymous said...

I guess that's a yes, the candidate is losing his home to the bank.

So is it the candidate that paid for his own campaign, or may I extrapolate that his mortgage holder will be footing the bill?

I like the idea of young energy and new ideas, but I also have a hard time putting someone in charge of running my city when they can't manage their own affairs.

I also find it interesting that someone who held a "political" job under Lambert can claim to be outside and above political patronage.

Perhaps the young man should get his priorities in order. If sacrifice involves getting someone else to pay your bills, then, yes, I have not sacrificed.

Anonymous said...

Why are people talking about Herrens relationship with the mayors granddaughter???People need to stop this madness!!

Anonymous said...

"I also have a hard time putting someone in charge of running my city when they can't manage their own affairs." Chances are you can't manage your own affairs. If you can go ahead and put your name on the ballot and subject yourself to the same type of scrutiny. Your argument about not managing affairs is weak, so if someone is told if you run for office you are going to lose your job and decides to go ahead and do it anyway that isn't courageous but a sign that someone can't manage their affairs? Your logic is warped. I guess caving in to economic blackmail would be managing one's affairs properly or perhaps you are associated with someone who Poulin wouldn't cave into and thus the axe that you have to grind?

Yes Poulin held a job under Lambert but you suggest that you know for a fact that he got his job politically. Do you have evidence to present or are you just assuming that every job ever obtained by someone in city government was through politics and not merit? Undoubtedly some jobs are obtained politically but not all. Unless you have something to suggest that Mr. Poulin didn't get his city job based on merit you are flinging shit for some unknown reason. Again, axe to grind perhaps?

Perhaps you should get your priorities in order instead of grinding an axe against one of the candidates in the council race that has offered substance or are you afraid of that very substance and would prefer to be an ardent defender of the status quo and dishonest about what your real motivations are? Why don't you be honest enough to admit what your motivations are, i.e. you don't want this young man to win because you or your people are confident that you can't control him. Too bad he may win without your support and too bad you will be dragged toward progress kicking and screaming if necessary. Please post again, let's find out more and see who the man is behind the curtain.

Anonymous said...

and maybe anonymous can tell us who Poulin got pregnant this election season? Oh wait, that turned out not to be true. Interesting that former WSAR reporters (not Keri Rodrigues) are now talking and admitting that one of the station owners was encouraging reporters and others to spin the issue against the very people that were defending against the cowardly rumor. Poulin publicly defended against the bullies that were trying to spread the rumor which was unexpected and that caused the bullies to regroup and come up with a new strategy.

People better be careful that all the nasty details from the last election don't come out. Interesting that all the nasty rumors and mudslinging started to happen right when certain insiders had polling indicating that Poulin might be a wild card entry into the final against Bob Correia. I would guess it wasn't a coincidence. Just like these new posts are undoubtedly not a coincidence now that Poulin appears that he might win once again. Guess you are hoping the strategy will be successful again?

Anonymous said...

Dear people that read this blog,

I am very upset that Bob Correia lost for mayor. I am very upset that some new people might get on the city council.

A lot of you commenters are to blame for those losses because you were talking about the terrible job that people were doing running our city. You were supposed to keep quiet about all of that because business as usual benefits a few of us and we like things just the way that they are.

You blew up our spot so in retaliation we are going to come on the same sites that exposed things and instead of talking about people's positions on the issues like when you talked about Bob renaming schools or vets' memorials we are going to fling mud about new candidates and make it as personal as possible. If you will buy it hook, line and sinker and please do then we can get back to business as usual. Thank you.

Gotta go now, have to go dig up more dirt on Eric Poulin, Dave Dennis, Kris Bartley, Mike Miozza, Will Flanagan, Cathy Ann Viveiros and anyone else that looks like they could win and might be a newcomer in the mayor's office or city council especially if they look like they won't play ball with those of us whose asses you should be kissing.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Seriously...can you get anymore pathetic! Do you not have a life of your own, is that why you are obsessed with Mike and Kristyn! Why is this even making blogs?? I am sure there are better things you could be spending your time doing like maybe doing some research on the 2 idiots running for mayor! Which one is more likely to run this city into the ground the fastest? Or maybe which one will promise the most throughout the rest of their campaign and not follow thru on any of it! Dont you think that is a little more important!! Is it any of your business what goes on in their or anyones relationship for that matter. Absolutely not!! But just for the sake of shutting you up! Mike didnt get dogged on facebook or dumped...Mike and Kristyn are together and are the happiest ever!

