Friday, July 24, 2009

The Seesaw Bridge

I suppose I can't fault the Herald for trying to sell more papers but their recent article "Coming to a river near you: A bascule bridge" has just rubbed me the wrong way. The Herald boasts 5 things to know about bascule bridges that you will need to pick up a copy of the paper to find out.
Well, I don't have a copy of the paper, nor do I plan on buying one but let's talk a little about bascule bridges.

What is a bascule bridge? Well, here in Fall River we've been staring at one for the last 100 years. A bascule bridge is a form of drawbridge. The existing Brightman Street bridge is a bascule bridge. Technically it is a double leaf bascule bridge. What sets a bascule bridge apart from a simple drawbridge is the counterweights on each leaf that allow them to be raised quickly and relatively easy. It's this seesaw motion that gives the bridge its name bascule is french for seesaw and balance.

It's fair to say that bascule bridges have been around since the days of kings and castles but it was the ability to mass produce steal in the mid 19th century that made using bascule bridges over large spans practical.

At 922ft. the new bridge will be the largest bascule span on the East Coast. The 312 million dollar project is slated to be completed by late 2012.

Now, I'm not sure if I've answered the Herald's 5 things you should know, but heck I'm not making you buy a paper either!

Tune in for tomorrow's teaser Herald headline: There was a murder last night - was it in your neighborhood? Buy a copy of the Herald News to find out!


Taurus3254JA said...

"There was a murder last night - was it in your neighborhood? Buy a copy of the Herald News to find out!"

All I have to say is OMG... LMAO!

Lefty said...

I was discussing this post with Shamrock last night and we were agreeing that the Herald must be trying to find more ways to sell papers and that 'teaser headlines' might be something we see more often. We were saying that it isn't to hard to do a little research on bascule bridges. Shamrock said he had found out all he cared to know with one simple Google search. We agreed that the Herald would have to come up with headlines you couldn't Google. Shamrock then said: "there was a murder last night, was it in your neighborhood? Buy a paper to find out" - the line was so good I told him I HAD to use it.

Anonymous said...

That whole "story" was right off Wikipedia.
Also, check the story about $250,000 in your tax dollars for SMILES, the mentoring prgram run by Lisa Strattan's boyfriend, the same program that hired Ava Assad after Eddie left office.
The mentors are all volunteers, so where do our tax dollars go in this program?