Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The downfall of King Bob and other election night observations

It used to be that once the polls closed interested citizens would sit listening to their radios for hours to find out what the results of the election were as each precincts results were tallied. Last night it took less than an hour to find out that Bob Correia's bid for a second term had come to an end.

As I listened on and off to WSAR's election coverage last night I was a little taken back by the sentiment that this was somehow completely unexpected. If you're really in the dark on how Bob possibly could have lost let me break it down for you.

Certainly Mayor Correia is not responsible for tough economic times and state cuts in local aid, but people do blame him for not doing more to 'cut from the top' and find areas of waste to cut from. People blame him for not working harder to find ways to preserve public safety workers and educators.

Also despite multiple statements of wanting to be a leader that works with others and unites the city, he really has done just the opposite. Several times Mayor Correia has shown that the only opinion he is interested is his own. He demonstrated this by single-handedly deciding to name 2 schools, by disregarding the will of over 7,000 voters, and most recently by clearly ignoring the will of the City Council to provide more funding to our school department.

Mayor Correia has done little to come off as anything but insensitive, arrogant, and imperialistic.

I'm not shocked but I am a little surprised.

Still, Mayor Correia finished 3rd, and less than 300 votes from making it into the final 2, why didn't he do more to win? The Mayor is sitting on a huge campaign war chest, where were the ads and the radio spots? I have to think he could have gotten those votes with a good advertising strategy.

So the final 2 are Cathy Ann Viveiros and Will Flanagan. Honestly I figured Cathy had an excellent shot for the final, but I didn't expect Flanagan to do so well. You have to give him credit for motivating 3000 people to vote for an unknown. I know lots of people are on board with Will, but I'm still at a loss to see why. Can he pull an upset in the final?

The City Council race also offered its fair share of surprises. Leo proved that not even supporting LNG can dent his popularity and the voters indicated that change is good but experience is better. I was surprised that Brad Kilby and Ray Mitchell came in second and third place respectively. With Ray, I can at least attribute it to a hard fought campaign, but I'm disappointed that the voters gave Kilby such an easy time of it. I like Brad and I don't have issues with him returning to the council, but I expect my candidates to work hard to tell me where they stand on the issues and Kilby just has not done that. I'm pleasantly surprised to see Eric Poulin in the top 5, while I thought Eric would do well I didn't expect him to finish 4th. (And BOO to the Herald News for saying he finished 5th and to WSAR for repeating it!) Brian Bigelow in 5th place also comes as quite a surprise. I didn't think Brian did much to distinguish himself, the voters thought differently. Just as surprising is Joe Camara finishing 8th. I figured some incumbents might take a beating, I didn't expect Joe to be one of them. And congratulations to Dave Dennis for cracking the top 9.

Out of the top 9, in 10th place is Mike Lund. Normally I would say an incumbent out of the top 9 probably means the end of his or her tenure on the council. However, Lund is pledging to work hard over the next couple of months and that and an obscene amount of money probably means he'll finish in the top 9. Finishing in 11th is Kris Bartley followed by Mike Miozza in the number 12 spot. (Oh, and the Herald had their vote totals wrong!) Both are in striking distance but will need to worker harder than ever to get a seat on the council.

The School Committee race has been a lackluster affair all year long, only one candidate was removed from consideration due to the small field of candidates running. It's noteworthy that Joe Martins finished in the top spot and that Rick Pavao did better than several incumbents.

Lefty's View: 13,901 of our city's residents voted last night. 193 did not vote for Mayor. On average each voter voted for 3.4 school committee candidates and 5.2 city council candidates. Roughly 2/3 of our city's voters chose not to vote. Of those who did vote, they decided not to use over 36,000 school committee votes and over 66,000 city council votes.

There were enough uncast votes last night to put any candidate in the final election. If you're disappointed in some of the results from last night's election, it's clear the power existed to change it. The point is, votes do matter.


Anonymous said...

I am tired of hearing people say they are too overwhelmed to be politically active. what about being politically AWARE instead?
I hear folks say "I'm looking for a job", "the economy is bad", or "I don't like politicians". Unfortunately, there is a connection between your living conditions and your lack of political involvement. VOTE.

Anonymous said...

Lefty, your opinion of the actual radio coverage election night?

Lefty said...

Anon 8:04

I agree! Why wouldn't anyone want to excercise their voice and let their elected leadership know what is important to them! Why wouldn't you want the people you entrust to run our city, that you are paying attention and holding them accountable.

Anon 9:14

I honestly did not hear enough of the radio coverage to say. I was in and out and caught parts of it here and there. What I did hear sounded pretty standard. I thought what I heard with the Mayor was pretty awkward. I did hear from many people that Ric did an oustanding job.

Anonymous said...

Vote 9 for change:

1. Eric Poulin
2. Dave Dennis
3. Kris Bartley
4. Mike Miozza
5. Bob Boutin
6. Mike Canuel
7. Brian Dias
8. John Brandt
9. Joe Sousa

Lefty said...


You're forcing my hand. I'm going to be posting on this soon, sometime today hopefully!

Anonymous said...

No one should cast a single vote for Linda Pereira, Joe Camara, Pat Casey, Brian Bigelow or Mike Lund. They were big time rubberstampers and accomplices in the chaos that the Bob Correia administration inflicted upon the city of Fall River.

Anonymous said...

Hey JOe Camara , youre next to go,, the firefighters still remember your stupid stunt.... start packing pal...

Anonymous said...

Want to know more about the Fab Five?

Feel free to copy and paste and pass it on to friends, relatives and everyone under the sun.

Joe "Yes Man" Camara
Schedules meetings on Friday afternoons when the public can't attend and then shuts down public input for those that do attend. Anything to push through his master Bob Correia's agenda.

Pat "Two Facey" Casey
Tells the firefighters she will be with them on the Fire Chief Issue and then votes against them.

Mike "One and Done" Lund
Why is this guy on the Council again? Oh yeah, to move forward his own personal agenda for his businesses Borden Light Marina and the Tipsy Seagull. What exactly has he done in 2 years besides vote 100% with Bob Correia and make awkward speeches using football references and comparing the city to the Patriots? Hey Mike, the voters are about to sack you. Like that football reference?

Linda "Dice" Pereira
Likes to make racist jokes, lie to her employers and then lie to the media and try to get them to lie for her. Specializes in campaign finance violations and then blows them off as no big deal. Even her own brother won't vote for her.

Brian "Drummer Boy" Bigelow
Charms the pants off the blue- haired crowd by banging away on his drums and singing. Meanwhile there isn't much going on upstairs. Claims to be a whiz with numbers but demonstrated he wasn't at Mayor Correia's first neighborhood forum. Hasn't done anything in 2 years on the City Council except vote 100% with Mayor Correia. Only reason he got on the Council was Tom Kozak's resignation. His successes on the School Committee included signing off on Wayne Rego's illegal vacations at taxpayer expense.

Anonymous said...

Did Wayne Rego ever finish paying that money back?

Anonymous said...

I don't know if Wayne finished paying the money back but does anyone remember Brian Bigelow running away from the media for days on this and then he finally did an interview on WSAR? Worst interview ever! He was stuttering and stammering. How this guy keeps getting elected I don't know. Or maybe it is like what was posted, he plays the drums and sings so that is enough for too many voters. The guy definitely doesn't have much going on upstairs, he is intellectually bankrupt.