Anonymous said...

Why are the Poulin supporters dodging the question? You described that one of his "sacrifices" was taking a second mortgage on his home to run for office.

If he skips out on the mortgage, then is it his "sacrifice" or the banks and, therefore, the taxpayers?

So, he lost his job 2 years ago and couldn't find another with his college degree? Is he really unemployed? Please tell me he lives with his mom and dad....

Are you actually going to say that his CD rec "grant" job was not a political position. Let him come forward and say that he never took favors from the former mayor. Don't claim to be anti-establishment just because your not part of the "current" establishment.

Maybe your more passionate than realistic about your candidate because you hope for some sort of CD rec job?

I have no stake in city politics, other than the fact that I PAY my mortgage and taxes.

"Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss." - Mr. Townsend 1971

Lefty said...

Unless it is related to the topic let's keep Herren out of the discussion.

As for Poulin, well if Eric is facing forclosure I feel bad for him.

I know in 2007 he really took some risks to run for office. In the end he didn't make the cut, found himself out of a job with a boat load of debt. I don't think he or anyone else could have imagined how tough the next two years would be for everyone.

The sad thing is the stakes are such that if you don't have money you can't run a legitimate campaign. And before someone tells me that Will Flanagan did it on 17k, let me point out in 07 Poulin faced a lineup of challengers that all spent considerably more than Cathy Ann, Steve, or Ray did this year.

Is Poulin's foreclosure relevant to his being elected? Certainly, but considering the number of responsible people who have found themselves in the same boat I don't think it should be some sort of smoking gun.

Anonymous said...

It seems that the facts are easy to obtain for those that want to take a few seconds to do it.

For those are more interested in mudslinging they really show themselves to be lazy and ignorant and their credibility is called into question.

The rumors that Poulin lived with him Mom and Dad were present and were spread in the last election in 2007. Obviously not true if now the rumors are that he is losing his home. So which is it? He never had a home of his own or he did? It's nice to try and have your cake and eat it too when you are busy trying to chop someone down right?

The question that is being dodged is why aren't the anonymous anti-Poulin people or Poulin haters explaining their real motivations? Poulin won't play ball with certain powers in the city therefore your mudslinging campaign.

You accuse Poulin of getting a government job not based on his government degree or any form of merit but on politics and then you say let him come forward and defend himself if your accusation isn't true.

First, if you are making an accusation against someone you should provide evidence. If he got his job in a political fashion, provide the evidence, put up or shut up. Second, you demonstrate incredible laziness, a simple trip to his campaign website and you find a bio which describes how he obtained his city job. Third, if you wish to refute that account and call Mr. Poulin a liar then you need to refer back to number one. Easy to mudsling, much harder to actually back it up.

The strategy seems to be to throw enough shit against the wall and hopefully it will stick and he won't win. That certainly was successful in 2007 but perhaps the voters have smartened up this time and you will be very disappointed this time?

Do your fact checking too, Poulin never worked for CD REC as you repeatedly reference in your post. CD REC stands for Community Development Recreation and they run programs for kids at the former Bank Street Armory. Great to see that you are so passionate about the community and involved and so worried about this 1 candidate and how he might ruin our city yet you don't know your ass from your elbow. It's people like you that are really ruining our city. You will do or say anything to discredit a candidate that you can't own. You can't even get your facts straight and people are supposed to buy into your mudslinging. Completely pathetic.

