Monday, August 31, 2009

Is it time to move?

Is Fall River as safe as it was just a few years ago? Are your kids getting the education they need? Are the potholes getting filled or the sidewalks getting fixed?

Municipal layoffs have resulted in less police on the streets, less firefighters to respond and less teachers to teach. The hours at Government Center have been cut and your trash isn't being picked up on time.

Is it time to move?

It's a question or sometimes a statement that I've been hearing more and more over the last several months. It hasn't been a constant drone, I don't see any mass exodus taking place, at least not anytime soon. But, there are people who saying things are not getting better and maybe it's time to move out of Dodge.

Lefty's View: Um... This is where I wrap things up and give you my opinion on what I think is right, but the reality is I think this is really a personal decision.. let me turn this orange text off..

Is it time to give up on Fall River? Honestly for some people a move is probably a good thing, they don't particularly like living here and don't have much faith in the city's future anyway. For others it is a painful decision. These are people who deeply love this city and have been proud to call Fall River their home. For both the reason for leaving is the same the need to seek out a better quality of life, for themselves and their families.

How can you blame anyone for that?

Honestly I love Fall River and am proud to call it home and promote it often. Still, I have to think it must be nice to live in Somerset, or Swansea or Westport. These towns just don't face the same issues as an urban city.

And I don't want to move, and if I did it currently isn't an option for me, and it's not an option for lots of people in the city. So, what do we do to make things better? How do restore public safety, improve education, and make our neighborhoods better places to live? The reality is, individuals can move out of the city but the residents here still deserve that same quality of life.

We cannot tolerate any more cuts in public safety, we cannot tolerate an educational system that is starting to lose the progress we have fought so hard to gain. As citizens we need to become involved in our community. We need elected leadership that believes in Fall River and will fight for and invest in its future.

Is it time to move? Yes, but for those of us that are not moving out it's time to move forward and not backwards.

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Anonymous said...

If the incumbents are re-elected it will be time to move.