Sunday, August 30, 2009

Who will be our next Senator?

It's hard to believe Ted Kennedy is gone. Like him or hate him Senator Kennedy was a larger than life figure, a powerhouse in the senate, and a living link to the days of Camelot.

With the passing of "the Lion of the Senate" there seems to be a void that will be impossible to fill. Who can possibly replace Ted Kennedy? Who will be our next Senator?

Already there are names being thrown around, former Governor Mike Dukakis (on an interim basis), former Lt. Governor Kerry Healey (I can't imagine Massachusetts electing a Republican to fill Kennedy's seat!)

Of course there will probably be a long line of Democrats in contention too, but I think our next Senator will be Joe Kennedy.

Whether it's right or wrong there is a feeling that this seat belongs to the Kennedys, after all it's been held by the Kennedys for over 50 years. I can't imagine that there wouldn't be at least some talk and consideration about keeping it in the family. On top of that there is the sentiment that Senator Kennedy passed before he could accomplish all that he wanted to, might the Kennedy family feel that only a Kennedy could continue Ted's work and build on his legacy?

Now obviously this seat doesn't belong to one family, but instead to the people of the commonwealth, but Massachusetts has long had a love affair with the Kennedy family and I have to believe if a Joe Kennedy asks for a chance to complete his uncle's work, he'll get it.

After all, many of us can't remember a time when a Kennedy didn't represent Massachusetts.


Anonymous said...

Let's have our delegation support someone with every passing day we gain a better appreciation for. After our delegation hit a home run with this bridge painting flap, let's up the ante with something a little more consequential and see what our representatives can do in Boston with our own Fall River royalty...Prince Eddie Lambert! He certainly wasn't appreciated in office as much as he is now with the disaster we now have in City Hall. I don't think he likes awkwardly flying under the radar every more cuts are mentioned at UMD. Additionally, Ava can be our very own Vicki! I see some potential here.

Anonymous said...

Ed Lambert would have my vote for whatever office he wants to run for. This man was a true public servant who worked to improve our city.

Anonymous said...

Ed Lambert was certainly better than Bob Correia but that's not saying much.

Anonymous said...

Who's Joe Kennedy? Isn't he dead?

Lefty said...

Joe Kennedy is RFK's oldest son. I'll add a link.

For a while I had this idea that had Kerry become president Frank would have taken his senate seat and Lambert would have run for Frank's house seat. I don't know if Ed has enough statewide visability to run for Senate.