Also, another example of lazy rumor and innuendo, saying Poulin has no job. His website and bios that have been printed by The Herald News indicate he is currently employed as a Grant Writer. If you have evidence suggesting that this is a lie then you should present it to The Herald News and WSAR. I am sure that the radio station especially would jump all over the story. Until then you are easily dismissed as a crackpot and a wingnut with an axe to grind. This is the part where you realize you just got served and you can go back to your sad and pathetic existence. It must stink to realize every day how small of a person you actually are, I pity you.

Anonymous said...

what i dont understand is if why Poulin is so hated by the radio station and vice versa, why is it then that he was the first candidate on the air election night?
Seems odd that someone who hates the radio or people allege vice versa would be given the first slate to speak about winning.
Looks like people like to use perceptions to their advantage doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Remember the deparure of Keri Rodrigues. Eric Poulin was with her when Bobby Karam had his meltdown in the parking lot of the Radio Station.

Anonymous said...

We have mayoral candidates that have filed for bankruptcy that aren't under this much scrutiny, c'mon people get real.

Poulin obviously was told he would be dumped if he ran for mayor and he ran for mayor anyway. What does that say about someone that would do that? I don't know, I guess you could spin it either way depending on what side you are on.

But if Poulin's debts are related to running for mayor and not for any of the dumb reasons as to why people usually get into debt like drug addiction, going to Bermuda 10times a year and all of that then this is a non-issue and you can't really spin it that he can't manage finances which seems to be where some commenters are trying to take it.

Running for mayor seems like it might have been a bad financial decision but the alternative I guess would've been not running for mayor or trying to raise more money by hitting up people with money.

You hit up people with money then you owe them favors when you get in office or if Poulin didn't run for mayor at all maybe that is really what some people wanted in the first place.

I would like to see this level of attention on all of the city council or mayoral candidates, let's go into all of their personal lives too otherwise it hardly seems fair. Or maybe we shouldn't take that approach and realize that when you do that it starts to amount to mudslinging.

Aren't we supposed to be talking about public safety and issues like that instead? Instead we are talking about who people are dating and other things like that. Are we really this shallow?

Eric Poulin said...

Hi, my name is Eric Poulin, Candidate for Fall River City Council. I received a phone call today from a supporter alerting me to a number of comments that were being made about me on a few blogs related to Fall River. Let me take a moment to address some past and present rumors that have been and that are being aggressively marketed.

I am employed. I haven’t lived with my parents since July 2004. I am not the Father of anyone’s child. I am not Lefty or Shamrock. In general, they have both been mostly positive about my candidacy for office but you would have to ask them why. I write letters to the editor when I have something to say and I sign my name to them. I can understand why not everyone is willing to do that because if people don’t like what you have to say they might start marketing rumors that you are unemployed, live with your parents and father children throughout the city. I am tough though. I can take the scrutiny. I did not drop out of the Mayor’s race. I am not dropping out of the City Council race. I apologize if that bothers anyone.

I do have “an agenda.” It is a reform agenda. I have clearly articulated my position on a number of issues since 2007 and will continue to do so. If people are afraid that I will try to follow through with my reforms if I get elected then you are correct to be afraid because I will.

I am willing to meet with anyone face-to-face to answer any questions or to address any additional rumors, just go to and provide your name and number in the Citizen Input section and we can set up a meeting. That would be the best way to contact me since I don't anticipate responding to any additional false rumors through this blog.

Thank you. –Eric Poulin

Anonymous said...

But Eric, it is alleged that you won't advertise on the radio station which is interesting. My question then if that is true why be the first on the air on election night?

And you lied, you are my daddy!

Anonymous said...

Lefty, agreed that the issue is not a smoking gun. However, personal issues (especially financial stress) can interfere with a person's ability to govern.

I appreciate that Lefty's and anon 1:45pm were able to read and react without suggesting anyone with an opposite opinion has an evil agenda.

Why are others so angry. Simple questions require simple answers. I am merely evaluating available candidates before I vote.

My mistake, CD rec is one of many programs under CDA which gets CDBG money. I'll write these initials on my ass and elbow for future reference, as they are so distinctly different. Typical political hack mumbo jumbo.

