Monday, August 10, 2009

Coming soon....

For months I've been clicking on the links of candidates for this office and that. For months I've seen smiling pictures and sugarcoated biographies. For months I have anxiously waiting to learn more about where the candidates stand and what they want to do. For months I've been reading...platform - coming soon.

Now, I'm finally seeing some candidates put out some platforms but it's August! There is little more than a month to the primary! Where are the debates? Where are the candidate forums? Why isn't EVERY candidate pushing to get their message out there? Why isn't every candidate pushing to tell you what they want to do and how they're going to do it?

Fall River is facing some pretty tough times a big heads up to those challengers running for office: a new face is not the answer to our city's problems. If you think you can help lead the city to 'better tomorrow' you probably should tell me how. Don't you think?

Considering the problems Fall River faces and the number of candidates vying for office it's been pretty quiet. It's about time some of these candidates started making noise because election day is...coming soon.


Anonymous said...

I know of a candidate who has tried to get press releases and letters in the paper but has been unable to do so. Incumbents have the advantage to press time.

Lefty said...

I'm more than willing to have a candidate guest blog on Fall River Blog.