Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How are you sleeping?

How did you sleep last night? Did you keep one eye open and listen for any strange sounds in the middle of the night that might signal a home invasion?

Did you toss and turn worrying that your children may be abducted when they walked to school?

Did you have dreams of being at the bank or a convenience store during a hold up?

How are you sleeping? How are any of us sleeping?

These are not things from the nightly news that are taking place in far away places; these are things that are happening here in Fall River, in our neighborhoods.

Do you feel that maybe we need MORE police officers protecting our city and not less? Do you feel all the layoffs to public safety are not just catching up to us, but have snowballed past us?

Mayor Correia has stood by his decision as dreadful but necessary step in difficult times. I'm sorry Mr. Mayor but when you run on a slogan of "leadership that gets things done", I expect innovative solutions to difficult problems. Laying people off may be a difficult decision but it's the easy way out.

The problem is the budget situation isn't going to be any better for our next mayor and chances are it's going to get worse. How will our next mayor deal with another round of 9C cuts from the state? So far Cathy Ann has stated she would continue to follow her belief that cuts should start from the top. That's a good start but it will only take us so far. What then? I heard Attorney Flanagan state that Fall River needs to find ways to be less dependent on state aid. Nice sentiment and one that I share but it's not going to happen in the next few years, never mind the next few months. How about giving me some reality with your answer?

We have a month before one of these two becomes our next mayor and I think we it's about time we got the 'hows' to all the things they say they are going to do.

How are they going to make sure our city is safe? Our neighborhoods are safe? Our parks and schools are safe? How are they going to make sure our homes are safe?

My advice? Get a dog.


Anonymous said...

There are supposed to be 5 debates. 1 by Save Our Neighborhoods, 2 by the Chamber and WSAR and 2 by the Herald. Hopefully at least 1 of those will produce some answers. So far both mayoral candidates have dodged getting into specifics for the most part.

Anonymous said...

I love reading the comments on the HN Website where gun fanatics say, "Let them break into my house, I'll shoot them with my gun!" Well, what about the people that just got robbed in the middle of the night who were SLEEPING when the robbers broke in, they woke up and had guns drawn on them. How are you going to shoot someone when they've got the drop on you? Do these nuts sleep with guns in their beds?

There is nothing good that comes from guns, on the most fundemental level. The only reason to have a gun, it seems, is to protect youself from others with guns? Does anyone else see the vicious cirle of irony here?

Having said that, FREE WIGBERTO!!!

Anonymous said...

The city should join the state GIC program. The state uses it's vast bargaining power to get the best deals. Savings into the millions of dollars could be realized. Read on

Tom Rainsborough

Anonymous said...

The reality is the following

The world is broke
The country is broke
The state is broke
The city is broke

Stop crying about the cut in state aid.
Learn to live with the cuts.

Justin said...

Its not safe in this city. My house was robed in the day time when I was not home. Nice fn city.

Free Eaton!!!

Tater Salad said...

The funny thing is that the math has been done. If we wanted all our cops back, all it would take would be a prop 2 1/2 override and an increase of less than $10 per month in property taxes for the average homeowner. This is not asking someone to invent the wheel here. Let's all stop beating around the issue and settle on the fact that if public safety is to be restored to previous levels it will have to come in the form of a property tax increase. My vote..Yes! It's a no-brainer. Where are Cathy and Will on this issue? Too controversial for both of you? Then neither of you have my vote, because I'm sick and tired of the same old sick and tired Fall River political attitudes - put your money where your mouth is. The same for the rest of you on here. If you want to be cheap, then you all get the understaffed police force you deserve.