I also credit Mr. Poulin for getting involved in the discussion himself. I also appreciate the Poulin supporter who is holier than thou but then characterizes me as not knowing my ass from my elbow, sad and pathetic, should be pitied, mudslinger, crackpot, wingnut, blah blah blah. The only thing “served” was a heaping spoonful of bullshit. You did make me smile though- Thanks for that.

Speaking of hitting people up for money vs. mortgaging the roof over your head for campaign money. How many other candidates are having events at the Eagle? Is anyone going to pretend Donovan isn't behind a "curtain" of his own. I am inclined to avoid any candidate who gets significant support from Fall River’s “power brokers. “

The question remains unanswered. The foreclosure was in the Herald News 9/29. Campaign finance reports show the address in the paper as his. By Eric's own words he financed his last campaign with his house. Are the bank and taxpayers going to be left holding the bag for this? You don’t think this goes to character and integrity. Trust me, Viveiros was already off my list, for many issues, bankruptcy included.

I understand that these are difficult financial times. I’ve read the platform on public safety, absentee landlords, fugitive apprehension and education. All sound good. More 9c cuts on the way. Your challenge will be paying for it. Please Mr. Poulin don’t mortgage those problems, try eliminating some $75k positions.

I've decided not to vote for any incumbent for city council. I am sifting through the remaining candidates to see who might actually create change.

Anonymous said...

Kerri you are a loser. I can spot you a mile away.

Anonymous said...

"But Eric, it is alleged that you won't advertise on the radio station which is interesting. My question then if that is true why be the first on the air on election night?

And you lied, you are my daddy!"

Who cares which candidates will or won't advertise on WSAR? The only way someone would care about that is if they ARE FROM THE RADIO STATION.

Hey Hurricane, glad you could drop in and join the discussion. Next time sign your name at the end of your statement. And whether or not Poulin will or won't advertise on WSAR right now appears to be another rumor. Hurricane why don't you contact Poulin through his website like he suggested and find out whether he made a decision to advertise or not advertise? Why come on here to bitch about it?

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:21 or should I label you as the so-called "concerned citizen" who started the discussion on Poulin's personal life? If you are so concerned then why don't you contact Poulin for a face-to-face discussion like his post suggests? Unfortunately as a coward with no balls you probably won't do that. And don't tell me that you fear that Poulin will retaliate, he's not one of the crusty old incumbents that you pretend in your posts not to support, you know the type that would retaliate for anything said about them? Why don't you tell us what Poulin did to you or wouldn't agree to do for you? Would love to find out the real motivation behind your scummy rants.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:48
Public figures should be prepared to discuss issues publicly. This is a current issue. It would be quite simple to discuss.

Keep it all behind closed doors, right? Substitute one Karam running city hall for one Donovan. See you all at the Flaunt or Eagle!!

Transparency in government!! (as long as you agree to meet me one on one behind a closed door.)

Same as the old boss…..

Anonymous said...

"Flanagan’s office will be on the other side of Government Center at 25 North Main St., in a storefront next to the Eagle Performing Arts & Event Center."

Our other boy hero's on the Donovan express also.

Hope everyone likes the landfill. Donovan loves those guys!

I voted Steve Camara.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen the post on K rods site about mike herren molesting children and trying to abduct little kids from the charter school??Why would she let that trash stay on her site for weeks?What has happened to her ?She has lost all credibility with me..Lefty are you going to call her out for this??

Anonymous said...

Keep it all behind closed doors, right? Substitute one Karam running city hall for one Donovan. See you all at the Flaunt or Eagle!!

How was this kept behind closed doors when there was an article from 2 years ago on this as one commenter pointed out and copied and pasted for you? It's old news recycled for a new election year by people who fear things will change and will do whatever it takes to prevent that from happening.

And I will take a Donovan over a Karam any day. What has Donovan done that was so wrong? What did he do to you? He has been contributing left and right to the arts community in the city and bought and renovated the historic Eagle. Oh my goodness what an evil man. Yup he is definitely right up there with the Karams who used their influence to sit on waterfront property for 30 years. Dockside Lounge anyone? Oh that's right, I forgot that we can kiss your ass. I've never seen Donovan quoted in the paper as telling anyone that they can kiss his ass. Until that happens I am not going to believe your stories that he is the Big Bad Wolf and the Karams are all little red riding hoods. Do you intentionally delude yourself to be able to get through the day?

Anonymous said...

“How was this kept behind closed doors when there was an article from 2 years ago on this as one commenter pointed out and copied and pasted for you? It's old news recycled for a new election year by people who fear things will change and will do whatever it takes to prevent that from happening.”

How? Read the comments. The suggestion is that anyone with questions about the candidate should read his website or not be a “coward” and have the “balls” to meet him face to face. Then you are politely told- “Don’t worry I won’t hurt you.” Anyone believe that based on the tone of Poulin supporter’s retorts?

Recycled news? Hardly, the foreclosure notice was in the paper 9/28/2009 (mistakenly wrote 9/29 before.) Seems pretty fresh to me. I’ll post a copy if you’d like. Avoid and spin. This was an election loan the candidate took, and is now not paying back. Plain and simple.

As far as Donovan goes, he is a good businessman. He makes money as a landlord and property developer. His extreme involvement in government is not because he enjoys the study of it. He is a small sample of a problem that plagues our country. Corporate America runs our government. Do you think the money men in Fall River give because they love the democratic process? Please. Donovan throws money at many candidates hoping that one gets in and he can get favors to help his business. Maybe some of you were too young to watch the Karams do this under Mr. Viveiros. I can’t blame him for trying- there’s nothing illegal about it. But it is politics as usual isn’t it?

It’s a good business decision for him to let artists use the space he bought downtown. Anything that brings life to the area improves the VALUE of his property. Once the city begins to lease some of it (dare I predict) do you think the artists will stay? Do you think this do gooder will invite them to work out of his Highland Avenue home to work?

Now Miozza, Bartley, Canuel and Brandt all seem to be truly independent self-made men. A couple of them seem to be taking money from paypal rather than from staged events at the eagle or flaunt with all of Fall River's regulars. We need new blood. Our local government should be comprised of normal people. Enough with the lawyers and those that “study” government. No city politician should be allowed to serve more than 6 years.

Anonymous said...

Anon if you believe Poulins foreclosure should be news, let's discuss Cathy Annes foreclosures (plural) and the fact her husband represented Atty Frank in his foreclosure.

Let's get all the skeletons out of the closet.

Anonymous said...

I fully agree. It's not fair that one is discussed without the other. She's another dedicated lifetime hack that needs to go. We have 2 poor choices for mayor. At least with the council and school committee we have some seemingly good choices.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 7:58, as a Poulin supporter from 2007 I am glad that you support his call for term limits. Also glad that you are supporting Miozza, Bartley and Canuel and Brandt, some of which Poulin and/or our campaign have helped out in the past. It's great that we can all agree that Eric has good ideas and that we need fresh blood on the Council.

Anonymous said...

Back On Topic of Candidates:

Pubklic Organizational Meeting
for Will Flanagan

7:00PM tonight Sept. 30
at the Liberal Club

Bring friends and neighbors

hope to see you there,

Anonymous said...

I think it's very relevant to see that while Mr.Poulin can't afford to pay his mortgage, he certainly made a very sizable donation of $500 this past April to Sam Sutter. I'm sure the bank would love to know that.

I voted for him in the primary but after seeing the mismanagement of his personal finances he will not be getting my vote in the final election.

Here's the proof, courtesy of that link posted previously:

10/1/2007 Poulin, Eric
70 North Court Street, Unit 7C Fall River, MA 02720
Sutter, C. Samuel $50.00

4/20/2008 Poulin, Eric
70 North Court St., Unit 7c Fall River, MA 02720 Letter Sent
Letter Sent Sutter, C. Samuel $500.00

Lefty said...


Poulin did not make a donation this past April, it was the April before!

And while I know it looks like someone who is dealing with financial issues should not have made such a generous donation, let's remember A LOT can change in a year.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to vote for any candidates that have struggled with anything or that aren't perfect so I'm not voting for any incumbents or newcomers. They are all crooks, liars, thieves, bums, etc. etc.

I'm doing an all write-in ballot and here's how it will look:

God for Mayor
Jesus for City Council
Holy Ghost for School Committee

I think that these 3 would work miracles for us.

But I'm not voting for any of those disciple or apostle guys. I heard that Thomas doubted Jesus and that Peter denied Jesus a few times right up until the rooster crowed. I just can't get behind people that would make those types of mistakes.


Lefty said...

I'd vote for Noah. It seems like this city may be sinking fast!

Anonymous said...

Noah is human though. Don't waste your vote on anything less than divinity. We need perfect candidates who will work miracles in office.

Anonymous said...

Big joke- After all times are tough. Got no job - eat at a restaurant and skip out. Pump gas and screw. No big deal right? Nobody is perfect right?

Running for office by mortgaging your house in 2007- not wise. Running again in 2009 as your finances spin out of control and you can't afford to pay for the roof over your head- stupid.

Don't worry folks. I can handle the 200 million dollar budget.

What about campaign money? Can we get all candidates finance reports and post them? Anyone know how to do this? No one cares that this candidate is buddies with a man who has given 10K to politicians in recent years? And that is only on the state level.

How many average citizens have you heard say "Put the strip club in the industrial park."? Funny how it never gets out of committee. Big money says no.

Just because the big money power player changes, doesn't mean the game is over.

Anonymous said...

for local candidates you would have to get their campaign finance reports from the govt ctr.

Anonymous said...

Thanks anon 6:39
That's what I thought. That really pisses me off. The Herald should make them all available online. I may be off to city hall soon.

Tom Rainsborough

Anonymous said...


This is anon 6:39, charlotte I inquired with the herald to post a link but it seems the format they received would require 100's of pdf;s. They said that is why they summarize it.

Anonymous said...

I have some computer skills, if they are willing to get me a disc or put them on a thumbdrive, I can compile them into one beautiful PDF for them.


Anonymous said...

Nobody is perfect right? - Nobody is perfect Tom. That's the point. Find yourself a candidate that has never lost a job or experienced financial difficulties and vote for that person then. Poulin lost his job because he ran for mayor. Period. When you lose your job that probably causes the bills to mount. What do you do then? The easy road was for Poulin not to run for mayor. Isn't that what some, maybe you, wanted anyway Tom?

You also seem to have something against Mr. Donovan simply because he donates to politicians. Maybe he donates to politicans he believes in or maybe he does it as some like the Karams have been accused of doing it for sinister reasons. The Karams supposedly were allowed to sit on waterfront property for 30 years because of the political influence they have bought. Is there a similar story or rumor out there about Mr. Donovan using his influence to benefit himself and screw the city?If so, please share. If not then quit trying to ruin a man's reputation because of your desire to tear down Mr. Poulin.

How many average citizens have you heard say "Put the strip club in the industrial park."? Funny how it never gets out of committee. Big money says no. - And Eric Poulin has spoken out on this issue and verbally fought with city councilors like Joe Camara who have sided with the big money. Poulin called for the issue to be put on the ballot but you are so blind with hatred you can't see a candidate that is willing to stand against the status quo. He was put on unpaid leave because the establishment didn't like his decision to run for office and now you choose to mock him for the financial difficulties he faces as a result of deciding to move forward and stay in the mayor's race 2 years ago.

Just because the big money power player changes, doesn't mean the game is over. - I know, I know, this is the part where you throw in your "same boss" line. You and others are doing your best to tear down one of the best candidates in the city council race, someone that would actually try to change things and someone that faced tremendous consequences because he wanted to shake things up. It's very sad. I'm sad for you because you claim to want change and then appear to be ignorant that you are working against it. I'm also sad for Fall River if Mr. Poulin isn't elected because that will be more young talent that our city allows to go to waste.

Anonymous said...

There are two separate issues issues here. The issue of contributions and political influence is minimally about Eric Poulin and the newcomers. It certainly is about any incumbent, as they have demonstrated over and over again that decisions about Fall River are made by a chosen few, rather than by a will of the people.

You like the waterfront land story, and it is a good one, but what you read in the paper is not the whole story. Your mom was probably in Jr. High way back then. You see there was a Mayor named Mr. Viveiros. Mr. Viveiros had many friends. You'll see his name on a city school. When he left office, he went to a nice job at the court house, where many hacks, including Mr. Costa and Mr. Donovan's wife, work.

Some of Carlton's other friends included some up in coming businessmen named Karam. People respected the Karams because they invested in Fall River. They also invested in Carlton. Sure they got that waterfront property. Who do you think built the section 8 high rise next door? Strip malls, low income housing, office buildings downtown, etc.

Forward years later. Many of those downtown office buildings are filled with government workers. What a surprise. I bet those lease negotiations were brutal.

A new mayor takes office. He doesn't like the old guard. He's a young stubborn frenchman. He likes the newest developer on the block, Mr. Cordeiro. Mr. Cordeiro buys up downtown property, the process repeats.

See a pattern. You are so defensive about your candidate that you refuse to see the issue.

You regurgitate the waterfront property issue because that's all you have. You read it in the paper. Imagine what else the Karam's, Donovan's and Cordeiro's can accomplish with a phone call. Jobs, favors for friends, inside information, etc. It all happens behind a closed door.

Think Donovan is a lovely man? Think you can amass that much property, renovate it and maintain it without influence? Try getting a simple variance to build a shed in your yard.

Enough about my personal agenda. I am not what you say I am. I even said I'd vote for Poulin.

You say your candidate wants "to shake up the status quo." My biggest fear is that the more things change- the more they stay the same. Eric is the leader in this pack of candidates. He should not be taking money and favors from Donovan. Let Gerry hold a sign, like a normal person.

As far as: "He was put on unpaid leave because the establishment didn't like his decision to run for office and now you choose to mock him for the financial difficulties"

Please stop the drivel. If he needed his job he should have talked to his boss first. Give him this advice. People in Fall River like it when people are real. Say "I screwed up." Guess what? It will end. Denial and spin puts a bad taste in everyone's mouth.

Anonymous said...

Please stop the drivel? How about if you stop your drivel? If he needed his job he should have talked to his boss first? Normally if my boss or your boss would terminate us or put us on unpaid leave I would hope that they would cite a reason or a policy giving them the authority to do that. As I recall, that didn't happen in the Poulin case. If your employer doesn't have any written policies preventing you from running for office is it reasonable to assume it is okay to run for office or should you expect to be canned and have your employer tell you a policy exists yet they never produce this policy?

You say that people in Fall River like it when people are real. I agree, that's why I am voting for Mr. Poulin because he is real and that's why I would stay away from people like you at the voting booth because you have a real agenda and it doesn't seem to be what is best for the city. Your agenda is to gossip and tear people down.

You are trying to tear down Mr. Donovan too through innuendo while conveniently dodging the question that was asked which was to name an incident where he screwed the city. You seem to have several on hand that you use to discredit the Karams but you don't list any for Mr. Donovan or Mr. Cordeiro, it's just innuendo. Because they are developers and donate to political campaigns they are guilty of wrongdoing, guilt by association, you don't need any incidents to point to you just feel in your gut they are bad people I suppose.

You want Mr. Poulin to say "I screwed up." Screwed up because he wanted to run for mayor? It goes right back to the fact that you seem very much like someone that didn't want him to run in the first place. Your pretending like you are somehow a Poulin supporter in disguise while at the same time taking underhanded stabs at this candidate means that your denial and spin puts a bad taste in everyone's mouth.I like him but, here are the 10 reason why I don't like him. Guess what? We can read through it that you don't like him. He probably won't be elected after all this boloney and you can rest easy with your council of Bob Correia's rubberstamp crowd and recyled councilors from the past. Congratulations you get what you want and Fall River loses again.

Anonymous said...

The City Council is going to be Leo Pelletier, Brad Kilby, Ray Mitchell, Brian Bigelow, Linda Pereira, Mike Lund, Pat Casey, Joe Camara and I couldn't tell you who the 9th one will be but it's not Poulin. I agree with Tom that he shouldn't have run for mayor.

Everyone knows you can't run for mayor unless you have money and if you don't have money then you have to go through the Karams or Cordeiro or someone to get it so if he didn't have those contacts then he shouldn't have done it. Leave it to the big boys who do and don't try to play in their yard.

To try to self fund a campaign was foolish and you have to live with the results when the voters say they don't want you. They certainly didn't care about him paying for it. Big deal. When you have a Bob Correia that raises $200,000 people can bash him but that's impressive and a sign of success. That's how success is measured in politics by fundraising and I think that's Tom's point. You don't have the money then don't run and you are a loser that is justifiably looked down on if you go at it without the dough. I mean you are going to go into poverty or homelessness just to represent Fall River? Fall River isn't worth that and to think otherwise is sad and pathetic. I have to question the judgement of anyone that thinks Fall River is worth 2 shits. I mean someone has to run for these seats but you do and you help out a few people here and there when you can but you don't kill yourself over it.

Anonymous said...

Someone should tell career mayoral candidate cathy viveiros that.

Remember this fire chief condescending explanation of her vote??????????

Anonymous said...

There need not be a hero and villain in every story. It's not a TV movie of the week or comic book. All 3 men are solid businessmen. They have strong roots in the community.

On all levels of government, money equals power and influence. Better laws, better justice, better representation. Donovan, Cordeiro and Karam need not be evil in this scenario. There doesn't need to be a "screwing of the city" for the problem to exist. In fact all 3 men contribute a great deal to the city where they have made their fortunes.

Will you deny that when someone pumps thousands of dollars into the political system that they have more influence than the average citizen that can't afford to give? Is that OK with you?

Fall River is a microcosm of our society. There is a great divide between the rich and poor. The rich are always trying to trick the poor into thinking they are not that poor so there won't be a revolt.

What is the definition of change. We have changed several politicians over the last 30 years. Why hasn't the story around the waterfront property changed? The answer is simple. We never try to change the system in which politicians work. Take the money out of the game. Force spending and term limits. Publicize where the money comes from in a timely fashion- before the election. God forbid if a candidate talks about that.

Since you asked.

Who owns 209 Bedford St?? Some tenants of interest. Ever heard of the Fall River Community Housing Resource Board Inc? It's run by the city with HUD money. Maybe I missed the advertisement where it was put out to bid. United Neighbors of Fall River- funded throughout the state of Massachusetts through the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families. Some of the other tenants: Arthur Frank and Gary Howayeck.

How about 16 Bedford St. Tenant Bruce Assad.

66 Troy st. Tenants include the Fall River Community Development Agency and Child and Family Services funded and supported by the Massachusetts Department of Children & Families and the Southeast Center For Independent Living.

Bet none of these government funded entities have trouble paying their rent.

Anonymous said...

I almost forgot my favorite one:
25 North Main St.- Campaign headquarters for Flanagan. Supports Sullivan then Correia (Correia raised thousands at the Eagle recently), and Flanagan; 1,2,3- talk about schizophrenic taste in politicians!!

Anonymous said...

and who represented himself and arthur frank in bankruptcy?? atty daniel viveiros former city atty for carlton viveiros until he was fired because his wife wanted to run for mayor- his wife the career campaigner, how many times has she run now?

Anonymous said...

good stuff- new politicians, old politicians, recycled politicians- one thing remains constant. The puppeteers run the show. The new blood needs to call them out. People will respond!

Anonymous said...

There will always be puppeteers. Those puppeteers may change from administration to administration, but that is never going to change, no matter how much "the people" don't like it. I guarantee a year from now the same things will be said on here, but names will be substituted for new ones. Although people commenting like certain names so much they may continue to throw them in anyway.